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Align your IRPA Workflow to the Individual SAP GUI for Windows Customizing

RPA in general and also Intelligent RPA uses primarily the UI to automate business processes. If these business processes are in the context of the SAP GUI for Windows it is advantageous to have knowledge about the customizing of the SAP GUI for Windows. Because the customizing of the UI has a major impact on whether a bot can successfully execute a workflow. In my short time of experience with IRPA I have summarized some of these settings in a library. This library can be easily used inside IRPA.

The library is segemented into four classes

  • Installation
  • Theming
  • Scripting
  • Visualization

Each class contains customizable properties, which are very important for UI automation.


  • IsInstalled: True if SAP GUI for Windows is installed, otherwise false
  • InstallationDirectory: Path of the installation directory
  • Version: Version of the SAP GUI for Windows
  • PatchLevel: Patch level of the SAP GUI for Windows
  • ErrorReturn: In case of error a relevant message


  • SelectedTheme: Number of the selected theme
  • SelectedThemeName: Name of the selected theme
  • ErrorReturn: In case of error a relevant message


  • IsScriptingInstalledAndEnabled: True if user scripting is installed and enabled, otherwise false
  • IsScriptingInstalled: True if user scripting is installed, otherwise false
  • IsScriptingEnabled: True if user scripting is set, otherwise false
  • WarnOnAttach: True if warn on attach is set, otherwise false
  • WarnOnConnection True if warn on conneciton is set, otherwise false
  • ShowNativeWindowsDialogs: True if show native dialogs is set, otherwise false
  • ErrorReturn: In case of error a relevant message


  • KeysWithinDropdownList: True if keys are displayed in a dropdown list, otherwise false
  • SortKeysWithinDropdownList: True if dropdown list is sorted by keys, otherwise false
  • ShowOKCodeField: True if OK code field is displayed, otherwise false
  • ShowAdditionalTitleInfo: True if additional information in the window title is shown, otherwise false
  • ErrorReturn: In case of error a relevant message

All these individual customizing can influence the successful execution of a workflow by a bot. E.g. each RPA solution uses SAP GUI Scripting. If SAP GUI Scripting is not enabled or one of the warning flags are set, this can hinder the execution of a bot. An attended bot expects a particular configuration, but there is the possibility that it has been set differently by a user. Then the bot would fail. This library can be used to query some basic settings in advance so the bot can react correctly.

Here an example of an implementation of all classes with all properties in the IRPA Desktop Studio.

And here the result.

With this library it is very easy to check if a SAP GUI for Windows exists and which version is available. Also it is possible to get more information, e.g. the customizing of the theming, scripting and the visualization, which is very important for UI based automation scenarios.

Here an example in the Internet Explorer.

You can find SAPGUIInfo at my homepage.

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