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What you have always wanted to know about Dunning in S4HC

Last Review: 11th September 2019, release 1908

Reading Time: 5 minutes

In this blog I would like to provide answers for several questions around dunning:

Section 1: Use of App Create dunning notices vs. App My dunning proposal

Section 2: Configuration tips

Section 3: Good to know

Section 1: Use of App Create dunning notices vs. App My dunning proposal

Issue / Observation:

J59 test script, including release version 1908, doesn´t clearly explain the purpose of the App Create my dunning notices as well as App My dunning proposal. From the test script text one may understand that the sequence of dunning process is:

1. Maintain necessary customer master data in the role Customer (Fin.Accounting) – (Dunning procedure, dunning clerk, clerk internet address etc.)

2. Create dunning run with parameters in the app Create my dunning notices

3. Based on the run from the previous step create dunning proposal in the App My dunning proposal

4. Check the results in the app Display Dunning History and app Manage Customer Line items

!!! Please pay attention -> apps Create my dunning notices and My dunning proposal are INDEPENDENT from each other.

The below link to S4HC Portal explains automatic, semiautomatic & manual approach for dunning

Important hint is: in order the dunning results are displayed in the app Display dunning history, the dunning clerk shall either complete the printing in the app Create Dunning Notices or send the dunning proposal via e-mail or printing channel in the App My dunning proposal.

Section 2: Configuration tips

Manage your solution

SSCUI Define Dunning Procedures, 102302

If the requirement for dunning is fixed percentage which is one-time imposed on the overdue open items, you shall maintain the dunning charges for various currencies.

SSCUI Assign Email Templates, 101945, make sure the dunning notice output type is created.


Section 3: Good to know

A few explanations about dunning notice results. From the below screenshot example you can see the system duns all the overdue documents even though they didn’t reach dunning level 3. So, as soon as even one overdue document reaches dunning level 3, all the overdue documents will be charged accordingly to configuration.

Second, in your dunning notice there might be documents in various currencies, however, the dunning charge will be applied in company code currency.


For the dunning reporting the App Manage Customer Line Items is very useful. In this app in the MY Dunning Data view you can prove various information such as: dunning level, amount of overdue days etc. Please be aware the column Imputed Interest is not generating journal entry postings.


In case of issues with dunning in S4HC system, you may raise the ticket under component FI-AR-AR-C.

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      Author's profile photo Sandeep Kumar
      Sandeep Kumar

      Mariya Yanush Good info, thanks for sharing

      Author's profile photo Shakeel Ahmed
      Shakeel Ahmed

      Thanks for sharing

      Author's profile photo Dejan Martinovic
      Dejan Martinovic

      This is a nice presentation. Since the title is "what you have always wanted to know" I would like to add some comment. Unfortunately, the app "Manage business Partner Master Data" has no correspondence section for "Dunning". Only the GUI html app version "Maintain Business Partner" has this. I have to teach my keyusers now the "old" R/3 world. Double the work.

      Author's profile photo Mayank Choudhary
      Mayank Choudhary

      Thanks. Can you please review the help file link ?

      If I am understanding it correctly,

      1. Create Dunning Notice App is basically F150
      2. Display Dunning History App is a log of all dunning done with filter option
      3. My dunning proposal: Confusing as what is the source of data in it unless you do 1st step of creating proposal in Create dunning notice App and then come here? Not able to connect the dots on why one should use this app and what is the purpose of it?

      Please suggest