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How to find whether a custom field is a KUT or SDK field

At times for some purpose we try to find out if a custom field created is a KUT field or created from back end cloud studio.

We tend to login cloud studio & navigate to corresponding BO extension & check if a BO is extended with custom field.

Hold on there is another way to find it without logging to cloud studio.

Open the UI where our custom field is added in debug Mode, simply add debugMode=true in URL as shown below.

Click on Ctrl+left key  to open debugger.

Once debugger is open go to ComponentModelXML tab (be patient it takes time to load).

Search for your custom field name in ComponentModelXML & Once you find your field, just look for attribute extended by of HTML near your custom field. If extended by contains CustomerExtension followed by your field name then its a KUT field as shown below.

If extended by attribute contains your solution name then it is a SDK field as shown below.

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  • Hi Kumar Rituraj,

    Thanks for the nice blog !

    There is another way also to find out a very high level info whether a custom fields are created using KUT or SDK, and we can check it from front-end using adaptation mode.

    You just need to on the adaption mode and go to the particular fields and click on "change property".

    Once you click on change property on KUT filed, it will have the option for (Field definition) but your SDK created field will not have the option for (Field definition).

    Means if have Field definition option available, you can extend your field to Data source, web service ,form template etc and this option can only be available for KUT fields.

    Please see the below screenshot.

    SDK created field.

    KUT field

    We check the fields using both the options, Thanks for your blog 🙂


    Manoj Kannaujiya