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The Central Customer Master in the C/4 HANA Suite – preview for TechEd 2019

With the advent of C/4HANA Suite and its cloud pillars, sharing of data becomes one of the most relevant features from a foundation´s point of view. Having always the most current data available at each of the C/4 HANA Cloud applications will reduce the number of redundant objects across the suite and thereby improve the customer experience for all users drastically. Imagine navigating between the different applications, but always working on the most uptodate data seamlessly. I call this a real suite experience! 

One of the data objects, which all C/4 HANA Cloud applications share is the customer. Bringing the customer data of each application into a master repository is a big advantage for the customer experience, as such data is shared across the applications for countless business processes. The corresponding business scenario we have created is the Customer Management process, which touches all aspects of customer master data across the C/4HANA Suite. This business scenario comes in different flavors either, B2C or B2B. The Central Customer Master does not only integrate with C/4HANA Cloud applications, but also integrates into S/4HANA and the ecosystem, as it can be easily used through APIs. 

In this year´s TechEd we will showcase the the Central Customer Master in C/4 HANA Suite across the globe in all three event locations: Las Vegas, Barcelona and Bangalore. In the first iteration of integrating the Central Customer Master we focused on the B2C use case, which touches on customer master topics in SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud. Show is running on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning! 

Further, we will be available to meeting all of you at an informal meet up on Thursday  in which we will answer your questions to the customer master topic but also to other topics of C/4HANA Suite such as SAP Customer Order Sourcing and SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing. You can also experience SAP Customer Order Sourcing and SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing in the demo theater on Thursday. See you there! 

Meeting schedule for TechEd Barcelona:

Wed 10/09 [MeetUp Lounge 3] 14:30 AM – 15:00 PM: See What the SAP C/4HANA Suite Has in Store for You

Thu 10/10 [L3] 14:45 PM – 15:45: Innovate with Customer Master Data in SAP C/4HANA

Meeting schedule for TechEd Las Vegas:

Thu 09/26 [MeetUp Lounge 1] 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM: The SAP C/4HANA Suite: What a sweet experience

Thu 09/26 [SAP Demo Theater, Show Floor] 14:00 PM – 14:30 PM: Discover Recent C/4HANA Cloud Innovations

Thu 09/26 [Murano 3206] 16:00 PM – 17:00 PM: Innovate with Customer Master Data in SAP C/4HANA

Fri 09/27 [Bassano 2601] 09:15 AM – 10:15 AM: Innovate with Customer Master Data in SAP C/4HANA

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  • Hello Theodor,


    Thank you for heads-up on the new functionality. Is their more news on same which we can refer in detail about usage and business scenarios.