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Author's profile photo Cornelia Mitschke

SAP Universal ID – get your own, today!

Dear Community!

Today, we would like to introduce to you SAP Universal ID and the team behind this mission, before sharing the latest news.

What is SAP Universal ID?

Our quick and very simplified explanation:

It’s like the Apple-ID for everyone in the SAP world. You will be able to link your S-users and P-users under one ID, represented by an email address and use it to login to SAP.

If you would like to learn more about the background of SAP Universal ID, please take a look here:

We are a highly motivated team of innovative people, aiming to enable a simple user management experience. For this mission, we are joining forces with various teams within SAP to create and deliver a future vision of a simple, state of the art user login and authorization concept based on SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly Gigya). In order to keep you informed on our progress and achievements, Rosa Gast and I are starting this blog post series, where we will continuously share the latest news on SAP Universal ID.

Collaborating with SAP for Me, we delivered the very first milestone of SAP Universal ID (UID) at the DSAG Annual Congress 2019 in Nuremberg.

SAP Universal ID is live on SAP for Me. What’s in for me?

In short: If you are an SAP for Me user, have created a UID account and linked multiple of your personal S-user IDs to it, you can login to SAP for Me with your UID and simply choose one of your linked accounts without having to provide S-user ID and password each time.

As for our latest achievement, we would like to announce today, that we have enabled the conditional login, providing you with the option to login with your UID, on SAP ONE Support Launchpad as well!

What will change in the Login UI?

Following the introduction of SAP Universal ID, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad logon screen has slightly been changed: Visitors are asked to enter their user ID on the first screen and the password on a separate, second screen.

After you have signed in with your UID, you will be prompted to select one of the S-user IDs that you have linked to your UID in order to further proceed to the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

There won’t be an effect on S-user passports which still can be used by having Single-Sign On. The behavior and interactions of these platforms will still stay the same.

What benefit does SAP Universal ID provide during login?

Universal ID can show you all the linked information of your multiple S- or P-user accounts in a consolidated account selector after you logged on to SAP for Me or SAP ONE Support Launchpad.
You don’t have to remember your S-user IDs and passwords anymore.

What are the next steps?

We are driving the adoption of SAP Universal ID throughout the complete SAP landscape.

Stay tuned to learn what’s next…


Your SAP Universal ID Team

Rosa Gast & Cornelia Mitschke

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      Author's profile photo Bobbi Donna Boyd
      Bobbi Donna Boyd

      How do I remove this once it is installed.  It does not work most of the time and it will not let me log on until I shutdown all browsers and clean cookies and cache.



      Author's profile photo Marco Zenz
      Marco Zenz

      Author's profile photo Luca Biasotto
      Luca Biasotto

      Same for me, it doesn't work properly.

      Author's profile photo Viktor Metzger
      Viktor Metzger

      Doesn't really work.

      And the important part is to input the new UID + PW to login into the Launchpad.

      What help does it provide if i still need to input the S User or E-Mail of another linked account first.

      If you wan't to help us, than it should be possible to login to Launchpad with UID + PW and then select the linked account.


      Author's profile photo Rajindra Parmar
      Rajindra Parmar

      I have created my Universal ID and the password and it does not allow me to login to the portal. Is there anyway i can Login with my S Number and Password

      Author's profile photo Bisweswar Sahu
      Bisweswar Sahu


      Thanks for sharing.

      I have 2 accounts(personal& official)

      Official account having learning hub access.

      Can i access learning hub through universal id?

      Author's profile photo Marco Zenz
      Marco Zenz

      Author's profile photo Valeria González Pérez
      Valeria González Pérez

      Hi, Bisweswar

      Were you able to access the learnign hub with your personal account?

      Author's profile photo Ilia Vinogradov
      Ilia Vinogradov

      Hi Cornelia,


      Thank you for this blog, worked out for me =)


      Is there a way to unlink particular S-user (or P-user) from Universal ID?

      (And BTW, how can I delete my P-User? =)


      Best regards, Ilia.

      Author's profile photo Marco Zenz
      Marco Zenz

      Author's profile photo Daniel Pereira
      Daniel Pereira

      Interesting concept indeed. Would you kindly clarify if the UID covers also the logon procedure used in the context of SAP Ariba-Buyer and SAP CIG?

      Many thanks in advance.

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo David Boyd
      David Boyd

      I have received several emails on using this as a go-to solution, but all info lacks what I will be able to actually do with this id.

      I have my company SID as well as several client SID which are used to access their system - commerce portal, launch pad, cloud integration cockpit etc.

      Will this address this issue or is the SSO/Passport the way to go for this?

      Author's profile photo Denis MUZHZHUKHIN

      don't know if domain should be now trusted... we have issues with SSO for universal id's as request goes to url and our security team doesn't want to trust it as whois for that domain is not anyhow related with SAP.COM. why do we have this security issue? any plans to fix?

      Author's profile photo Savas Yazici
      Savas Yazici

      I have linked my accounts as well and the nightmare started: now I can't even access my S-User id at all. Review all of these negative comments and please improve the product. Previously we were having all sorts of problems (i.e. multiple s-user ids, single sign-on issues, issues with different browsers etc.)  but we found ways to handle them after some suffering. Now Universal ID is new to us and now we are desperately trying to find ways out of this. I have already raised some concerns and complaints. But should SAP be more proactive to resolve these shared issues?