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Upgrade to SAP BW 7.4/7.5 (Pre & Post BW Upgrade Activities and Post Upgrade Issues) – Part III

This is the third part of the 3 part blog series –

Part I – Reading List and Pre-Upgrade Checks & Activities

Part II – Post-Upgrade Checks, Repairs and Activities

Part III – Common Post Upgrade Issues & Resolution (This Part)


Common Post Upgrade Issues & Resolution


1) Issue – SYNTAX_ERROR dump in a customer program or customer exit code.

Resolution –  Note – 1943752.                                                                                                                Find the syntax error you hit in the list in Note 1823174, adjust the code according to the solution recommended in the Syntax error section of this note.                                                              

2) Issue – Syntax Issues in Update Rule/Transfer Rule/Transformation

Resolution –

Activate update and transfer rules (Program – RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL).

Activate Transformation (Program – RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE).

This will regenerate the code so that you will get a list of errors which require resolution


1) Issue – Execution of an APD results in errors/short dumps

Resolution – Note 2072078 – APD temporary table gives errors

2) Issue – Execution of APD terminates with an error “Database table /BIC/XXXXXXXXXXX not found”

Resolution – Note 2346946 – APD fails with error Database table not found


1)  Issue – Problems with the replication / generation of HANA View Privileges (RS2HANA_AUTH)

Resolution – Note 2756480 – HANA Privilege Generation – General Solutions and Facts

2) Issue – “TSV_TNEW_OCCURS_NO_ROLL_MEMORY, TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED, SYSTEM_NO_ROLL dumps happen during the replication of HANA privileges.

During the transport TIME_OUT and CALL_FUNCTION_REMOTE_ERROR dump(s) are triggered during the replication of HANA privileges.

The replication of the HANA privileges takes longer than usual.”

Resolution – Note 2555533 – Memory dump or performance problem during HANA Analysis Authorization replication

3) Issue – Insufficient privileges on generatered BW external HANA view/calculation views which are based on generated BW external HANA view.

Resolution – Note 2390443 – BW external HANA views and authorizations


1) Issue – Issues with Bex variables

Resolution – Note 2521247 – BEx Variables: Frequent Issues and Questions

2) Issue – The table entries in RSREPDIR become INA status post upgrade

Resolution – The entries are regenerated as and when the queries are run and there is no impact on query as such. If needed to generate all queries at once –  run program RSR_GEN_DIRECT_ALL_QUERIES, to change status from INA to ACT.

3) Issue – When running a Bex query, calling an F4 help  or extracting/ display data from a BW InfoProvider, errors occur on the HANA database.

Resolution – Note 2607883 – Checking Column view and calculation scenario/ calculation model errors in BW Queries

4) Issue – Error – cannot find column ‘<IOBJNM__NAV_ATTR’ in input itab, when displaying Navigation attribute

Resolution – Note 2381452 – Error when displaying Navigation attribute of HCPR

5) Issue – Query over HANA composite provider ends with error : SID = X does not exist for characteristic Y or is not selected

Resolution – Note 2434759 – Query over HCPR returns wrong data or ends in error

6) Issue – Query generation or execution on a Composite Provider (while accessing the Navigation attribute of NLS on ADSO) fails with Message No. RS_EXCEPTION 101 – Inconsistent input parameter.

Resolution – Note 2430544 – Inconsistent input parameter error when generating a HCPR Query (with ADSO+NLS)

7) Issue – The exception GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED occurs when navigation attributes are dynamically added and queried from NLS provider.

Resolution – Note 2372923 – GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED Dump in class CL_RSDRV_TREX_SRVS_NAV

8) Issue – Long running queries on Composite Provider

Resolution – Note 2103032 – Long runtimes in query on CompositeProvider


1) Issue – Data load error – Non compatible time characteristics – 0FISCPER etc in data target

Resolution – Maintain parameter RSDD_PARTITION_ALLOW_TIM_INCON  value to “X” in the RSADMIN table

2) Issue – Error while running DTPs for transformations with mapping of ‘Read from Master Data’, where the read happens from a characteristic, which is further reference characteristic of another info object.

Resolution – Note 2522466 – Impact Handling leading to reset of transformation program doesn’t deactivate the Runtime Object of the Transformation

3) Issue – Short dump ‘ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT’ in the generated program of the transformation when executing DTP.

Resolution – 2497573 – ‘ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT’ during load of data using DTP

4) Issue – DTP is not HANA enabled and performing hana availability check for DTP gives an error ‘SQL error with code ‘2.048”.

Resolution – Note 2563203 – SAP Hana Execution: DTP not HANA Execution Enabled

5) Issue – DTP execution fails  error – invalid column name: xxxx: line 1 col 240 (at pos 239). Exception CX_RSDHA_MSG logged

Resolution – Note 2587631 – SAP HANA Execution: Data load to infoprovider fails with invalid column name


1) Issue – Text attributes missing for time or unit InfoObjects in the external SAP HANA view of an InfoObject.

Resolution – Note 2492383 – External SAP HANA view for InfoObject: missing texts for unit, date attributes

2) Issue – Column ‘row.count’ missing after switching the external SAP HANA view generation to calculation view

Resolution – Note 2555138 – External SAP HANA view: missing column row.count after migration to calculation view

3) Issue – Navigation attributes are missing in the external SAP HANA view

Resolution – Note 2211315 – External SAP HANA view: navigation attribute returns no values

4) Issue – Not possible to open sub folders and see objects in BW Modelling tools perspective

Resolution – Note 2396002 – Unable to open sub infoareas in BW eclipse Modelling tools perspective in HANA Studio after BW support package update or upgrade


1) Issue – In RSH1 when trying to create hierarhcy for infoobject with Hierarchy Type ‘ Standard’ then an error occurs  – ‘InfoObject has hierarchy type ‘Own Implementation”.

Resolution – Note 2539243 – Unable to create new hierarchy for info objects with Hierarchy Type ‘Standard’

2) Issue – Inconsistent Hierarchies/Hierarchy Tables

Resolution – Note 2433852 – How to repair inconsistent Hierarchies                                                                              

3) Issue – “Activating a hierarchy manually in transaction RSH1 or it is activated implicitly by some other process, shortdump DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR occurs.

Resolution – Note 2497296 – Shortdump DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR during hierarchy activation. If activation still fails, refer to Note 2524868 – Activation of hierarchies lead to short dump CL_RRHI_INCL_CREATOR

4) Issue – Loading a hierarchy results in error like ‘Error while accessing H0000001897_A_HHLI’.

Resolution – Note 2484911 – DTP failing with error while accessing hierarchy


1) Issue – When activating InfoObject 0TCTIOBJVAL, error – “InfoObject 0TCTIOBJVAL is not consistent” occurs. When activating the infoobject another error occurs: “Field TCTIOBJVAL: Date type change from SSTRING to CHAR not possible”

Resolution –

Note 1978243 – Changes to content 0TCT* due to RSCHAVL conversion.                                            The program RSD_XPRA_REPAIR_0TCTIOBJVL_740, which runs automatically in the XPRA phase of the upgrade to BW 7.4, ensures that the objects described above are in the correct status, if necessary.

If issue occurs during run of the reoport RSD_XPRA_REPAIR_0TCTIOBJVL_740 either during or post upgrade, refer Note – 2193921 – Running RSD_XPRA_REPAIR_0TCTIOBJVL_740 – Error during Activation of Content

If issue has still occured post upgrade, refer Note 2184825 – Field TCTIOBJVAL: Date type change from SSTRING to CHAR not possible


1) Issue – Error while activating infoproviders – “EC:2048 column store error: fail to create scenario”

Resolution – Note 2106851 – Column Store Error 2048 executing RSDDB_LOGINDEX_CREATE on Multiprovider

2) Issue – Request activation in a Standard DSO (ODSO) fails with the following error message: “TrexUpdate failed on table <CHANGELOG>/<PSA> with error: Error allocating rows to parts; Could not allocate value XXX for column ‘PARTNO’ to a part of table <CHANGELOG>/<PSA>”

Resolution – Note 2687073 – Could not allocate value XXX for column ‘PARTNO’ to a part of table/BIC/Bxxx during HANA optimized Request Activation

3) Issue – Not able to display data of existing composite providers and executing queries built on composite provider results in short dumps.

Resolution – Re-Activate Composite Provider using Tcode RSLIMOBW.

4) Issue – Partitioned cubes with inconsistent time dimensions cause issues during query execution and data load.

Resolution – and Notes mentioned therein

5) Issue – ADSO activation fails with error – “location of <tablename> partition <parition> has unknown state”.

Resolution – Note 2471909 – ADSO: Activation failed if table partition is located on master

6) Issue – Activate an InfoCube or a DataStore object and generate an external SAP HANA view for the object. The generation terminates with the error message “Replication failed” (RS2HANA_AUTH234).

Resolution – Note 2505803 – Replication of BW analysis authorizations to SAP HANA for DataStore objects or InfoCubes fails with message “Replication failed” (RS2HANA_AUTH234)

7) Issue – “Error : RSENQ011 “”Request <REQUEST_TSN> is currently being loaded from data target <DSO>”” while activating request in Standard DSO. Deletion of data content in a standard DSO terminates with error message RSM513.

Resolution – Note 2421793 – P20; DTP; ENQUEUE; DSO: Delta extraction and activation

8) Issue – Multiprovider to Composite Provider conversion or Composite Provider activation in general fails with error ‘Mapped source attribute  is missing in node’ when one of the partprovider is based on HANA model and its navigation attribute(s) are not mapped to the HANA model.

Resolution – Note 2488036 – HCPR activation fails with ‘Mapped source attribute is missing in node’

9) Issue – Composite Provider containing an ADSO with fields may raise error if its mapped to an infoobject at the Composite Provider level and navigation attibutes are enabled for it.

Resolution – Note 2483665 – Error activating composite provider with field based ADSO with navigation attributes

10) Issue – “Extraction over Composite Provider with navigation attributes return error : Instantiation of calculation model failed;exception 306105: Invalid query. Failed to find ‘0RECORDMODE_KEY’ at node ‘JOIN0X'”

Resolution – Note 2486441 – Inconsistent calculation model for DTP process during extraction over HCPR

11)   Issue – Part providers with key figures ‘No aggregation (NOP, NO1, NO2)’ is not possible in Composite Provider

Resolution – Note 2413470 – No aggregation (NOP, NO1, NO2) of Key Figure is not possible

12)   Issue –

“Activation of Composite Provider fails with an error such as:

EC:2048″”column store error: fail to create scenario: [34011] Inconsistent calculation model;calculationNode (U1):Attribute

Attribute 0DATAPAKID_KEY is missing in node U1.ADSO.1.

Attribute 0RECORD_KEY is missing in node U1.ADSO.1.

Attribute 0RECORDMODE_KEY is missing in node U1.ADSO.1.”

Resolution – Note 2387953 – HCPR cannot be activated due to error 0DATAPAKID_KEY, 0RECORDMODE_KEY, are missing

13)   Issue – “While trying to create create External SAP HANA View for Composite Provider, following errors appear:

External SAP HANA view: No PartProviders supported – Message No. RS2HANA_VIEW160

Not possible to create external SAP HANA view for object – Message No. RS2HANA_VIEW001”

Resolution – Note 2395309 – External HANA View is not created for Composite Provider


1) Issue – NLS settings for Queries

Resolution –                                    Note 2447811 – How To maintain NLS settings for Queries

2) Issue -The external SAP HANA view for a BW Object does not include the data of the Near Line Storage archive

Resolution – Note 2032797 – External SAP HANA view: Include NLS data with HANA Smart Data Access


1) Issue –

“The input help/search in the SAP BW modeling tools do not return a result.

The function “”Open BW Object””/ “”Assign InfoObject”” in the SAP BW modeling tools does not return a result.

The function “”Add InfoProvider”” in the editor of the SAP HANA CompositeProvider does not return a result.

The function “”Add Objects”” does not find any objects.

The project explorer tree is not set up correctly or has no content.”

Resolution – Note 2362807 – SAP HANA authorizations for BW metadata search/no results in search/input help for BW modeling tools

2) Issue – Error “34.011 is not a valid OLAP index” when using input help

Resolution – Note 2604992 – Input help: Error 34.011 (MetadataProvider)

3) Issue – Web dynpro based master data maintenance not working in BW. Error: Service cannot be reached.

Resolution – Enable necessary services.                      

Process Chain

1) Issue – All Process Chains in BW-Tools (ST13) are showing as Meta chains although they are Local process chains

Resolution – As per SAP, the issue is due to change in process chain framework which now populates a field in one of the PC administration tables. The content of the field is used by BW-Tools to distinguish main chains from sub chains. This is resolved by SAP Note – 2245345


1) Issue – BW Data load fails with the error and dump in transaction ST22 when updating BW PSA table – “SQL code: 2048” occurred while accessing table “/BIC/xxxxxxxxxxx”.

Resolution – Note 2753417 – BW Data Load fails for PSA table with error “SQL code: 2048” occurred while accessing table “/BIC/xxxxxxxxxxx” …The table has no OTHERS part…


1) Issue – When calling the BW-TOOLS in transaction ST13, an ABAP dump (SYNTAX ERROR) occurs in ST-A/PI program /SSA/BWT.

Resolution – Note 2264716 – Syntax error in BW-TOOLS (ST13) with SAP_BW >= 7.50 SP4

2) Issue – Error while accessing T-Codes like RSPC/RSA1

Resolution – Run RSTCO_ADMIN to schedule the background job BI_TCO_ACTIVATION to activate the BI Technical Content. Also, schedule and run  BI_WRITE_PROT_TO_APPLLOG.

3) Issue – Blank Screen in transaction code RSA1 -> Metadata Repository

Resolution – Note 1769139 – Metadata Repository blank screen with “This program cannot display the webpage” message


1) Issue – The transformations between Infosource to Semantic Partitioned Objects became inconsistent

Resolution – KFs to be mapped with corresponding units/currencies in the transformation mapping itself.

2) Issue – Error in push down of transformation when field  ‘PERIV’ in source mapped to ‘0FISCVARNT’ in target

Resolution -Note 2554952 – SAP Hana Execution: Error in push down of transformation when field PERIV in source mapped to 0FISCVARNT in target

3) Issue – “Transformation with AMDP Expert Procedure having Source as InfoCube and

Target as InfoSource gives error “”SQL error with code ‘2.048’ on activation.”

Resolution -Note 2630250 – SAP HANA Execution:Transformation having AMDP expert procedure cannot be activated



As mentioned in Introduction in first part of this blog series, due to the unique nature of any BW system it is not possible to have a comprehensive list of issues but this can serve as quick reference for issues during upgrade/migration.

This concludes our 3 part blog series. Happy upgrading !!!

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