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SAP TechEd 2019 – A Guide

How to Get the Most Out of SAP TechEd

In this blog you will find some tips about how to get the most out the SAP TechEd 2019 event. Even if you do not plan to attend, read on because a lot of content is already available online and publicly available.

Direct access to Session replays (Lectures, Lightning & Strategy Talks) – open access

Direct access to Session Track downloads (attendees only: SAP Learning Hub account required).


About SAP TechEd 2019

With over 600 sessions ranging from

  • 20-minute Lightning Talks (22) and Strategy Talks (33)
  • 30-minute Code Reviews (13), Demo Sessions (74), Meetups (47), and Road Maps (37)
  • 1-hour Lectures (281) and CodeJams (16)
  • 2-hour Workshops (109) and Design Thinking Sessions (7)
  • 4-and-a-half-hour Hands-On Labs (10)

there is a lot to learn at SAP TechEd. According the website, 1,130 hours of learning were provided. That is about 141 days or 28 working weeks (half year), all compressed into a single (short) week!

The Las Vegas edition just ended. Barcelona (October 8-10) in ongoing, and Bangalore (November 13-15) are coming up. To register, go to

The event has been held annually since 1995, so most readers will be familiar with the format. Below the essentials.



For the highlights, see the SAP TechEd News Guide 2019 (PDF).

For corporate news coverage, see 

For the Business Technology Platform, see

For Graph, see


Session Tracks

The content for TechEd has been separated over seven tracks. For 2019, these are

Mapped to products, this roughly returns (there is considerable overlap / in bold the most listed ones):

  • CAA = Cloud Platform, S/4HANA (Cloud); Solution Manager (Focused Run/Build)
  • DAT = Data Hub, Data Intelligence, HANA
  • AIN = Analytics Cloud, Data Warehouse Cloud, Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, Conversational AI, BW/4HANA. BusinessObjects
  • UX = Fiori, SAPUI5
  • INT = Cloud Platform Integration Suite API Business Hub / Cloud Platform API Management, Process Orchestration
  • SEC = Cloud Identify and Access Governance, Data Retention Manager, Enterprise Threat Detection
  • iENT = C/4HANA, S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Concur, Fieldglass, Ariba, Qualtrics

No workshops or Code Jams for (most of) the LOB solutions Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass, SuccessFactors, Qualtrics. Lectures only. These LOB solutions still run their own conference.

No sessions this year for SAP/Sybase ASE, IQ, etc.

Session counts per track differs slightly per location. The table below gives an rough indication of the relative weight (Las Vegas, minus talks and code).

Track Sessions Lectures Workshops Road Maps Hrs %
CAA 184 62 37 11 141 30
DAT 71 29 23 5 77 18
AIN 71 24 19 9 66 15
UX 62 20 10 5 45 10
INT 34 10 9 3 39 9
SEC 46 17 11 4 41 9
iENT 42 24 24 5

Code Reviews, CodeJam (mini-editions), Demo Sessions, Design Thinking Sessions, MeetUp Sessions, and Lightning Talks are presented on the show floor. Due to the location, these sessions are the most informal ones but expect a fair amount of background noise and people movement.

Road Maps, Workshops/Hands-On Labs, and Lectures are in separate rooms where full=full. For the workshops, you need to register in advance (or queue at the door).

Note that there are no replays (see below) for Code Reviews, CodeJam (mini-editions), Demo Sessions, Design Thinking Sessions, Hands-On Labs, MeetUp Sessions, Road Maps, and Workshops..

You may want to keep this in mind when planning your agenda.



For details about the AIN and SEC session tracks, see the SAP Community blogs:


Learning Journeys

SAP Training bundles available learning content like e-learnings, classroom trainings, openSAP courses, certifications, and other formats into Learning Journeys (What are Learning Journeys?).

SAP TechEd Learning Journeys provide a similar approach and include the session types listed below complemented as well with openSAP courses and suggested follow-up SAP trainings.

Session Tracks are listed on the event website. For the full description, see

Each Session Track is split up into a number of Learning Journeys:

  • Digital Transformation and Cloud Application Architecture – CAA (10 learning journeys)
  • Applied Intelligence – AIN (6)
  • Next-Gen Data Management and Artificial Intelligence – DAT (6)
  • User Experience – UX (3)
  • Security by Default – SEC (3)
  • Explore the Intelligent Suite – iENT (2)
  • Integration Out-of-the-Box – INT (2)

Note that there are 32 different learning journeys. One single learning journey would make for a full TechEd agenda! 

There is some mixing and matching, so a CAA learning journey may also include some AIN and DAT material.

Learning journeys can help you focus your learning experience but you nothing stops you from building your agenda from scratch to only include the session types and topics of your interest.

Completing a learning journey in the post-TechEd Learning Room will earn you a badge.

SAP TechEd Sessions Tracks and Learning Journeys (Las Vegas | Barcelona | Bangalore)

SAP TechEd Learning Journey sample – CAA1


Hands-On Learning Labs

Not to be missed, there are also 10-15 half-day (4:30 hr) Hands-On Learning Labs.

Not all Hands-On Learning Labs are mapped to session tracks.

Filter on Session Type in the Session Catalog to view the complete list.

As with the Workshops, you need to register in advance.

SAP TechEd Hands-On Learning Labs List

SAP TechEd Hands-On Learning Labs Sample (browser-view or PDF)


SAP Road Maps

For some insights about what is being developed and what is being planned, make sure to visit the Road Map sessions. In total, there are 37 Road Map sessions (session ID is in the 800 range), scheduled for 30 minutes.

Road Maps are also published on [Home > Products > All Road Maps]. These include the latest updates from SAP TechEd.

Note that there are no Road Map replays.


SAP TechEd Online

A large number of sessions are already available online. This includes the Lectures and Lightning Talks from the Learning Journey above:

Note that there are no replays (see below) for Code Reviews, CodeJam (mini-editions), Demo Sessions, Design Thinking Sessions, Hands-On Labs, MeetUp Sessions, Road Maps, and Workshops.

You may want to keep this in mind when planning your agenda.


SAP TechEd Learning Room on SAP Learning Hub

Attendees have free access to the SAP TechEd Learning Room 2019.

Learning Journeys for all tracks (including PDF documents, recordings, assessment and digital badge) as well as session content (PDF) are available for download.

Direct access to the Session Track downloads (SAP Learning Hub account required).

SAP TechEd Learning Room 2019


SAP TechEd Recap | openSAP

Last year, openSAP made the SAP TechEd 2018 Recap course available, with over 13,000 learners enrolled. The course was held from December until March.

Although no information has been published about a potential 2019 edition (to my knowledge), should openSAP decide to repeat the course for 2019, this is likely to appear after Bangalore.

Session tracks for 2018:

  • Applied Intelligence (AIN)
  • Application Landscapes and Cloud-Native Architectures
  • Next-Gen Data Management (DAT)
  • Integration Out-of-the-Box (INT)
  • Security by Default (SEC)
  • Consumer-Grade Experience (UX)
  • Open Platform


Comments, Suggestions?

More tips and tricks to share with the Community? Please post them below.

If you would like to receive updates, connect with me on


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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Great guide! Would be nice to have it before LV TechEd.

      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Jelena,

      You are welcome.

      Sorry, I thought you were going to Barcelona!

      Next year, I will post it a little earlier. 😉


      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      As promised