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Integration Suite at SAP TechEd 2019

Update: just included some session replays and customer interviews from the Las Vegas and Barcelona events. Additionally I want to share with you Jürgen Müller’s talk about the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite within his keynote in Barcelona.

More on the event in Bangalore November 13-15 will follow soon …


SAP TechEd 2019 Las Vegas is already past and SAP TechEd Barcelona is just about to start and, thus, high time for true tech talk.
Come on over and explore the latest know-how attending numerous sessions on why and how
SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite goes hybrid. Familiarize yourself with pervasive integration in heterogeneous environments.

Also, TechEd 2019 is THE place to gather the latest knowledge and exchange thoughts with other integration developers. This year, you can enjoy again TWO entire SAP TechEd Learning Journeys, both fully dedicated to integration

Attending them, you’ll become almost effortlessly an integration black belt – who’s gained the knowledge on why only an Integrated Enterprise is an Intelligent Enterprise and how
SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite as SAP’s enterprise iPaaS is playing a key part in it, offering

  • Out-of-the-box integration with productized integration for intelligent enterprise scenarios
  • Simple integration with 3rd party SaaS/apps with tier 1-integrations, e.g. SAP S/4HANA – Salesforce
  • Hub-based integration with SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors


However, prior to the venue, we invite you to discover the most valuable sessions on iPaaS capabilities.


Editor’s Choice: My top 5 in terms of sessions

Even if choosing only but a few integration sessions causes me pain – as each integration session is worth attending, being listened to and worth learning from – I’ve given it a try to provide you with probably the most popular ones. In the end, it is upon you to make it a wise choice:

  1. INT100 – The Hybrid Integration Platform from SAP for Your Integration Needs
    Speaker: Udo Paltzer
    ⇒  Replay
  2. INT101 – Integrate It All with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite
    Speaker: Harsh Jegadeesan
    ⇒  Replay | Slides
  3. INT102– How to Apply the Integration Solution Advisory Methodology
    Speaker: Matthias Allgaier
    ⇒  Replay | Slides
  4. INT203 – SAP Cloud Platform API Management: Customer Use Cases and Best Practices
    Speaker: Harsh Jegadeesan
    ⇒  Replay | Slides
  5. INT823 – Road Map for SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite
    Speaker: Udo Paltzer


Customer Sessions in Barcelona

  • Bacardi: INT209 – Bacardi Digital Integration HUB: Hybrid Integration Use Case (Lecture)

    Digital transformation is around the corner. All organizations are facing or will have to face important changes, with IT as one of the key enablers for this journey. More specifically, integration and application leaders will have to tackle new challenges such as all-time-high complex integration scenarios and shorter lifecycles. See as Bacardi shows its own digital integration HUB, relying on SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, with the aim of providing business value.
  • Harrods: INT104 – Hear Harrods’ Customer Success Journey (Lecture)
    Learn how Harrods is using the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service for multiple integration scenarios to support projects that began this year with aggressive delivery pressures. Damien O’Dowd, integration team lead at Harrods, will discuss why the company chose SAP Cloud Platform Integration, lessons learned so far, and what’s next for Harrods.

Customer Sessions we had in Las Vegas

  • Loves Travel Stops: INT208 – Accelerate Innovation: SAP Cloud Platform Integration at Loves Travel Stops
    Learn how Loves Travel Stops addresses its store needs to track field employee key metrics related to training, performance, and HR transactions using a central application. See how it leverages different components from SAP User Experience to build SAP Fiori apps using agile methodologies. Discover how SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite plays a critical role in integrating data from different SAP SuccessFactors solutions and legacy systems, acting as the backbone for its applications.
  • American Water Works: INT210 – Hyperscaling SAP ERP Made Simple with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite
    Learn how American Water Works overcame challenges innovating with modern application development tools on hyperscale vendors while also integrating them back into traditional on-premise systems, including the SAP ERP application. Through SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, American Water quickly created a modern hybrid architecture allowing users to seamlessly run on agile applications, serving data directly from legacy systems without disrupting how business is run.
  • Natura Brasil: INT206 – Lessons Learned Integrating SAP ERP and External Services
    To support sales consultants integrating SAP ERP with third-party tax solutions for municipal and local taxes for 1,800 cities, cosmetics company Natura Brasil used the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service and SAP API Business Hub. The project included generating pushes, invoices, payments, and digital tax documents. In this session, Natura will share lessons learned from development through project go-live.

Finally, the sessions below will cover both learning journeys that cover Integration and are clustered by the experience level and topic:

Explore – Start with an overview

  • INT103 – Discover the Integration DNA of the Intelligent Suite from SAP (Lecture)
    ⇒  Replay | Slides
    SAP aims to deliver an overall experience across the enterprise for the intelligent suite that is greater than the sum of its parts. Accordingly, SAP offers technologies for integrating applications on all levels, such as user experience, data, processes, and more. Furthermore, new concepts are applied for enabling true out-of-the box integration and openness to integrate with non-SAP applications. Join this session to get to know key concepts and technologies enabling the intelligent suite.
  • INT823 – Road Map for SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite (Road Map Session)
    SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite enables out-of-the-box integration for the intelligent suite and open integration for non-SAP applications. Explore the road map highlights of this solution comprising of the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service, capabilities including API management, workflow, open connectors, connectivity, O-data provisioning, and smart data integration, and services including SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging, SAP Streaming Analytics, and SAP Remote Data Sync.
  • INT833 – SAP Process Orchestration Software Road Map (Road Map Session)
    SAP offers a comprehensive portfolio of integration solutions catering to all the integration needs of modern organizations. SAP Process Orchestration software provides a solution for A2A, B2B, EDI, SOA, on premise to cloud, SAP, and non-SAP integration needs. Join this road map session to get to know the software’s latest innovations and the road ahead.
  • INT202 – AI-Driven and Open Integration to Customize Intelligent Suite Scenarios (Lecture)
    Learn how to leverage the SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors and SAP Cloud Platform Integration Advisor services to customize and extend predefined integration scenarios of the intelligent suite from SAP. Understand how the open connectors allow you to easily integrate with various non-SAP applications. With the help of machine learning technologies, the integration advisor can propose and generate interface and mappings for your business context (such as industry or geolocation).
  • INT203 – SAP Cloud Platform API Management: Customer Use Cases and Best Practices (Lecture)
    ⇒  Replay | Slides
    The SAP Cloud Platform API Management service allows customers to expose data and processes to build new applications, integrations, and innovations. In this session, we will share use cases and scenarios explaining how customers across different industries are leveraging the power of APIs and SAP Cloud Platform API Management for their digital transformation. We will also share best practices learned from experience to help you directly apply them in your API projects and program.
  • INT711 – Explore Artifacts of the Intelligent Suite in SAP API Business Hub (Code Review)
    SAP API Business Hub is the central place to discover and consume digital content packages with APIs, prepackaged integrations, and sample apps from SAP and select partners. New artifacts and views were introduced for the Intelligent Enterprise approach from SAP, such as a business process exploration view and access to core business data and functionality. Get to know the new artifacts and learn how to leverage them to build integrations and extensions for the intelligent suite.

Discover – Get the details

  • INT100 – The Hybrid Integration Platform from SAP for Your Integration Needs (Lecture)
    Along the journey from on premise–centric application landscapes toward hybrid and cloud environments, customers need to revisit their integration solution strategy. Modern enterprises require a hybrid integration platform supporting cloud, hybrid, and on-premise integration use cases. In this session, you will get to know the building blocks of the hybrid integration platform from SAP and how to apply its capabilities in the best way to meet your current and future integration needs.
  • INT101 – Integrate It All with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite (Lecture)
    ⇒  Replay | Slides

    In this session, you will explore SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, the integration platform as a service from SAP. Get to know its capabilities for process integration, workflow, API management, Internet of Things connectivity, and more, as well as how they support all integration domains for today’s digital enterprises. You will also learn how customers have implemented SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite to support their integration needs in cloud and hybrid environments.
  • INT102 – How to Apply the Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (Lecture)
    ⇒  Replay | Slides
    The scope of integration practices within customer organizations constantly increases with the digitalization of business processes. SAP has introduced the integration solution advisory methodology to support your journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise. Get to know the building blocks of this methodology. Learn to how identify integration requirements for your organization and how to assign these to integration use cases, which can be mapped to the SAP-recommended integration technology.
  • DAT202 – SAP Data Hub: Data Integration with Enterprise Applications (Lecture)
    Learn how the SAP Data Hub solution enables data integration with enterprise applications. The lecture covers data integration technologies provided with SAP Data Hub, in general, what predefined connectivity options are available for cloud and enterprise systems, and how to build your own operators and connectors with the latest SAP Data Hub features.
  • LT116 – Digital Integration Hub: Building Agile Data Grids and Microservices (Lightning Talk)
    ⇒  Replay | Slides

    Join this session to understand how you can leverage SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite to shape a digital integration hub for your organization. This hub allows you to create a real-time digital access layer to insulate heterogenous transaction back ends using in-memory data grids and leveraging microservice-based architectures. This architecture enables a high-scale API-based access to system-of-record applications and data, while minimizing workload on these systems.

Learn – Become competent

  • INT360 – Extend and Manage SAP-Delivered Integrations for SAP C/4HANA (Hands-On Workshop)
    Join this hands-on session to learn how to extend and manage SAP-delivered integrations for SAP C/4HANA to reflect customer-specific requirements. Understand the concepts for applying extensions (such as by adding a field) for SAP-delivered integration scenarios. Learn how to apply such integration extensions in a consistent manner in scenarios integrating systems for the SAP C/4HANA suite, such as SAP Cloud for Customer.
  • INT361 – Govern Access to Your Applications with SAP Cloud Platform API Management (Hands-On Workshop)
    As enterprises depend on APIs for integration between SAP and non-SAP data sources, it’s necessary to think hard about how to govern the consumption of these services. In this session, you will manage APIs of an intelligent suite scenario. Furthermore, you will learn how to mash up the responses from SAP and non-SAP data sources, which will be exposed as part of an SAP Fiori app.
  • INT362 – Event-Driven Integration of SAP S/4HANA to Non-SAP Apps with Agility (Hands-On Workshop)
    Join this hands-on session to learn how to perform the event-driven integration of SAP S/4HANA with non-SAP applications by using SAP Cloud Platform Integration, SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging, and SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors services
  • INT365 – Run Enterprise-Grade Integrations with SAP Cloud Platform Integration (Hands-On Workshop)
    An integrated company mandates an enterprise-grade integration technology for its mission-critical business processes. Join us in this session to learn about how to run business-critical integration flows in the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service. In the session, you will apply concepts to monitor and operate integration flows, helping you to master day-to-day challenges in running your integration processes.
  • INT383 – Apply Integration Advisor to Adapt Processes of the Intelligent Suite (Hands-On Workshop)
    Discover the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Advisor service, the intelligent content management system from SAP that helps customers quickly adapt and extend integration scenarios. Join this session to learn how you can quickly customize message and mapping definitions tailored to your business context with the help of embedded machine learning capabilities. Extend the source-to-pay process to cover custom integration requirements leveraging open APIs of SAP S/4HANA and B2B standards.
  • INT384 – Take an Automated Approach to Configure Integration Scenarios (Hands-On Workshop)
    With the help of the Cloud Integration Automation service, you can configure such a scenario, including back-end configuration using the integrated, partially automated, and role-based workflow of SAP Cloud Platform. This service supports cloud-to-cloud and hybrid integration scenarios. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to leverage this service to configure the integration of the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution with both SAP S/4HANA on premise and SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
  • INT615 – Designing and Developing Harmonized REST-Based Microservices (CodeJam)
    As part of the Intelligent Enterprise approach, SAP delivers harmonized REST-based APIs for SAP applications. The purpose is to shape a modular intelligent suite that is integrated and open at the same time. Join this mini SAP CodeJam session to gain insight into the principles for designing harmonized REST-based APIs for SAP applications following an API-first approach.
  • INT712 – Patterns for Designing Enterprise-Grade Integration Flows (Code Review)
    An intelligent enterprise is an integrated enterprise. The SAP Cloud Platform Integration service facilitates the integration of business processes spanning SAP and non-SAP applications. Integration processes built in SAP Cloud Platform Integration must be designed in a robust fashion to safeguard a corporation’s mission-critical business processes. Join us in this session to learn about patterns for designing enterprise-grade integration flows in SAP Cloud Platform Integration.
  • DAT201 – SAP Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services: Integration Use Cases (Lecture)
    SAP offers a suite of data integration tools, available on premise or in the cloud, to cover a variety of different use cases. Join this session to hear about the capabilities of cloud-based data integration tool SAP Cloud Platform Integration for data services. Learn about supported use cases and best practices for designing the integration scenarios.

Expand your skills

  • DAT203 – SAP Data Services and SAP Data Hub (Lecture)
    SAP Data Services has provided an enterprise-level data provisioning and ETL solution for past two decades. As the nature of data and use cases advances, it is time to extend SAP Data Services to meet such advancements. SAP Data Hub complements and extends SAP Data Services to enable data orchestration, governance, and agile data sharing across a connected cloud landscape. Learn how SAP supports state-of-the-art data integration without reinventing the wheel of SAP Data Services.
  • DAT363 – Create and Manage End-to-End Data Pipelines with SAP Data Hub (Hands-On)
    In this session, you learn how to develop an end-to-end data process, starting with gathering data from different Big Data sources, cleansing and enriching the data, and providing the enriched data for end-user consumption. Discover the various data-consuming and data-producing operators that are available and learn how to configure them. Explore the many data transformation capabilities and data-refining operators and learn how to use them.
  • CAA210 – Focused Run: The Operations Platform for On-Premise-Centric Customers (Lecture)
    Hear how use cases such as integration monitoring and user monitoring are offering advanced features to support the operation of modern hybrid landscapes with the highest possible level of efficiency and performance. See the newest innovations in analytics and intelligence capabilities, such as system anomaly prediction, which are now exclusively available with the Focused Run solution for SAP Solution Manager.

We’re also on the showfloor with SAP Track Bars. These internal exhibitor boot is available all days and is offering deep dives.

  • 26: Simplify A2A or B2B Integration with Integration Advisor from SAP (SAP Track Bar)
    The Integration Advisor methodology from SAP provides AI intelligent and efficient content creation and maintenance at the business domain level to support experts and citizen integrators. Learn how these experts can restrict, extend, compare, and specify customized interfaces for mapping, implementation, and documentation assisted by intelligent proposals. See how the methodology supports generation of deployable run-time artifacts for data conversion, validation, and transformation.
  • 50: Integrating Processes, Systems, and People (SAP Track Bar)
    Join us at the Integration Track Bar and meet with SAP integration experts to understand the best integration strategies for cloud-based applications, and explore prebuilt packages that help simplify integration across disparate business systems. Assess the many integration options available from SAP Cloud Platform, and discover our latest integration services such as SAP Graph software. Deepen your knowledge on SAP Process Integration offering, and SAP Process Orchestration software.

Meetup Sessions

Have you already built your customized agenda? Have you also already registered for your preferred hands-on workshops? Then, you truly are ready for TechEd 2019 Barcelona!!

One last to do for you prior to the venue: Check-out our cross-product integration stories.

Enjoy learning/practicing, meeting SAP customers and exchanging thoughts with peers

Gabriela Gahse

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