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SAP S/4HANA – Process & key considerations to upload data for PM objects using LTMC (Part -2 Task Lists)

Level 1: Medium; 10 minutes read

Audience: Subject Matter Experts

Author: Ramandeep Goyal, SAP S/4HANA RIG EMEA


This blog explains the process to upload Task list using LTMC. The process to upload Functional Locations was discussed in the last blog. The link for same is mentioned above.

User Role – Master Data Management Team


Steps to upload General Task Lists –

Step 1 to step 6 are similar as explained in the last blog (Link is given above). Task list should be selected in place of Functional location. As explained in step 4 (in the last blog), template for task lists will have multiple worksheets (mentioned below) to fill in data.

Task list header (Mandatory) – Following data fields are mandatory on this work sheet.

  • Key for task list group – Task list group & counter are required to link data on multiple worksheets. However, internal number ranges can be used while performing field mapping (will be explained in the subsequent section of the document). Please ensure that number ranges are predefined in the system, in case you want to use external number ranges.
  • Group counter
  • Valid-From Date – Valid-From date is not mandatory while creating task list, but system will assign current date if not maintained specifically. This might create conflicts in case you want to schedule maintenance plans from past dates because task list will not be available on those dates. So, it is recommended to assign Valid-From date considering migration and activation of maintenance plans before cutover.
  • Task List description – It is not a mandatory field from technical perspective, but it should be filled in for future reporting and easy reference.
  • Planning plant
  • Status – This field is not marked as mandatory, but it should be maintained otherwise system will throw and error and not create the task list.
  • Work center – This field is not marked as mandatory, but it should be maintained otherwise system will throw and error and not create the task list. The same work center will be copied into operations if nothing is maintained specifically.
  • Work center plant – Planning plant will be assigned as work center plant if not maintained specifically.

Task list – operation activity (Mandatory) – Following data fields are mandatory on this work sheet.

    • Key for task list group – as explained above
    • Group counter
    • Activity Number
    • Control key – This will be copied from the work center if not maintained specifically
    • Activity Type – This will be copied from the work center if not maintained specifically
    • Operation Description – This is not mandatory but should be maintained otherwise all the operations will be created without description.



Maintenance package (Optional) – This worksheet is optional if you task list will be used for single   cycle maintenance plan or direct entry into work orders. However, maintenance packages need to be maintained for strategy-based task list.

Material Components (Optional) – This worksheet is optional if you don’t want to assign material components to activities in the task list. However, you need to fill in the sheet if materials need to be assigned to activities. Please note that only stock able materials can be assigned via LTMC. Please use other tools in case you want to assign non-stock items. Non-stock items can be assigned (via other tools) by creating a material BOM, assigning the header material into assembly and then selecting the non-stock materials assigned to the assembly.

Production resources tools (Optional) – This worksheet is option if you don’t want to assign any PRT or document to the task list. Data should be filled in if there is any requirement to attach PRT or documents to the task lists. Document can be assigned to task list header / operations while creating DIR and assigning the task list number to the DIR.

Sample data file with various work sheets is shown below –

Task List Header –

Task list – operation activity

Maintenance Package – This should only be maintained for task list with maintenance strategies

Material Components


Note 1 – System condition and Planner group are not available in standard LTMC upload. However, they can be added by LTMOM – Migration Object Modeler. This will be explained in a separate document.

Step 7: Click “Start Transfer” button so that system reads the data from the file.

Step 8: Click “Next” to validate the data. On the next screen, field mappings can be defined if not done earlier.

Note – Unit of measurement should be maintained in ISO format. Example – for hours, “H” and “HR”, “HOUR” are not available. “HUR” should be should in the file or mapping and it will be automatically converted to “HR” while uploading data. System will throw an error message if UoM (Unit of Measurement) is not maintained in ISO format.


Step 9: Once mapping is completed, click “Next” to start simulation. There could be some error messages at this stage which may not be relevant. Example – system is giving an error message to maintain strategy for a task list even if it was already maintained. You may ignore the message if data is maintained appropriately and go to next step to import data.



Step 10: Click “Next” to start transfer of data into system. This will start the execution of data import into S/4 system.

As explained in the previous step, error related to maintenance strategy is automatically resolved while importing data and task lists have been created successfully.

Exception Handling –

 Note – System will create a delta file for the records which got failed due to some errors and were not uploaded into S/4. This file can be downloaded to correct the entries and processed again to upload data for such records.



Step 11: Check and verify if the objects have been created correctly.


I hope that this blog will help you in uploading task lists using LTMC. Please let me know the PM objects which I should cover in subsequent blogs. Apart from that, I will be writing another blog to discuss the usage of LTMOM – Migration Object Modeler to add additional fields into PM objects.

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      Author's profile photo Mariana Alejandra Escobar
      Mariana Alejandra Escobar


      I am having some errors in LTMC for Maintenance Plan

      These are "Performance Based" Maintenance Plans so the error I'm getting is

      Cycle for counter-based strategy plan requires a counter

      Message no. MPLAN336

      I already added 2 field and mapped in LTMOM because these are Counter-Based Maintenance but it did not work.

      Fields added and mapped:




      Please advice! Thanks and best regards, Mariana


      Author's profile photo Jawwad Ahmed Khan
      Jawwad Ahmed Khan

      can u plz. explain how to assign Maintenance Inspection for Calibration in Task List.

      Author's profile photo naseer sulthan
      naseer sulthan

      am also waiting for this option how to add MIC's in the tasklist as i did not find option in existing Migration object, i have explored in LTMOM as well but fields are not available there.

      Author's profile photo naseer sulthan
      naseer sulthan

      Hello Sir,


      am using LTMC for various Data uploads, once of the challenge i see is creating alternative labeling for the functional location.  can you share some thoughts on this Please.

      Author's profile photo Joachim Freitag
      Joachim Freitag



      Nice explanation.
      I am facing difficulties with PM03 control key operations that use services.
      It does not look like the standard Migration Cockpit for task lists can do this?

      Author's profile photo AbdelHalim MIMOUNI
      AbdelHalim MIMOUNI

      hi Joachim,

      hope you're doing well

      i read this post and saw you're question about services in Tsk list for Fun Loc, i have the same issue, i'm enhancing the LTMC standard object (version 1709), but got some issues to make it working...any idea about this?


      thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo Michael Kernan
      Michael Kernan

      What is the latest way to load long text in LTMC to the header, and operations? Can it now be done for multiple text lines on multiple operation, or is there a separate process for loading the long text.

      Earlier versions did not allow for more than one line of long text and that is not acceptable.

      Author's profile photo Abderrahmen Nebbache
      Abderrahmen Nebbache

      Hey sir,

      For the material components tab i got this error:

      Material components contains records with duplicate keys

      Equipment number 'xxxxxxxx', Groupe counter '1', Activity number '0020'

      Is that I cannot have several components for one operation?

      Author's profile photo Anilkumar Chikgouda
      Anilkumar Chikgouda

      Hi Ramadeep,

      I have downloaded  ( S/4 Hana 2020 Version) Task List LTMC template,  In this template material ,  PRT are mandatory fields are there .In your template  material and PRT are optional .  Please let me know from  which version did you downloaded this template.

      Thanks in advance

      Author's profile photo OGBONNA EJEMEZU

      Thank you so much for this detailed analysis. Please Can you cover Class and Characteristics, Maintenance plan as well as BOMs.


      Thank you