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Sales Documents Do Not Support Multiple Addresses for Business Partner


In SAP S/4HANA Cloud, the multiple address functionality of Business Partner (BP) allows one BP to have multiple addresses. However, when you assign a partner function (on the Partners tab) during sales document creation, the partner function can only use the BP’s standard address.


· Solution 1

Create a unique BP for each unique address and give that BP the correct role (for example, customer).

· Solution 2 (available in S/4HANA Cloud 1811 and later versions)

Create multiple customers and assign them to the same BP. Based on such operations, you can pick a non-standard address of the BP during sales order creation.


· To assign multiple customers to a BP, use the Manage Customer Master Data app based on role “SAP_BR_BUPA_MASTER_SPECIALIST”.

· To create a sales order, use the Create Sales Orders app based on role “SAP_BR_INTERNAL_SALES_REP”.


For more details and restrictions about Multiple Assignments, refer to 2706243 Multiple Assignments of Customers/Suppliers to Business Partners in SAP S/4HANA 1809.

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