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SAP TechEd Las Vegas: Innovate and transform your business processes with cloud solutions from SAP

The learning journey Innovate and transform your business processes with cloud solutions from SAP is the second one of the new Explore the Intelligent Suite track. It is centered around SAP Cloud Lines-of-Business Solutions showcasing how technologies are applied for turning newly gained intelligence into action across every part of a business.

Let’s start with the Explore section of this learning journey to better understand how innovative concepts and intelligent technologies empower SAP Cloud Lines-of-Business solutions:

  • The X-Data and O-Data Architecture and Case Studies (iENT205), Lecture
    Take a deep dive into how Experience Management solutions from SAP are initially combining experience data (X-data) and operational data (O-data). See how this data helps identify experience gaps and determines how to automate actions across business functions to drive improvement at every meaningful touch point. The lecture will also cover the architecture of different integration patterns.
    Speaker: Eric Du, Enterprise Architect, SAP
  • Innovate with Customer Master Data in SAP C/4HANA (iENT213), Lecture
    Explore the benefits of consistent master data in the SAP C/4HANAsuite. Learn how to connect with your customers at any point in the journey and innovate with a personalized experience. Take a deep dive into the end-to-end customer experience and discover the SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud solutions, followed by alive-coding session using the customer master data. Explore and take home the insights that can help you speed up your innovation with SAP C/4HANA
    Speaker: Theodor Foerster, Product Owner, SAP
  • People Analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors Solutions (iENT203), Lecture
    Discover how to make people data a strategic asset in your intelligent enterprise. Learn how SAP SuccessFactors solutions leverage SAP Analytics Cloud to power the next generation of people analytics. Understand how to use machine learning to derive insights from your people data to drive business outcomes, and how to combine data from across the business for both planning and analytics.
    Speaker: Robert Wood, Principal Product Strategy Manager People Analytics, SAP SuccessFactors
  • SAP Business Network for Collaborative Innovation in the Networked Economy (iENT207), Lecture
    SAP Business Network connects people, systems, and processes between companies to simplify business commerce for collaborative innovation in the networked economy. This creates connections in a highly scalable, global, and secure cloud environment. Get an overview of SAP Business Network, including its components, architecture, abstract data model, API, and business use cases, and learn how the network can provide the right solution through its built-in cloud services.
    Speaker: Ian Kelley, Senior Director, Product, SAP America
  • AI for Experience Management Solutions from SAP (iENT105), Lecture
    Listen everywhere, during every meaningful interaction your customers have with your brand. Experience Management solutions from SAP enable users to hold intelligent conversations with customers. Learn how these solutions apply artificial intelligence (AI) to tap into all engagement channels with your customers, where they are, in the moments that matter the most.
    Speaker: Milind Kopikare, Product Experience (PX), SAP
  • Driving Intelligent Customer Experience using Data Assets in SAP C/4HANA (iENT210), Lecture
    Valuable data assets are originating in the SAP C/4HANA suite. It enables an intelligent customer experience and lays the foundation for modern data-driven architectures. Discover how modern data architectures and how intelligent technologies (such as the SAP Data Intelligence service and the SAP Analytics Cloud solution) are used for machine learning and cross-analytics capabilities in SAP C/4HANA.
    Speaker: Raphael Schmitz, Data Architectt SAP C/4HANA, SAP
  • Enter Horizon 3: Translating Emerging Technologies into Business Value (LT120), Lightning Talk
    Innovation happens in three horizons: the now, the next, and the new. While many units work hard to make SAP better today, we also don’t want to miss new growth opportunities. SAP Innovation Center Network explores topics that could have a major impact on the future of the business. See head of the network Torsten Zube discuss which emerging technologies matter, how we can view them in context of SAP, and the mindset we need to embrace to create meaningful innovation as one company.
    Speaker: Torsten Zube, Head of SAP Innovation Center Network, SAP

Next, let’s continue with the Discover section of this learning journey to get the details how technology transforms SAP Cloud Lines of Business Applications:

  • Experience Management Solutions from SAP for Developers (iENT204), Lecture
    Discover how Experience Management solutions from SAP empower developers to support three focus areas (build, create, and extend) through SDKs, public APIs, and partnerships. The lecture will walkthrough how the solutions empower you to listen and respond to survey events that impact core business fundamentals. Experience an interactive demonstration on current features and capabilities and how to use the SDKs and APIs.
    Speaker: Vernon Hui, Product Manager, SAP
  • Next-Generation User Experience for Total Workforce Management (iENT102), Lecture
    Explore how the SAP CoPilot digital assistant transforms the user experience in a total workforce management scenario. See how the digital assistant spans across multiple cloud solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors solutions and SAP S/4HANA.Speaker: Purnima Srivastava, Director Product Management, SAP SuccessFactors
  • The Why and How of Extending SAP C/4HANA (iENT107), Lecture
    Do you have an innovative idea that you would like to add to the SAPC/4HANA suite to achieve differentiation and deliver a better customer experience? Learn about great ideas others have had, as well as their specific business reasons to add them to SAP C/4HANA.As one example, we will demonstrate how to extend the SAP Commerce Cloud solution with a fraud detection service. And you will get an overview of how SAP C/4HANA Foundation can help you implement your own special idea.
    Speaker: Stanimir Ivanov, Product Manager SAP C/4HANA, SAP
  • Unlock the Data Silos for Your CFO (iENT103), Lecture
    Explore how you can turn data to gold with the CFO dashboard, analytics solution that combines data from all areas of the business such as finance, procurement, and workforce management. Simulation and predictive analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud, SAPHANA, and SAP Data Intelligence provide the instruments for the CFO to analyze and predict the specifics of their business and plan and collaborate the best course of action.
    Speaker: Sreedhar Muthuramalingam, Vice President SAP S/4HANA Cloud Product Management – Analytics, SAP
  • Build Your Asset Master Data Foundation (iENT206), Lecture
    Consistent and reusable asset master data is essential to build intelligent solutions for manufacturing (such as machines, tools, and products), logistics, and asset management (such as equipment). Discover how to manage, integrate, and collaborate around assets. From EDGE applications to third-party solutions, SAP solutions provide interoperability and openness with open technologies applying industry standards and open source software.
    Speaker: Erich Clauer, Vice President of Standards and Open Source, SAP
  • Innovate, Extend, and Embed Field Service Management with the IoT (iENT212), Lecture
    Benefit from the SAP Leonardo IoT portfolio and SAP Edge Services in a SAP C/4HANA suite business scenario. Based on a technical demonstration, you will learn about the key steps, tools, and mechanisms to enrich contextual business data when creating business objects in SAP C/4HANA, based on anomalies detected in IoT data. Discover how to create innovative extension applications and mobile apps using IoT data and services from SAP Leonardo IoT.
    Speaker: Sijesh Manohar, Vice President Development, SAP
  • Use SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway and SAP Cloud Platform Integration (iENT116), Customer Session
    Discover how Accenture strategically increased its use of platforms to meet its growing business needs and changing integration requirements. Accenture needed an integration approach appropriate for platform-based applications and selected the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway solution and the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service as the integration architecture between SAP platforms. Learn how to use them for integration with SAP Ariba solutions, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP Fieldglass solutions.
    Speaker: Abdel Altabarani, Accenture SAP Technology Lead, Accenture
  • Achieve Product Market Fit with Experience Management Solutions from SAP (iENT104), Lecture
    Approximately 90% of new products fail, and very few companies truly manage to achieve the elusive product market fit. By conducting research using Experience Management solutions from SAP, businesses can dramatically improve the chances of achieving product market fit. This session will walk you through the principles of product experience management using a real-life lemonade stand example that includes product experience research to create a best-selling drink and a roaring business.
    Speaker: Milind Kopikare, Product Experience (PX), SAP
  • Architecture Blueprint for SAP Leonardo IoT (iENT211), Lecture
    SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation and SAP Leonardo IoT Edge form the basis of SAP Leonardo IoT technical capabilities. Manage and connect devices securely. Ingest and store large amounts of IoT time-series data on the edge and in the cloud with the SAP Data Intelligence service and SAP Cloud Platform. Create applications on top of IoT data easily, derive business insight using data science and machine learning, and trigger business processes. Learn about technology and architecture patterns.
    Speaker: Frank Neumann, Architect, SAP
  • Manage Your External Workforce with Intelligent Solutions from SAP (iENT115), Lecture
    Integrate all aspects of your external workforce process, from resource planning to invoice suppliers and offboarding workers. Find out how your organization can transform into an intelligent enterprise by seamlessly managing all aspects related to your contingent workers and maintaining a clear line of sight into the financial impact.
    Speaker: Ankur Bhatt, VP, Product Management – SAP SuccessFactors Tools and Technology, SAP SuccessFactors

The interested audience may continue with the Learn section of this learning journey to become competent per SAP Cloud Lines-of-Business application. Excerpt from this list:

  • Seamlessly Integrate Analytical Dashboards with SAP Concur Solutions (iENT301), Lecture
    Provide visibility on SAP Concur solutions data and understand the impact to your bottom line. Discover how to empower key stakeholders to see data in near-real time and drive actionable Learn how to access SAP Concur solutions data, leverage APIs, and share analytical dashboards with users using SAP Analytics Cloud. Discover the typical cloud architecture and solution patterns for API access and identity and access management and learn about recipes for common integration scenarios.
    Speaker: Brian Tarble, Vice President, Product Mgmt – Data Platform & Analytics, SAP Concur
  • Take a Backstage Tour of SAP Concur Solutions for Web-Scale Data Processing (iENT302), Lecture
    Learn about the solution architecture to deliver SAP Concur solutions for cloud services. Understand the challenges and learn about patterns and cloud native architecture for processing data at Web Get up-to-date information on cloud engineering.
    Empower Intelligent Decisions Using Machine Learning for Assets (iENT300)
    Understand how intelligent technologies support visibility, transparency, and planning to better predict, operate, and manage supply chain process in logistics, manufacturing, and asset management. Learn how SAP Leonardo Artificial Intelligence capabilities, together with SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation and automated machine learning, help developers and applications easily select and simply configure the best suitable machine learning algorithm for the use case.
    Speaker: Cameron Etezadi, Chief Architect, SAP Concur

Want to learn more about how to innovate and transform your business processes with cloud solutions from SAP? Then check out recommended openSAP courses and learning journeys beyond SAP TechEd. Happy learning!

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