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SAP Activate Methodology Workstreams Names update

Last update: September 25, 2019

We are committed to supporting every customer’s SAP implementation journey with an Agile implementation methodology, with role-based tasks, available as content in the Roadmap Viewer. That is why we continue to gather feedback from our own SAP Activate customer community and our SAP experts to continuously improve the methodology content. 

We have recently updated the SAP Activate Methodology workstream names to increase consistency among various implementation roadmaps. 

What is workstream in SAP Activate Methodology?

The SAP Activate workstreams are designed to focus the project team on specific work areas of the implementation, to help the project strategically use the various skills and expertise from the project team to meet project deadlines. 

  • The workstreams are represented as an attribute of the hierarchy. 
  • They split the SAP Activate methodology into a logical grouping of knowledge areas. 
  • They are used to easily identify the different work areas that the project team covers. 
  • Each deliverable, task, and accelerator in the SAP Activate hierarchy can be assigned to a single or multiple workstreams. 
  • They can span phases and are not necessarily dependent on phases start and end. 

What did we update? 

We removed the word “Application” from the following workstreams: 

  • Application: Solution Adoption 
  • Application: Customer Team Enablement 
  • Application: Integration 
  • Application: Testing 

We updated the names for the following workstreams: 

  • Transition to Operations was renamed to Operations and Support 
  • Custom Code Extension was renamed to Extensibility 
  • Data Migration was renamed to Data Management 

The following workstreams remained unchanged. 

  • Application Design and Configuration
  • Project Management 
  • Technical Architecture and Infrastructure 
  • Analytics 

SAP Activate Methodology Workstreams List  

  1. Project Management 
  2. Customer Team Enablement 
  3. Solution Adoption 
  4. Technical Architecture and Infrastructure 
  5. Design and Configuration 
  6. Data Management 
  7. Integration 
  8. Extensibility 
  9. Analytics 
  10. Testing 
  11. Operations and Support

Where can you find the workstreams?  

In each individual implementation roadmap in Roadmap Viewer, you will find the workstreams listed on the lefthand navigation pane. You can use the filtering option to display the activities listed in one or multiple selected workstreams. 


What value does it provide?

The project implementation team can consist of various resources with a diverse background. A clear understanding of what needs to be done is key to a successful project. The grouping by workstream will help the team focus on the key activities needed to be completed in each phase and can also provide an overview of what other team members are working on.

 Whether you are working on a SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP S/4HANA On-Premise or any other SAP implementation; You will find consistency on the workstream names in various SAP Activate implementation roadmaps. 

For more information on the SAP Activate Methodology workstream definition and usage check the workstream accelerators. 


SAP Activate Methodology Additional Tools and Resources 

The video will help you understand the additional Tools and Resources to help understand, start, and continue the journey with SAP Activate. 

Availability & Accessibility 

The SAP Activate workstreams content is available on the SAP Roadmap Viewer. Please login to get access to additional content or follow this link to Getting Started with SAP Activate in Roadmap Viewer. 


Questions or Comments 

If you have a question about the SAP Activate Methodology workstreams, please visit and join the SAP Activate Methodology Jam Community to get access to experts, resources, and the latest news. With over 32k subscribers, the SAP Activate Jam Community will be the best resource for you to connect with our experts to figure out how SAP Activate is right for you and your project implementation. 

Also, find other SAP Activate posts on SAP Communities using #sapactivate as the search term. 


By Adnette KamugishaSenior Product Manager 


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      Author's profile photo Tobias Mache
      Tobias Mache

      Hi Adnette,


      thank you for posting this. Especially the workstream accelerator was very very helpful.


      Greetings Tobi

      Author's profile photo Sudhakar Jha
      Sudhakar Jha

      Hi Adnette,


      Thanks for sharing this it was very helpful. Do you know final solution walkthrough is a part of which work stream?


      Sudhakar Jha

      Author's profile photo Adnette Kamugisha
      Adnette Kamugisha
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jha,

      It belongs to the Application Design & Configuration workstream.

      Author's profile photo Sudhakar Jha
      Sudhakar Jha

      Thank you Appreciate your help!