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My adventure in learning CPI: Part 1 | All about SAP Cloud.

Hello Everyone,
I am Sookriti. In this blog series, I shall be sharing my experience, my journey, my adventure as a CPI Consultant.

I shall be sharing my story in Parts. So, it’s more like, I will be sharing as I am exploring the world of Cloud.
Hence, please be patient for, there will be a little wait-time between 2 parts.
So, let’s get started.


First thing first, what is Cloud Computing in SAP?

Answer: SAP being a cloud company, driven by SAP HANA in-memory technology, they have over 110 million cloud subscribers and 41 state-of-the-art-data centers around the world.

SAP Provides 3 types of Services:
a| SaaS: Software as a Service
b| PaaS: Platform as a Service
c| IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service.

Now, this Cloud Computing is nothing but a solution to problems such as data accessibility, application, and service over the internet. Cloud eliminated the expenses and need for hardware. You shall know that globally, over 90% of the businesses are already using cloud technology/ cloud solutions.



Elasticity + Affordability + Availability + Simplicity + Secure


Key Characteristics?

On-demand self-service, Broad network access, Multi-tenant model, Rapid elasticity/ scalability, and many more.


As I mentioned previously, there are 3 Cloud Service Models i.e. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, the below are the Service Components and the Offerings:

SaaS (Applications+Data+Runtime+Middleware+O/S+Virtualization+Servers+Storage+Networking), for e.g. SAP Cloud for Customer, ByDesign, SuccessFactors, Ariba Fieldglas, Concur, etc.

PaaS (Runtime+Middleware+O/S+Virtualization+Servers+Storage+Networking), for e.g. SAP Cloud Platform Integration i.e. CPI, which was HANA Cloud Platform i.e. HPI which again was PI before that.

IaaS(Virtualization+Servers+Storage+Networking), for e.g. SAP HANA Infrastructure i.e. SAP/HEC or AWS i.e. Amazon Webs Service).

That’s it for now. Shall continue in the next blog.

Part 2:

Part 3:


Thanks for the read.

Sookriti Mishra

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