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SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit – Transfer Data Directly from SAP System (Direct Transfer)

4.8.2020 NEW Deep Dive Video on Direct Transfer

Please check out our latest video on Direct Transfer, including whole migration process and small adjustments on predefined selection.


23.3.2020 NEW Deep Dive Blog on Direct Transfer

in this blog you get deep dive information on Direct Transfer:


13.2.2020 NEW Video on Direct Transfer

We have now a video on Direct Transfer also available in the video library in our application help.

please find direct link Video Direct Transfer:


5.2.2020 NEW openSAP Course

Migrating Your Business Data to SAP S/4HANA – New Implementation Scenario
With this course, you’ll get an introduction to data migration with SAP S/4HANA, and where it fits in with respect to the different transition scenarios. The course will focus on the new implementation scenario, with a deep dive into the SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit and the migration object modeler. We’ll also offer optional hands-on exercises so you can better familiarize yourself with the different migration approaches. For these exercises, you can use a system image from the SAP Cloud Appliance Library. The course starts March 25.


Please find a short video to get an impression how this approach looks like: Video SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit – Transfer Data Directly from SAP System



The SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit is SAP’s recommended solution for the migration of business data to SAP S/4HANA. We are happy to announce that an additional migration approach is available with SAP S/4HANA 1909 (released 20.09.2019).

It is now possible to transfer data directly from an SAP source system. This new migration approach allows an automated selection and extraction of business data from SAP source systems and the direct data migration to SAP S/4HANA without using files or staging tables. With SAP S/4HANA 1909, approximately 100 migration objects are available for the data migration from SAP ERP, and additional migration objects are available for the data migration from SAP AFS and SAP EWM.

Similar to the other migration approaches, the approach “Transfer Data Directly from SAP System” follows a guided migration process and the migration object modeler can also be used to address custom requirements.

This new migration approach will make the migration to SAP S/4HANA much more comfortable and easier to handle for existing SAP customers.

Explore our new landing central landing page:

Explore our new landing central landing page: Have a look at our overview presentation
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Sybille Lackermeier

Product Management SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit

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  • Hi Sybille,

    This seems to be a great improvement.

    Would it also be possible to migrate transaccional data? Sales orders, material documents, financial documents, etc.

    Would an SLO service be an option during a S/4HANA migration, for a selective data migration (not only master data but transaccional as well)?


    Moisés Teixeira


    • Hi,

      I am also interested to know when we will be able to migrate transaction data using the Migration Cockpit. SLO services / selective data migration engagement can be costly.

      • Hi Moisés,

        yes, SLO Services are on option.

        For clarification:

        Selective data transition tailors the set of data that is transferred to the SAP S/4HANA target system to customer-individual needs and can include the migration of historic data. Selective data transitions include the realization of requirements that are not covered by the SAP standard means.

        This is realized within customer-individual projects using a table-based approach that requires special expertise.

        In migration cockpit itself (used in New Implementation scenarios) we provide e.g. migration object for open sales order.

        Find the full list

        best regards,

        Sybille Lackermeier

  • Hi, Is it possible to Migrate for S4HANA previous versions using this Migration Cockpit?

    I mean Direct Data transfer SAP to S4HANA.. say 1809? or is there a way to fix this, because some of the projects are in process from last year version.



    • Hi,

      the new migration approach "Direct Transfer" was released with 1909. There is not possibility to use it before this release.

      Projects already running, are not touched. You can proceed using them. File/Staging approaches are still available. No need to change migration approach.

      best regards,

      Sybille Lackermeier

  • Hi we have an internal 1909 installed and I managed to create a project for our internal 1809 and ECC 6.0 EHP6. The problem is I am not able to see any data available in the project? Will there be a more detailed guide on how to use the direct data transfer option?


    • Sorry found the answer


      • To transfer data using the SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit, a user with the role SAP_DMIS_OBT_MASTER is required in the SAP S/4HANA system. This user must also have the role SAP_BR_CONFIG_EXPERT_DATA_MIG for the front-end server.

      • To use the SAP S/4HANA migration object modeler (transaction LTMOM), role SAP_CA_DMC_MC_DEVELOPER is required in the SAP S/4HANA system.

      • An RFC connection between the SAP S/4HANA system and the SAP ERP source system exists. The RFC user in SAP ERP source system must have the role SAP_DMIS_OBT_REMOTE. For security reasons, we recommend that this RFC user is a user of type Communication.


    • Hi Jonathan,

      the functionality to use the Direct Transfer is limited to:

      Technical Preconditions

      • SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA, the lowest supported ERP release is ERP 6.0 (SAP NetWeaver 7.0).
      • SAP Apparel and Footwear (SAP AFS) to SAP S/4HANA, the supported release is AFS 6.0.
      • SAP EWM to Decentralized EWM, the lowest supported EWM release is EWM 5.1 (SAP NetWeaver 7.0).

      best regards,


  • Hi,


    I am in the process of setting of SandBox for S/4 HANA 1909.


    We have completed the Linux installation and near completion of S/4 HANA 1909 installation.


    We are runnig ECC EHP 6 in oracle 12c.  Will the Migration cockpit support complete migration of existing data from ECC to S/4 HANA 1909.

    Please suggest your recommendaton if any.  What is the key points needs to be considered.






    • Hi Anurag,

      the process is as follows:

      1. Create your project in the FIORI App
      2. In LTMOM, first select your project (search via approach -> Migrate Data Directly from SAP System
      3. Go to Change Mode
      4. Select in top navigation "PROJECT" -> "Create Migration Object" -> "User-Defined" -> "Migrate Data Directly from SAP System
      5. This will bring you to a wizard that supports you creating your new object.

      If there are still questions, please let me know.

      best regards,

      Sybille Lackermeier

      SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit

      • Hi Sybille,

        Thanks for the response.

        I did as you suggested,  below are few questions.

        1. when we create a new project in Fiori, we need to select at least 1 migration object before we can proceed.
        2. After the above steps, the wizard opens up. Here we have to provide the migration object and description.
        3. If i give any custom object name say 'ZTEST' and description as 'Test', it is throwing an error, 'Given object ID is not valid'. I am not sure where i am making the mistake.




        • Hi Anurag,

          error messages should not come up – I tested in our internal systems – this works. If problem still persist, please open an SAP incident in component CA-LT-PE.


          To be more precise on the process I indicated above (how to create own migration objects for Direct Transfer), please note that there are some additional steps.

          1. LTMOM: create a migration object – this opens the wizard

          2. Migration object wizard

          • Edit source structures
          • Define unique object ID
          • Define target processing

          3. Check project in the migration cockpit (SAP Fiori)

          4. LTMOM: source structures – define selection criteria

          5. LTMOM: target processing

          • Simulation details
          • Structure mapping including access path to the child table
          • Field mapping

          6. Execute the selection in the migration cockpit (SAP Fiori)

          7. Execute the simulation in the migration cockpit (SAP Fiori)


          We plan to have a new OpenSAP course Migrating Your Business Data to a New Implementation of SAP S/4HANA”, starting end of March, 2020, where you get detailed training.

          best regards, Sybille Lackermeier

          Product Management SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit

          • Hi Sybille,

            Thanks for the response.

            The above solution worked fine when i tried in different 1909 system.

            Now I am trying to migrate custom fields of standard table. I am migrating Open sales order from source to target using Direct Transfer, and I have few custom fields in VBAP table in the source. I have added the same custom fields in Target VBAP table as well. Also, added the same in BAPE_VBAP and BAPE_VBAPX structures.

            I understand that in LTMOM, I need to map the EXTENSIONIN component of the BAPI(I did it previously using file based approach successfully).

            I tried adding new structure to source with 5 fields (vbeln, structure name , valuepart1 - 4) but as i understand they won't get populated during the Select Data step of direct transfer.

            Also I cannot hardcode these values in field mapping step in LTMOM , as it needs to be dynamically populated.

            While creating Value Mappings transformation rule, I am able to add the import and export parameters but i don't see the Free Code segment(available in file based approach), also not able to create Source code rules.

            Please let me know if it is possible to migrate the custom fields in direct transfer using extensions. If yes, then any pointers will be very helpful.





          • Hello Anurag,

            What exactly do you want to do?

            1. do you want to copy the fields (target field value = source field value)?
            2. do you want to do a mapping (source field A -> target field B)?
            3. do you want to use an own logic (own coding)?

            If 1 is the case, you do not need any rules. You need to do the following steps in LTMOM:

            • choose the target processing and click on the field mapping tab
              • You will see your custom fields (in BAPE_VBAP) in the section on the right side (Parameters)
              • you can assign the fields from the left tree (Source Structure) of your table VBAP to the fields in BAPE_VBAP via Drag&Drop. You will then see that a MOVE operation has been assigned
            • Steps for X-fields: Choose Structure Mapping
              • Choose in section Paraemter BAPE_VBAP
              • Parameter BAPE_VBAPX should appear in X-Structure column
              • Click on this and you get a list of fields. Select/assign the new BAPE_VBAP field with the respective BAPE_VBAPX field (they are shown as 'not specified')

            These are all the steps you need to do for case 1.

            If you need case 2, you have to create a value mapping and need to import the values.

            Case 3 (own logic) is currently not supported.


            Best regards

            Kirstin Siebenmorgen

            Product Management SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit


          • Hello Kirstin,


            For case 1 solution.

            choose the target processing and click on the field mapping tab

            • You will see your custom fields (in BAPE_VBAP) in the section on the right side (Parameters)

            Here the custom fields is not there on the right side(Parameters), because it will only have the signatures for the standard BAPI. In this case it has the importing(header) and tables(item, partner etc) of the BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2.

            Among those tables parameters, there is EXTENSIONIN. do i need to pass ‘BAPI_VBAP’ to the structure component of EXTENSIONIN?




  • Hi Sybille,

    For the migration objects that are listed under the new migration approach of direct transfer, does that mean that is the only approach for using those particular objects? Or they can support he file and staging approach as well?

    If they can, would you provide some details on that?



  • Hi Sybille

    Last week only we upgraded our sandbox server from 1809 to 1909 with the latest package. Its on Premise system. When i type LTMC it open the browser which looks like webdynpro screen as 1809. As i came to know from 1909 its Fiori App. But i dont see the Fiori. I am making any mistake?. Please help to get the Fiori App.


    Thanks and Regards


    • Hello Vijay,

      LTMC is for file and staging, no Fiori UI in place - no change between 1809 and 1909.

      in 1909, we introduced a new migration approach "Direct Transfer", Only this approach comes with the Fiori UI.

      In case you want to go for this, you need to do some steps beforehand:

      Please also refer to our SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpitstandard presentation.

      Hope this answers your question, best regards,

      Sybille Lackermeier, SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit Product Management

  • Hi Sybille,


    When reading about the Direct Transfer Approach only SAP ERP ECC is mentioned as a source system. My Question is here:

    Is it also possible to transfer data from a S/4HANA 1809 (source system) to a S/4HANA 1909 (target system) using the Fiori App "Migrate your Data" and the direct transfer approach? Is the procedure the same as for an SAP ERP ECC as source system or is it different? If the procedure is different, is there a documentation on how to perform the data transfer?


    Best Regards,


    • Hello Simon,

      SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit does not support migration from S/4 to S/4.

      It is intended for legacy data migration from ECC to SAP S/4HANA (and resprictive scenarios: AFS, CRM, EWM).

      The selection of data is based on these source system. SAP S/4HANA is not a source system for Migration Cockpit.

      To use Migration Cockpit to migrate S/4 to S/4 it would be possible to use the staging table approach.

      Hope that clarifies.


      Sybille Lackermeier, SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit Product Mangement


  • Hello,

    I don´t think Migration Cockpit (Direct Transfer) has a scenario to migrate data from S/4 HANA to S/4HANA, there are only 3 scenarios currently in place only which does not support your use case.

    Instead I would use SLT Replication Server to do the Job - there are 2 options available relevant to your case (Dedicated system or "as part of S/4 HANA"). Please check 1605140 if this is relevant for you given your landscape.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Sybille,

    As we are seeing great potential in Direct Transfer, I am tasked to investigate this technology further on behalf of my SAP consulting firm. We are currently performing a Direct Transfer project where we are migrating the most common migration objects such as Products, Suppliers, Customers etc.

    I have been trying to find information on the issue I encountered, but as I couldn't find any documentation regarding it, I was wondering if you could provide me with an answer.

    For the migration object 'Product', some materials have more storage location entries (MARD entries) than the plant we are mapping to in our S/4 system.

    • If I map multiple different R/3 storage locations to the same target S/4 storage location, I get a 'Key Value Duplicate' simulation error
    • If I then map some of the R/3 storage locations to a blank target S/4 storage location, I get a 'Key Values Incomplete' simulation error

    As such, I was wondering if Direct Transfer provides the user with the possibility to exclude these entries? If a customer wants to migrate a material record via DT to S/4, but certain storage locations are no longer in use in the core R/3 system, is it possible to still migrate the product to S/4 while excluding certain MARD entries?

    The storage location question is an issue I'm currently encountering, but it applies to other migration objects / tables as well of course.



    • Hi Bram,

      though I am not from SAP, I might be able to help you out as we had the exact same scenario.

      We are applying Direct Transfer 1909. Please be aware that the 2020 version has much more capabilities concerning coding and selection criteria options (from what I understand from the information shared by SAP).

      1. We also have the scenario that we have to exclude several Storage locations from the Material Master when loading from ECC to S/4.
        In LTMOM for your material master object, you can go to Source Structure where you can do selections on MARD level. There you can filter on the Storage locations you still want to migrate. The selection will then select MARA, MARC, MVKE, etc. and only the MARD-lines for the relevant storage locations.
        However, I did notice that now materials that have no MARD view at all, could not be selected. So I had to remove any selection criteria and select specifically those material keys so I could migrate them.
      2. We also had the requirement to map an ECC storage location to TWO new storage locations in S/4. Unfortunately this gives the error 'key duplicate value'. Which I also found a pity. We simply created a new project in 1909 where we do an additional run to do the extension to the second new storage location.



      Hi Sybille,

      Hope you don't mind my answer! It is based purely on our current approach, but I'm sure there are other ways. Happy to hear your feedback to Bram too!

      Kind regards,


      • Hello Els,

        We understand your requirement. There is an option to avoid the issue 1 by selecting ""Affected tables = X", then enter the set of storage locations for which you want to select data from source system. This feature is available in 2020 release and not available in 1909.

        Requirement 2, is a merge scenario which is not supported.


      • Hi Els,

        Thanks for the answer!!

        We launched the object modeller via LTMOM and where then able to exclude the undesired MARD storage locations from the selection run.

        Thanks for the help, it fixed the issue we were running into!


    • Hello Bram,

      Regarding mapping multiple storage locations to same S/4 target storage location, this is a merge scenario which is not supported. You cannot leave the target storage location also blank.

      In case you want to select data for a few storage locations from source, you can maintain them in LTMOM--> Source Tables --> MARD --> LGORT. Here enter the storage locations.

      Then proceed with data selection. Verify the data and let us know if you are still facing issues.


      • Dear,

        I followed the solution as proposed by Els, which was also recommend by you and are now able to exclude undesired MARC, MVKE & MARD entries from the selection run.

        Thanks for the input!