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Benefit from Innovations: SAP MDG on SAP S/4HANA 1909

SAP S/4HANA 1909 has been recently announced as the Intelligent Enterprise Foundation. When it comes to hub-based master data management, SAP Master Data Governance on SAP S/4HANA brings additional benefits in the overall task of getting and keeping master data clean: SAP MDG on SAP S/4HANA 1909 comes with innovations across the following key capabilities:


In the handling of Business Partner data and Product data we have extended the data model coverage. Consolidating Business Partner data now includes Credit Management, Unloading Points, and Long Texts, and consolidating Product data now incorporates Production Resources & Tools data. In addition…

You now get a summary of changes which is directly integrated in the activation step. You can navigate into all affected records and track the applied changes.
There is also an enhanced address validation with review capabilities in the case of ambiguous or defective address data. A wizard leads you through several steps to get an address cleansed.

Mass Processing

We also provide an integrated summary of changes in the activation step. And, you can also benefit from the extended data model coverage for Business Partner and Product data.

Central Governance

Has various enhancements that were requested by customers participating in the Customer Connection program. For example, we have enhanced the workflow flexibility and transparency with additional steps after the activation and by relating follow-up change requests. In addition, we now have a much better error handling and wizard-like guidance on the User Interface in centrally governing Business Partner data. We have also increased the data model coverage. For example, we have added production resources and tools data in managing Product data. For more details, see the following demos. To start the videos, click the icon:

Watch demo featuring Enterprise Search in MDG, auto-resize of duplicate pop-up, change-request tracker, additional steps after activation, follow-up Change Request
Watch demo featuring search of change requests by business dataimproved error message handling in central governance of Business Partner/Customer/Supplier datachange request tracker
Watch demo featuring preferred language for Material description in Search Result List, Production Resource/Tool (PRT), editable Price Unit 
Watch demo featuring BoM integration in central governance (material processing). Based on S/4HANA 1909 SP01 – Together with EAM extension by Utopia for BOM 

Data Quality Management

Note: For a quick introduction to Data Quality Management within SAP MDG on SAP S/4HANA, see this short video and watch the 2-minute-tutorials part one and part two.

Now, with SAP MDG on SAP S/4HANA 1909, Data Quality Management is not only applicable for Product data, but also for Business Partner and Custom object data. In addition, we now apply machine learning techniques for mining potential business rules. We also incorporate the data quality rules for checks in central governance for business partner data, and data quality rules can be shared between SAP S/4HANA systems using the import and export apps.

For a summary of the innovations coming with SAP MDG on S/4HANA 1909, see also the innovations in a nutshell presentation, or browse the SAP S/4HANA What’s New Viewer for MDG innovations or the What’s New pdf. document on the SAP S/4HANA product page on SAP Help Portal.

To find out, how to test the software, read the SAP Community blog by Kefeng Wang.

Hoping that this information is helpful for your tasks in master data management.




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  • Hi Markus

    Thanks for sharing useful innovations .

    Can we upload excel file for follow up request for creation of BOM instead of manual data input?


    • Hi Sanjay,
      The creation of BOM is not a follow-up request, but only an additional step in the Change Request process after activation. In this step there is a link to the backend transaction. It is not controlled by MDG, therefore you can’t use an Excel file import. You may use a browser feature like copy and paste.



          • Hi Markus

            Can we down-port additional functionality available in S/4HANA 1909 into 1809 or 1709 versions ?

            Actually there is SAP note for this which I implemented in S/4HANA 1809 but unsuccessful.....

            2779504 - MDG Customer Connect: "MDG Out of the box application to search CRs by business data"


  • Dear Markus,

    The additional steps after activation and the follow up CRs are an awesome feature thus bringing our PTC Windchill/SAP MDG solution back to standard. One question relating to the BoM Step and the Link to the BoM maintenance.. is this fixed or is it part of the customizing to have there the e.g. routing maintenance instead or Info record maintenance etc?

    Best regards,

    Dominik Meyenburg

    • Hi Dominik,

      This is no customizing navigation. The UI in this demo is step-dependent with a new UIBB with the link to the BoM maintenance.



      • Hi Markus

        New UI which is step-dependent which will be used to create follow up change requests like link to BoM maintenance is pre delivered only with 1909 or down-port is available in lower versions as well.

        Secondally  is it possible to define any follow on UI with follow up request like assignment of PIR of new activated material or hierarchy maintenance in case of BP,Supplier and Customer and so on.

        Is any How to Guide available for this?

        Can you elaborate it please?

  • Hi Sanjay,

    you mixed different features. Will try to sort it:

    Step-dependent UI -> is is possible in various ways and customers are doing this in their projects. SAP don’t deliver these UIs but the possibility to customize this. This is possible in all releases.

    Create follow up change requests -> this is also possible in all releases (see PPT slide 16 for the guide). With S/4HANA 1909 new links on the Change Request UI and in the My Change requests screen allow to call up previous change requests and follow-up change requests directly.

    Additional Steps After Activation -> see PPT slide 15, Downport possible; No change on objects possible after activation, but CR workflow still ongoing. You can add links to transaction which are required.

    Regards, Elke


  • Dear Markus,


    Thanks for the informative blog on 1909 features.

    Could you pl. clarify if there are any new features on MDG Fiori apps in the new release?



    • Hi Siriam,

      As pointed out in my blog, there are innovations in the areas of Consolidation and Data Quality Management, and these capabilities are FIORI based.

      The innovations outlined in Central Governance are not FIORI-related.




  • Hi Markus,


    This is a great article. I have a query. We are using SAP MDG Version 1909 and here are the possibilities we are looking at -

    1. SAP MDG - MRO BOM (Utopia EAM Extension) customized to be used as Production BOM
    2. Or we use the link for std. SAP BOM transaction as mentioned above.                                   What is your advise and with your experience - what best works for Production BOM Governance.

    Your help and advise is appreciated.


    Best Regards


    • Hi Sid,

      you mention 2 readily available options for handling BOMs in MDG. Let me add a 3rd one - depending on the process and complexity -  which some customers did on project -  they enhanced the MM data model for a simple BOM maintenance and custom code to create the BOM after material ID in background. Also added ALE replication

      As general guidance - the more complex the scenario the more I would tend to just add BOM maintenance as WF step and you have full backend capabilities.

      For most cases the Utopia extension can be leveraged and we are currently working together with the partner to offer enhanced processes  and make the configuration easier for customers that only like to use BOM but not the whole MDG-EAM package.

      This was triggered by the following Customer Connection improvement request:

      Improving maintenance of Bill of Material in SAP MDG-M

      The option to enhance MM data model should only be taken into account for simple processes (e.g. bundle a service and documentation IDs with a new product ID).

      If the Utopia-based alternative is of higher interest, please send mail to my address and we could exchange some info and understand your planned use case better.

      Best regards, stay healthy

      Ingo Rothley

      MDG Product Manager, SAP SE

      • Hi Ingo,

        Thanks for your help for replying to my query. The inputs are really helpful. I will connect with you soon for further details in your SAP email id.Thanks a lot once again. Appreciate your support. Wish you a great week ahead.Stay healthy and safe.

        Thanks & Best Regards


  • Hi Markus,

    Hope you are well. Is the EWM(embedded) product master available as(part) of a governance domain in MDG? I have a customer currently governing MDG Material Master in MDG-M, but is now requesting to also govern the EWM product master. I noticed in one of your articles you list "MDG-M Data model and UI enhancements for Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)" as a feature of MDG on S/4H. Could you perhaps point me in direction where I can find more info around the functionality, data model etc?

    Many Thanks

  • Hi Markus,

    Thanks for the article. All the links provided are very useful.

    However I do have a question regarding upgrade to S4HANA 1909 from ERP. There is almost no documentation available which talks about MDG upgrade from Co-deployement to HUB.

    My Client is having MDG 7.0 on ERP as Co-deployed and they want the MDG system to be taken out and install on S4HANA 1909 as HUB model. So essentially an upgrade as well as conversion but only the MDG component. As they want to keep the ECC system running as their transactional system which will be upgraded later on.

    Do you think it is more advisable to do a fresh greenfield implementation on S4HANA for MDG only as HUB and optimize it with new rules and load only relevant data.

    or do you think conversion of current MDG system to S4HANA and moving into HUB is more recommended as it will be quicker.

    Your advise is appreciated.


  • Hi Markus,

    We have a Consolidation process with the following steps:

    1. Matching
    2. Best Record Calculations
    3. Validation
    4. Activation

    After upgrading from 1809 to 1909 it is not processing all the steps. The processing finished with Matching step only.

    Could you please suggest.

    Your advise is appreciated.