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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – Useful Resources and Documents

This is a collection of the most useful SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central resources: documents, blogs, reports, and videos. This is part of a larger SAP SuccessFactors – Useful Resources and Documents collection.

It is also recommended to join the Global SAP and SuccessFactors Community, Global SuccessFactors and SAP Community, and SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central groups on LinkedIn, as this is the leading community for the latest and greatest information on SAP SuccessFactors.

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central: The Comprehensive Guide (SAP PRESS)
Employee Central handbooks from SAP [s-user required]
SuccessFactors Employee Central – list of countries with Localizations
SuccessFactors Employee Central – list of languages
Employee Central (EC) – Wiki Resource Page
Implementing SuccessFactors Employee Central with a SAP background
Employee Central Entities and Interfacing
Mapping SAP OM objects to SuccessFactors For a Hybrid Model
Manage Mass Changes in SuccessFactors Employee Central [registration required] (SAPexperts)
My Thoughts on SuccessFactors Employee Central
Employee Central Is Not A User Interface for SAP ERP HCM OnPremise (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
Here’s to 2013 and Employee Central !!!
How to Configure and Manage Workflows in SuccessFactors Employee Central [registration required] (SAPexperts)
Historical data in SuccessFactors (Cloud HCM blog)
SuccessFactors EC and Cloud HCM Kickaround
Five SuccessFactors Employee Central myths busted (SearchSAP)
The SuccessFactors Employee Central Organization Structure
Q&A with SAP Mentor Luke Marson on SuccessFactors Employee Central (SAP Insider)
SAP Identity Management 8.0: SuccessFactors Connector
Expert tips for moving to SuccessFactors Employee Central (SearchSAP)
Embedded Analytics in SuccessFactors Employee Central (YouTube)
SuccessFactors Employee Central Embedded Analytics for Compensation Information
Consider Employee Central for your HR system (SearchSAP)
Five features help you take charge of SuccessFactors Employee Central (SearchSAP)
Configuring SuccessFactors Employee Central Job Info into Employee Profile
Conversations with Aaron Au (High Net Worth)
Term Date validation for hybrid Integration between SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP HCM OnPremise
Manage Tomorrow’s Workforce Today with Apprentice Management from the SAP SuccessFactors 1602 Release
Migrating to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (Eursap)
Improve Employee Productivity with SAP SuccessFactors and Microsoft Office 365 Integration
Event derivation or manual choice of event reasons
FAQ: Managing contingent workers in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
SAP Jam Collaboration: Release 1605: new EC global assignment communities
Dismissal Protection in Employee Central
EC Alerts and Notifications
Another good reason to switch on the new homepage from SuccessFactors: Manage workflows more efficiently
Exporting Data from Employee Central
SAP SuccessFactors Company Structure Overview
Understanding SuccessFactors Pay Scale Structure and its related features
Total Workforce Management with SAP Successfactors and SAP Fieldglass
VIDEO: SAP SuccessFactors Company Structure Overview (iXerv)
Salient Features of Workflow in SuccessFactors
All you need to know about Analytics in Employee Central (1708 release)- Overview, insight on Insights and Comparison with Workforce Analytics
10 different common use cases of Business Rule in SuccessFactors Employee Central
It’s really Possible!!! To trigger mass email Communication from SuccessFactors Employee Central
Some Help with GDPR Compliance in SuccessFactors Employee Central (LinkedIn)
Master Data Purge – Preparing an existing Successfactors EC Instance for new data conversions
GDPR Change Logging & SuccessFactors Employee Central Change Audit
SAP SuccessFactors Reporting and Analytics Quick Tips: Paste in a list of filter values for your EC reports
Important considerations to keep in mind for any EC Implementation – Big or Small
The road to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – flexible options for core HR
How actually Termination works in SuccessFactors (SFSF) Employee Central (EC) and what happens to direct reports?
How to distribute data and processes between Employee Central and SAP ERP HCM?
FAQs around Global Assignment in SuccessFactors (SFSF) Employee Central (EC)
Planning your Employee Central Implementation? – Basics are still important! (LinkedIn)
Tips for Using Concurrent Employment in SuccessFactors Employee Central
Managing employees with Concurrent Employment in SuccessFactors
Implementation Considerations for a Phased roll out of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
Successfactors Employee Central Deep Validations
Are you ready to implement Employee Central? (LinkedIn)

Configuration Tips
SuccessFactors Sequence Object
Employee central: Automatic User ID generation
Email Notifications for Birthday’s and Service Anniversary’s For SuccessFactors customers who is using Dell Boomi
Implementation of Global Assignments in EC to LMS/EC-PY/non-SAP Integration
Implementation of Concurrent Employment in EC to LMS/EC-PY/non-SAP Integration
Rule to fetch homeaddress data in document generation
Useful trick on Employee Central Dependent Data Maintenance in ESS
Automatic set of “defaultLocale” standard-element based on employee’s country in employee central
All you need to know about Data Inspector (1705) to view Raw Data in Employee Central
Annual Salary for 9-month contract in Employee Central for Part Time Hourly Employees
Restrict Employee to Edit Business Phone from SuccessFactors Employee Central
Restrict Visibility of field – Date of Death – in Employee Central to Certain People
BCUI – Calculate age based on date of birth
By default Save of HR Manager in Job Relationship portlet in absence of Position Management
How to configure Custom Workflow Email notification in SuccessFactors Employee Central
MDF Alerts and Workflows for Mass Email Functionality
Comparing previous and current values for custom MDF in Successfactors
SuccessFactors: Employee Central – Role based permissions
Configure Country Specific Telephone Number Format and Validation in SuccessFactor Employee Central
Employee central: Automatic User ID generation post 1808
EC Custom Workflow Email Notifications
Q3-2018 : EC Alerts and Notifications Improvements
Workaround for error on Duplicate Account Number in Payment Information
Let’s Configure Employee Central Protection Against Unfair Dismissal
Instance Synchronization Tool – Order of Artifacts for Employee Central
Work Permit Date Expiration Alert in Employee Central
Ending Auto Delegation of workflows in Employee Central Automatically based on end date
Perform actions/events on Employee records in SuccessFactors Employee Central as per Customer’s business process without changing employee status
Configuring SuccessFactors Unfair Dismissal – How to protect yourself as an employer
Birthday and Anniversary alerts to the employees in SuccessFactors
Employee Central – Navigation groups
Adding external pay statement link or any other link in SuccessFactors Mobile application
Delegating workflows only to the users above delegator’s position hierarchy
Scheduled Auto Email Notification to Employees Using Integration in SuccessFactors Employee Central
Defaulting data from Standard Entities like Job Info, Comp Info etc to Custom MDF Object
Simple and effective way of sending anniversary alerts in Successfactors Employee central
Rule-based generation of UserID / Username for Hires and Rehires
Home Page Tiles ( FAQ Tile )
Auto Approval of Workflows
Reporting No-Show for New Hires
Electronic Contract Signing: Docusign Integration with SuccessFactors EC – Part 1
Electronic Contract Signing: Docusign Integration with SuccessFactors EC – Part 2
SuccessFactors Employee Central Event Reasons Derivation FAQs
Name Format in SuccessFactors Employee Central
GDPR Compliance with Right to Return
Digits not allowed in First Name field
Update Employee Name in “Proper Case”
Contingent workforce management position object customization
How to configure an “Expiration Alert” within an MDF Object and apply it retrospectively
“Google Maps” Custom tile -Employee location Medical assistance
Successfactors – How to configure “Thought of the Day” daily morning email notification to all employees

Position Management
The SuccessFactors Employee Central Position Management feature
How to add country specific field to SF EC Position and integrate it with SAP ERP
SAP SuccessFactors Position Management Evaluated (LinkedIn)
Position Management – Pay Scale Structure in Position Object
Global Assignment – Detailed walkthrough in People Profile 3 using Right To Return Feature of Position Management
How to better control Job Requisition creation from the Position Org Chart using permissions and business rule
Leveraging RBP for controlling right actions on Positions by managers
Position Start date while using copy position functionality in EC Position Org Chart
Mass Change of Position Data in SuccessFactors Employee Central
To pre-populate Recruiting operators in the Requisition form when triggered from Position
How SAP customers solve the Multi-Position requirement in SuccessFactors (LinkedIn)
Contingent workforce management position object customization

Compensation and Pay Scale Structure
The SuccessFactors Employee Central Pay Structure
Defaulting Pay Components and Values Based on Total CTC in Employee Central
Automate Pay Scale Reclassification in SuccessFactors Employee Central using Off Event Batch Cycle and Tariff Change
Employee Central – How to automate salary increase in Comp Info through Job Info
Handling Deviating Pay Frequencies from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll
Automatic Propagation of Salary Structure (Pay Components) based on Monthly/Annual CTC in Compensation Portlet of Success Factors Employee Central
Migrating to MDF Payment Information
MDF Payment Information Details Report
IDP – Employee Central: Managing Pay Scale Based Salary Increase
Indirect Valuation – Employee Central
Employee Central Payment Information (Bank Details) mandatory check implementation
Creating Loans in SuccessFactors
Configuring Loan Eligibility
Mass Pay Increases :Tariff Change Effects on Employee Compensation
Restrict user to change/Modify Payment Information data more than once in a day

Document Generation
Letter generation with SuccessFactors Core HRIS – Employee Central
Employee Central Document Generation
Document Generation and Roadmap
Successfactors Core HRIS – letter generation capability with Employee Central.
It’s really Possible!!! To trigger mass email Communication from SuccessFactors Employee Central
Document Generation – A complete Guide Including Troubleshoot
SuccessFactors Document Generation Amounts in Words
Custom email templates using SuccessFactors Document Generation
Fetching Selective Pay Component(s) in Document Generation

Side-by-Side (SBS) deployment model
The Side by Side HCM Deployment Model (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
SAP SuccessFactors Side by Side HCM Design Patterns (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
Side-By-Side HCM Overview Update (Prashanth Padmanabhan blog)
Panel discussion on Side by Side Distributed Scenario [webinar] (SuccessFactors)
Employee Central Side-By-Side: Deployment and Solution Architecture Considerations

Employee Central Service Center
Service Center support in SuccessFactors (Cloud HCM)
SuccessFactors- 1408 Release-Employee Central Service Center – this is not your parent’s helpdesk
Employee Service Centre
A detailed look at Employee Central Service Center
Now available: SAP Best Practices for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center
A primer on Employee Central Service Center (SearchSAP)
SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center Implementation Sequence

Global Benefits
SuccessFactors Employee Central Global Benefits
Exporting Benefits data using Integration Center EDI Format
Benefits Configuration Simplified !
Restricting an employee to claim a reimbursement post Separation has been initiated in Employee Central
Access differentiation between HR and Employee in claiming a reimbursement – Employee Central Global Benefits
Automating Tuition Reimbursement in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll (LinkedIn)
Auto Enabling the option to claim Excess Reimbursement as a new Benefit Type in Employee Central Global Benefits
Understanding the insurance benefits type in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Global Benefits

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Management
Q&A: Time & Attendance with SuccessFactors and WorkForce Software
Evaluating Time Management in the Cloud: What does the SAP partnership with WorkForce Software mean for customers?
New Time Management Features in EC Time 1602
It’s the end of 2016 and where is Employee Central Time Management?
If EC Time and Attendance Management is catching up, then what is the role for WorkForce Software?
What is the localization strategy for Employee Central Time and Attendance Management?
It’s the end of 2017 and where is Employee Central Time Management?
What’s Next for SAP SuccessFactors Time and Attendance Management and Our New Partnership with Kronos (SAP News)
SAP resets workforce vendors in Kronos Workforce Dimensions deal (SearchSAP)
Replicating Time Data from Employee Central to ECP: An Overview

Time Sheet
SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Sheet and Time Valuation
Time Sheet in SuccessFactors Employee Central: demonstration
SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll Time Sheet 1505
The European Working Time Directive in SAP Time Management and SuccessFactors EC Timesheet
About to start EC Time Sheet Implementation? consider below key points
Rule to determine time difference in Hour/Minute/Second between two input Times in SuccessFactors EC
EC Time hints and tipps Nr. 2: Punish late coming with a salary deduction
EC Payroll Time Sheet – Simple document on familiarization & how to test it
EC Payroll Timesheet – How to retro terminate “Duration” based employees
EC Time – hints and tipps Nr.3: validation that overtime is recorded only outside planned time
EC Time – Tipps and hints Nr. 4: how to send notifications/mails to employees who forgot to submit a time sheet
EC Time – Tipps and hints Nr. 5: how to accrual time accounts based on EC time sheet data
EC Time hints and tipps Nr. 6: how to post a fix amount of hours to a time off in lieu account
EC Time tipps and hints Nr. 7: Negative time vs. positive time
EC Time – Tipps and hints Nr. 8: Report on unapproved time sheets
EC Time Tipps and hints Nr. 9 – how to use EC Time Sheet for project time recording
EC Time and Attendance – tipps and hints Nr. 10 Special payment for work during on call times
EC – Time Sheet – How to check min max by Time
EC Payroll Time Sheet – 24 Hours calculation instead of 23:59 in clock-in/out based input scenario
EC Time and Attendance – Tipps and hints Nr. 11: How to simplify your business rules using variables
Replicating Time Data from Employee Central to ECP: An Overview
Recalculation feature in EC Time Management
Employee Central Time Sheet – How to restrict employee entering time records in previous calendar month
EC Time-sheet Overtime using “Aggregate Input Groups and Split”
Restrict employees to submit previous month Time Sheet
Automatic closure of EC Time accounts on termination
Employee Central PAYROLL TIME SHEET made easy with pre-requisites, Time sheet scenarios and Replication process

Time Off
SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Off – Made for You! – YouTube (YouTube)
Time Off in SuccessFactors Employee Central: demonstration
Buying and selling holidays (Josef Sysel)
EC Time Off for On Time HR Management
SuccessFactors Time off configuration decisions
Time off configuration for easy customer management
EC Time hints and tipps: practical example what you can do with the new valuation type “Route Input”
Employee Central Time Off : Automatic Change in Leave Entitlement on Employee Promotion
SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Off – Floating Holidays
Workaround for Mass Approval of Leaves
EC Time – Tipps and hints Nr. 5: how to accrual time accounts based on EC time sheet data
EC Time hints and tipps Nr. 6: how to post a fix amount of hours to a time off in lieu account
Alternative Method to do Rounding in Time Off
Let’s do rounding without any lookup table/MDF – Useful for EC Time Off
TimeOff Take Rule to not accept absence on particular date of the year
EC Time Off:Collision Check for Absences with Overlapping Dates
SuccessFactors Time Off Period End Processing
EC Time Management – Tips & Hints: Different Notifications for Approval and Cancellation Workflows in Time Off
EC Time and Attendance – Tipps and hints Nr. 11: How to simplify your business rules using variables
Replicating Time Data from Employee Central to ECP: An Overview
Recalculation feature in EC Time Management
EC Time Off – Time Type Independent of Work Schedule
EC Time Off – How to stop accrual on unpaid absences (multiple) and reverse for retro absences scenario
Brazil Vacation Bonus in Employee Central Time
SuccessFactors Employee Central – TIME OFF & TIME PROFILE Configuration
Leave Deduction Policy change after Golive
Time off Messages: Adding hyperlink in a message for opening in new tab
Blocking Leave Beyond Current Payroll Period
Recalculating Time accruals based on Seniority and FTE using Off Cycle Event Rule
Automatic closure of EC Time accounts on termination
EC Time Off – Transitioning from an “Account Creation Start Date” type to another
Simplifying Rolling Out Payout/Cashout Feature for Time Accounts!!!

Reporting and Analytics
1902 – SAP SuccessFactors Advanced Reporting Metadata Sync
Canvas/Employee Central Advanced Reporting: How to return a single row for each employee while reporting on multiple pay components
What’s New in the SAP BW/4HANA Content Add-On 2.0 – SP01
Is it possible to report on “Position Creation Date” in Advanced Reporting?

Integration with SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite applications
SuccessFactors Employee Central & Compensation Integration
SuccessFactors Employee Central & Recruiting: configuring the New Hire process integration
Employee Central integrates well with talent apps (SearchSAP)
Two way joyride for customers implementing Recruiting Management, Onboarding & Employee Central!
Integration between Compensation and Employee Central in SuccessFactors
Integrating Recruiting with Employee Central Position Management – Tips & Tricks
A Step-by-Step Guide for Creating Job Requisitions from Position Organizational Charts in SAP SuccessFactors (HR Expert)
Employee Central – Compensation Promotion integration in Successfactors
How to better control Job Requisition creation from the Position Org Chart using permissions and business rule
Onboarding-Employee Central Personal Information Field Mapping
Effective Performance Management Solution in SuccessFactors – Launching Performance Appraisal Forms in Employee Central
How to Map Salary/Compensation/Pay Component Fields from Recruiting Management to Onboarding to Employee Central
Replicating Time Data from Employee Central to ECP: An Overview
Step by Step integration between Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll

Integration to SAP
Integration of SuccessFactors Employee Center with SAP Environment, Health and Safety Management
Business Integration Builder (BIB) Knowledge
SAP® SuccessFactors® Employee Central Integration with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll: Second Edition: Updated & Enhanced (Amazon)
Mapping employee id for Employee master replication from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to SAP HCM/S4/ECP
How to integrate SAP HR(SuccessFactors) with Ariba for Synchronized Role Based Workflow Approvals
SAP CPI and Successfactors Monitoring EP01: The one with the Execution Manager Dashboard
IDP – Special considerations to migrate legacy SuccessFactors integration content to SAP Cloud Platform Integrations
How to Convert Single EC Event “Leave of Absence” into different Action Type (PA0000-MASSN) for SAP HCM
SuccessFactors Core Hybrid Integration Series – Part 1 – Basic Settings in SF and ECC
SAP SuccessFactor Employee Central Installation For S/4 HANA On Premise
Configuring the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Master Data and Organizational Assignments from Employee Central to SAP ERP HCM
Complete configurations steps done in SPRO(SAP ERP HCM) for integrating employee master data from SuccessFactors EC to SAP ERP HCM via CPI.
Individual Full Transmission Start Date (FTSD)
Non-Recurring Deduction/Payments & Recurring Deduction in EC for replication
SAP Success Factors Employee Central and its integration with SAP GRC Risk Analysis & Access Request
SuccessFactors Core Hybrid Integration Series – Part 2 – Employee Central APIs – Architecture, Configuration, Making Calls
The New Master Data Integration Service for SAP SuccessFactors
Doing cool stuff really easily with SuccessFactors Integration Centre

Integration to Third-Party Systems
Integrate SuccessFactors Employee Central with SAP Fieldglass
A Guide for Using SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Employee Delta Export (SAP Experts)
SFEC Employee Off boarding Extension using SAP Intelligent BPM and DocuSign
Create your (first) integration with SuccessFactors Integration Center: Full step-by-step guide

APIs and Middleware
Consuming Employee Central OData Services with the Java OData4j library
Hana Cloud Integration in comparison to Dell’s Boomi.
Delta transmission of Compound Employee API
Point-to-Point Integration vs. Boomi: A Comparison And Recommendations (iXerv)
Compound Employee Delete – SuccessFactors Employee Central
Update employee(s) records from different entities using ODATA $batch API in SAP SuccessFactors
Creation of an employee in SAP SuccessFactors using $batch API
Using Microsoft Excel for doing queries in SAP SuccessFactors OData API

Data Migration and Imports
SAP ERP to SuccessFactors Employee Central data migration RDS
Initial Load / Migration of HR Data from SAP ERP HCM to SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC)
What historical employee data should go to Employee Central? (SearchSAP)
The Great Migration to EC: Tips for Converting Employee Data using SAP Cloud Platform Integration (HCI)
The Great Migration to EC: Tips for Converting Employee Data using SAP Cloud Platform Integration (HCI)
Importing Multiple Dependents – Employee Central Data Migration
Understanding importance of mapping Person id and User id during SuccessFactors Data Imports (Conversions)
Perform Data Imports in SuccessFactors (SFSF) Employee Central (EC) while waiting for SAP to swap the ids in User Data file (UDF)
Simplifying Data Migration and Integration of Employee Address Data from and to SAP ERP On Premise System During Employee Central Success Factors Implementation

Globalization and Localization
SuccessFactors Employee Central – list of countries with Localizations
The value of Localization for HR and HR systems (bluehr)
Employee Central ensures global regulatory compliance (SearchSAP)
Understanding the Difference Between Globalization and Localization in Cloud HCM (iXerv)
The Two Keys to a Best-In-Class Cloud HCM Localization Solution (iXerv)

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