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SAP Analytics Cloud – Data Connectivity, Including Road Map #ASUG Webcast Recap


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Legal disclaimer applies


Source: SAP

Anything in the future is subject to change


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Start with data

3 steps, connect to data, clean data, explore/analyze, predict


Focus is on connectivity


Source: SAP

Different connectivity possibilities

SAP or non SAP source

Connect live (leave where is) or acquire to SAC data storage

For SAP sources, use best in class, use optimized protocols, understand metadata


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Data integration in SAC – live and data import

Import connection – data acquired to cloud, replicated, can schedule replication – connect to cloud or on premise

Benefit of data import, SAC can do transformations and data prep steps

Live – transaction data not loaded, not leave company network, process is performed on back end

Live – data is not replicated – can connect to cloud or on-premise

Live – authorizations are used from the backend


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Data is safe behind firewall

Can directly consume queries, no replication


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How does this work?

For live, business user in front of device, running Chrome, opens SAC, 1 request to SAC, another to source – could be BW/HANA/S/4HANA – metadata / data rendered in browser

Processing is pushed into back end system

Result set back to user

Metadata is fully encrypted

CORS – cross origin resource sharing – direct sharing without additional devices in between

Browser connects SAC with IDP as well


Source: SAP

For example, have HANA views, connect to them, decide use SAC, can connect to those HANA views using CORS in a live scenario – create model in SAC, and go into data exploration and give to business users for self service dashboards


Source: SAP

Overview of data sources supported

Best in class with SAP data sources

Import – more data sources to come, 3rd party data sources

Partners deliver their connectors

Can use both live/import


Source: SAP

Import connection to HANA data

Need cloud connector & cloud agent set up


Source: SAP

Working to support up to 150 cloud data sources (planned)

Quickly roll out more connectors


Source: SAP

Use SCP open connectors – Amazon S3, MS One Drive, etc

Enable open connector service


Source: SAP

Push data into S/4HANA asynchronously

Run in background and continue SAC work

Export – more than 1M of fact data

Increase import file size limitations – 2GB for CSV

Plan to increase those limitations


Source: SAP

For BW live only, introduce Data Analyzer – predefined pivot table analysis

Restricted to BW live queries

Plan for different data sources in live scenarios

Can be launched without creating an SAC model


Source: SAP

Plan for Q4

Beta program for revamped data wrangling experience

Actions can be done in seconds

Navigate between story and data

Model as needed

Plan to export data files hourly

Share file server connections


Source: SAP

Close gap between imported and live connections for BW – calculate grand total support for BW Live connection


Problem with compounded characteristics with live connection to BW query, id char. is compounded with other, eg. G/L Account is compounded with Chart of Accounts in SAC we see account with CoA prefix eg. COAC/12345678 instead of simply account 12345678. Possible to display only account in this case? This is not single case, compounding is widely used within different characteristics in BW.

  • We have this request already on our list and will evaluate it. However, currently it is not on our roadmap.

I suppose MetaData from BW will be read in coming releases, like favourites, roles, InfoAreas, correct?

  • No plans yet.

Compact display works even if totals are no shown? Analysis for office requires us to show totals first and then allow us to compact display (rows and columns )

  • Compact displays works with hidden and shown totals.

Can we see BW refresh time and date details when we create models?

  • You will see this information when working with the Data Analyzer in SAC. However, when creating a model in SAC we do not offer this information as of today.

Does BW group servers supported for acquired connection? At present acquired connection allows application servers only. Having message / group server will help load balancing.

  • BW group servers is currently not supported.

what  is the roadmap for businessobjects connections

How soon can the data be refreshed into SAC using an import connection? Is it seconds, minutes or hours?

  • We support a refresh cycle of hours as of today.

can i show data from 2 different BW queries in the same SAC story with a Live connection?  i don’t need to blend the data.

  • Yes.

One link on last page is not working: could you correct the file for download, please:

  • Corrected it and attached the new pdf to this mail. @Tammy Powlas please exchange the pdfs.

Successfactors has different fields , some are string , text and some are picklist type.. When creating a query, the picklist  type fields are not visible(available) in the query option.

  • Please get in touch with the your Successfactors first contact to clarify on this.

When will it be possible to save the work done with the DataAnalyzer  in a story?

  • We have this on our roadmap, but no timeline yet. It is currently targeted for H2 2020.

Will the S/4-Live-Connection be improved as well? (Regarding variances, date dimensions,…)

  • In general yes. But please check the following Note: 2715030 – Considerations when using SAP BW and SAP S/4HANA Live Connections in SAC

Does it work well with MANDATORY BEx variables?

Can we see Display attributes from BW live queries in SAC models?


Is SAP Ariba planned to have a acquired/import data connection? If so, when? I do not see it on slide #14.

not supported now; plan, cannot give date

Replay is SAP Analytics Cloud – Data Connectivity, Including Road Map

Slides are here


  • Recap SAP Analytics Cloud overview- 3:30
  • Different connection types- 9:15
  • Latest Highlights / Roadmap Outlook- 19:30
  • Demo- 27:00
  • Q+A- 48:45

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