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E-mail Notifications for Pending Tasks (more detail)

This is a follow-up blog to a previous blog about E-mail notifications for pending tasks. Judging by the amount of comments replying to that blog I could see there was a need for additional information.

Different Types of Email Notifications from Workflows

First a summary of the different types of email notifications typically requested when automating a process.

Type Use-Case Framework Availability
Pending tasks An email is sent to the recipients of a task, so that they are aware of the need to visit their Fiori Launchpad and complete the task – typically, but not always, a decision such as an approval. Output Management.
Activation on a per-scenario basis.
Process Results

An email is sent to interested parties once a process completes, with the results of the process. Typically this is the initiator. E.g. “Your vacation request for 5 days from the 4th of April has been approved”

But it is often used for other interested parties, such as the stakeholders when an engineering change request completes.

Output Management. Recipients selected using the Manage Workflows app. 1905
Intermediate progress

This is an email sent when part of the process has been completed, such as after the first approval in a 4-eyes process, but before the process completes. In general, you should think twice before implementing this. In my experience it is often requested but the email recipients are annoyed by the “spamming” and if implemented it is often switched off soon after a project goes live.

That said, there are some cases where a particular phase of a process is significant enough to warrant email notifications to stakeholders. Be they rare.

This can be implemented using call-back methods in the workflow scenario. None so far.
Deadline Reminders This gives an extra nudge to tardy workflow recipients. For example an email reminder could be sent shortly before the process is endangered to lack of activity. Watch this space.


In addition to these generic mechanisms some workflow scenarios may generate emails of their own independently to the workflow framework, such as those workflow scenarios related to marketing campaigns.

The rest of this blog only covers pending tasks, the first row in the table above.

Workflow Scenarios for Pending Tasks

Here is the current list (Release 1908) of workflow scenario IDs in case you cannot locate the relevant online documentation. You need these IDs when configuring SAP S/4HANA Output Management to activate the mechanism and generate the emails.

Description Scenario ID
General Journal Entry Verification WS02800046
Overall Release of Purchase Requisition WS00800157
Workflow for Purchase Contract WS00800304
Release of Purchase Requisition Item WS00800173
Workflow for Supplier Quotation WS00800193
Workflow for Central Contract WS00800346
Release Credit Memo Request WS00800286
Workflow for Sales Quotations WS02000447
Workflow for Sales Orders WS02000006
Workflow for Parked Invoice as Complete WS00800303
Workflow for RFQ WS00800302
Workflow for Scheduling Agreement WS00800305
Change Record Discrete Industry WS00800208
LCM Legal Transaction WF Scenario WS00800233
Workflow for Purchase Order WS00800238
Workflow for Service Entry Sheet WS00800321
Workflow for Blocked Invoice WS00800251
Workflow for Bank Account Requests WS78500050
Payment Items Approval WS78500057
Review Purchase Order Accrual WS78500077
Release Condition Contract WS02000435
Settlement Release of Condition Contract WS02000436
Inform Quality Task Processor WS02000446
Release of Settlement Document WS02000445
Approve Personnel Settlement Document WS02000021

♥ Tip: If your workflow scenario is already in use you can use the pick-list of the Workflow Administration app to see the list of workflow scenarios active, with their ID.


Sometimes, perhaps due to a typo, the configuration has not been successful end-to-end and emails are not sent to the intended recipients. You can download a debugging guide showing a step-by-step approach based on what I described in the previous blog.

Follow this guide if you are not successful when configuring pending notifications. If, having followed the steps, you are still unsuccessful, you can upload the screenshots suggested in the guide to a problem ticket to get a faster response.

I have attached the guide to note 2838665.


♥ Tip: If you read through this document you will see that I have artificially used the forward capability in the Workflow Administration app to display run-time details of the task, such as the work item log or the users that are assigned to this task.

I hope you won’t need resort to this, but should your emails not be sent as intended it should prove a useful resource.

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