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Technical monitoring: Push_Introscope Extractor Issue

This document describes the steps for troubleshooting performance data Greyed out in system monitoring for JAVA systems in SAP Solution Manager 7.2. Having data collection error: Error – No values reported: data provider SAP J2EE DB Response Time, data provider type PUSH_INTROSCOPE


Issue : Performance data was Greyed out in system monitoring for JAVA systems. Error in technical monitoring is – No values reported: data provider SAP J2EE DB Response Time, data provider type PUSH_INTROSCOPE

Step1 : Login to solution manager, transaction: SM_WORKCENTER

System monitoring -> Data collection error:


  1. Goto Extractor Administrator and check for the extractor Workload Analysis (Introscope Data) and filter it with <SID>.


  1. Click on the Extractor and look for the extractor logs. In our case error was : EFWK HK: PPMS Modelling is not valid. Check PPMS Keys.


  1. Delete the inconsistent extractors which returned the error in the EFWK AdminUI for the affected system.

  1. Ensure that the Product Versions and Product Instances assigned as ‘Diagnostics Relevant’ in the LMDB for the affected system are correctly configured.

  1. Re-run the activity Extractors Setup in step Configure Automatically of the Managed System Configuration for the affected system.

  1.  Once the Extractor Setup is completed, check the logs,  it should be like : The E2E Extractors were successfully activated for (hostname) (Adapter Engine (Java EE), Application Server Java, Advanced Adapter Engine Extnd, Enterprise Services Repository). Make sure there should not be any error in the logs.


  1. Once this is done,  go to step : Check Configuration and rerun the Configuration  Make sure   there should not be any errors.

  1. You might get warning as below which is fine as we have agent on fly activated it will take the virtual host and will be deployed in the physical hosts—

  1. Go back to extractor administration and refresh the screen to see if the Workload Analysis (Introscope Data) extractor has created again and is working fine without any errors. Check the logs for that extractor.

  1. Reactivate the monitoring configuration for that particular system in the technical monitoring.

  1. Run Transaction : SM_LSC_BROWSER (Landscape Browser) and from Extractor Admin match the PPMS code to see if both are same –

Extractor Administrator –

Transaction : SM_LSC_BROWSER-

  1. The PPMS code is matching now. But I have encountered another issue in the error log with the Byte Code Adapter Installation. So, check in MSC for that system  if the Byte Code Adapter Installation step has been ran successfully . In our case, it has failed —

  1. After analysis, I found that issue occur due to authorization as it has could not create the ByteCodeAdapter dir under /usr/sap/SID/JXX. I have created the directory manually and given 777 permission and rerun the Byte Code Adapter step in MSC.



12. Rerun transaction :  SM_LSC_BROWSER and check if the error has been resolved or not.

  1. For this setup to complete and the PPMS Key to be in sync the product version of the system should be correctly maintained in SLD and  LMDB. In our case the PPMS Key was misplaced as the production version in LMDB for sid system was having its old entry of NW7.3 EHP1 whereas the system was upgraded to NW7.5.  Make sure the relevance product version should be selected for this option.

  1. To resolve this issue please uncheck the option and delete the old version and save.Need to delete the wrong assignment of NW7.3 from LMDB for sid after validating and matching the same in MSC for sid as below.

  1.  Resync the data again in LMDB



In this way, you can resolve the issue for Error “EFWK HK: PPMS Modelling is not valid. Check PPMS Keys” While Extractor in Extractor Framework is not running in solution manager 7.2.

Finally this will also resolve the issue for Performance data was Greyed out in system monitoring for JAVA systems.

Hope this blog post will help you !!!


Thank you



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      Author's profile photo Vladislav Pozdnyakov
      Vladislav Pozdnyakov

      Hello Navin Mahendra

      we have installed SolMan 7.2 SP9  and have a similar situation / issue with grey metric on JAVA.

      All the jobs have been scheduled.

      Some of the extractors were never started:



      Author's profile photo Navin Mahendra
      Navin Mahendra
      Blog Post Author

      select the extractor and click on activate and save it.

      Rerun the Manage system configuration step finalize configuration for your SMP system.

      Then rerun the technical Monitoring setup , define scope – SMP system -> Activate and monitor SMP system

      This may resolve your issue,


      even after this If your issue is not resolved then please try step 3 to 8. It should work.