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Functionalities in SAP Excel Add-In

Hello All!

I am back to talk a bit about the existent functionalities within your SAP Excel Add-In. 🙂

For doing so, I have numbered the functionalities in the screen as below:

Now I am going to show you how to use each of them. 😀

1- Open

Opens existent Excel workbooks saved in Business Analytics work center

2- Save All

Saves the current workbook to the SAP System.

3- Personal Workbook

  • Personal Workbook

A personal workbook can be a workbook created and saved by you, or maybe a modification of a public workbook that is stored in the system

  • Public Workbook

A public workbook is either existent in the system or has been defined the key user

  • Design Workbook

Very similar to the work center Business Analytics and used to design a report, before publishing it. In order to publish it, just make it a Public Workbook.

4- Insert Report

Insert a report from your SAP system to an active cell in the current workbook

5- Copy Report

Copies the report along with its current view and value selection

6- Paste Report

Paste the previously copied report

7- Remove Report

Deletes the report from the cell range

8- Protect

Prevents the report from unwanted changes. The cell range is locked, while the rest of the worksheet can be edited

9- Refresh

Refreshes the data of the current report. You can also make use of the “Refresh Automatically” function and choose between “When Worksheet is Activated” and “When Worksheet is Open” options

10- Defer Refresh

Stops all reports in the current workbook from being automatically refreshed

11- Paging

Inserts pagination in the report

12- View

Choose between the existent views for the current report

13- Selection

Choose between the existent selections for the current report

14- Mark Selected

Marks cells that you select to be sent back to the system. By marking selected cells, you set the value for the cell. The value therefore does not change when you redistribute values by clicking Refresh

15- Unmark All

Unmarks all selected cells

16- Insert Header

Inserts technical information of the current report

17- Navigate

Jumps to another report in different worksheets or opens the current report in the Web Browser

18- Insert Chart

Insert a chart with the report data

19- Grid Display

Displays the report using the solution cell styles in the Microsoft Excel grid, or in a Pivot Table

20- Settings

  • Freeze Panes

Uses the Microsoft Excel freeze pane function to fix the header columns and rows

  • Format Report

Formats the report using the default SAP Business solution cell styles as listed under the Microsoft Excel Home tab

  • Adjust to Complete Column

Adjusts the width of columns to the width of the longest value in each column

  • Adjust to Report Result

Adjusts the column width to the width of the longest value in the column.

  • Use Outline for Hierarchies

Uses the Microsoft Excel outline function to group characteristic hierarchies by expansion level.

  • Expand Rows to Level

You can choose the hierarchy level up to which the hierarchy is to be displayed when it is expanded.

  • Merge Repeated Cells

You can specify whether every instance of a characteristic value is displayed in a row or column.

  • Show Results First

You can specify how results are to be displayed. You can decide if they are to be displayed above rows or to the left of columns.

  • Arrange As Hierarchy

The system arranges characteristics in rows and in columns as a hierarchy. The row or column further left serves as the tree structure into which characteristics to the right are inserted.

  • Invert Hierarchies

The system inverts the hierarchy so that the hierarchy is displayed from bottom to top or from right to left. You can decide to invert a hierarchy in rows and in columns.

  • Suppress Zero Values

You can suppress columns or rows that contain zeros in your report.

  • Key Figures

Converts all the key figures currencies

  • Report Data Settings

Shows extended text instead of 60 characters per cell

  • Show / Hide

Shows or hides the following: 

  • View
  • Variables
  • Planning
  • Header
  • Messages

– You can specify if all messages or only errors are displayed. You can also decide if messages are displayed on user request.

  • Dynamic Paging

– You can retrieve report data in chunks rather than all at once. To do this, go to Show/Hide  Dynamic Paging. The system opens a dialog box. Select the Dynamic Paging checkbox and in the Page Size field, enter the desired number of data that you want to run at one go.


I hope you all are able now to understand a bit better our SAP Excel Add-In functionalities. 🙂

Some of the presented information here has been retrieved from the SAP Help Center – Working With Reports and Plans in Microsoft Excel

Please comment below in case you have any doubts or suggestions. 😀

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      Author's profile photo Chempian Pontie
      Chempian Pontie

      H Elise Teixeira – I am not able to see the Navigate Tab whereas when I click on customize ribbon I am able to see there. How to enable the same.




      Author's profile photo Chempian Pontie
      Chempian Pontie

      Was able to resolve by "Reset all customizations" now I am able to see the Navigate button.