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What is New for Maintenance Operations Solution in the S4HANA 1909 On Premise Release ?

This blog captures the snapshot of “What is New for Maintenance Operations Solution (part of Asset Management Solution Area) in the S4HANA 1909 On Premise Release?”

1. Actual Cost Analysis


This Fiori app supports in monitoring and evaluating actual costs resulting from current maintenance orders. We can analyze the actual costs for materials and labor in maintenance or to compare the total corrective and preventive actual maintenance costs during a selected time period.

In addition, you can easily identify the maintenance activities leading to the highest costs or the parts of the asset that were particularly costly on inspections.

2. Maintenance Notification and Order: Change Scheduling 


With this product feature one can select several maintenance notifications in the Find Maintenance Notification app or several maintenance orders in the Find Maintenance Order app. Then set, overwrite or clear the values of the scheduling-related fields, such as the priority, the revision, the required start date and the required end date.


3. Find Maintenance Plans


This app enables us to find and display maintenance plans either by filtering the list or by using a free text search. We can display a single maintenance plan to view its properties, its assigned maintenance items, and its scheduled and manual maintenance calls.


4. Find Maintenance Plans: Viewing End Date for Scheduling 


With this feature, we can display validity data of the respective maintenance plan in the Find Maintenance Plans app. Also one can display the fields End Date for Scheduling and Remaining Schedule Days as table columns. For performance-based single cycle plans and strategy plans, we can also display the new fields End Counter for Scheduling, Remaining Counter and Counter Unit as table columns.

5. Find Maintenance Items


This app enables us to find, display maintenance items and view properties of a maintenance item.



6.Mass Time Confirmations

Verify and upload collective time confirmations using the template. Post collective time confirmations immediately as background jobs.


  1. Post collective time confirmations into the system.
  2. Here we can download a template (spreadsheet) to record collective time confirmations.


7. Scheduling of Maintenance Order Operations


The resource scheduling apps now cover the scheduling process end-to-end, from the monitoring of schedules in the Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners app to the tracking of schedule execution and schedule attainment in the Schedule Maintenance Order Operations app.


7.1 New Features: Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners App

The Resource Scheduling for Maintenance Planners app is the dashboard for monitoring key figures, such as work center utilization and number and priority of maintenance orders that we need to work on. As of this release, two new cards are included.


7.2 New Features: Schedule Maintenance Order Operations App

Extensive changes to the Schedule Maintenance Order Operations app. The app now covers the scheduling process end-to-end, from the initial setup and refinement of a schedule to the tracking of schedule attainment.


7.3 New Features: Maintenance Scheduling Board App

Here display of relationships are enabled. The visualization of relationships will help users to detect relationship violations and scheduling conflicts before dispatching order operations.


7.4 New Features: Manage Work Center Utilization App

Business users can now change work center capacity for a specific target week by adjusting the number of resources per work center. In addition, we can show a new column and filter to check if an order operation is already included in one or more schedules.


7.5 New App: Assign Maintenance Order Operations

With the new Assign Maintenance Order Operations app, users can assign maintenance order operations to a person responsible. It will also be possible to change or delete existing assignments.

8. Best Practice: Preventive Maintenance (BJ2)


The scope item now includes:

The preventive maintenance process flow is segregated into preventive maintenance (time-based) and preventive maintenance (performance-based).

The process flow for preventive maintenance (time-based) is extended to include both single cycle and strategy maintenance plans.

The process flow for preventive maintenance (performance-based) includes all the maintenance plan types supported; namely single cycle, strategy, and multiple counter.


For those interested in detail the following links are provided as additional information.

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