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OpenSAP training on testing SAP middleware solutions (SAP PO, SAP CPI, SAP AIF including S/4HANA conversions)

Since my company got involved with testing SAP middleware solutions about 2010 I always wondered how is that possible that each time we do in a different way on a new project. Since my professional life has always been involved with changing the existing status least year we’ve decided to try to explain different ways (methodologies) to test SAP integration at and the same time to show how out tool – Int4 IFTT can support those scenarios.

It turned out it was possible with openSAP. OpenSAP is is an Enterprise MOOC platform for massive open online courses developed and provided by SAP in cooperation with the Hasso Plattner Institute. Together with 6 of my colleagues: Michal Krawczyk, Michal Kowalczewski, Michal Michalski, Mateusz Nowak, Andrzej Halicki, Michal Lubczynski, Michal Jakubowicz many of whom are SAP Press authors we’ve created a first ever openSAP training about testing the SAP integration scenarios – called “Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT”.

We’d like to invite you to this training and at the same time we’d like to publish a detailed description of the training below.

One important note – this training is a first openSAP training recorded completely with lightboard technology so please excuse us but there will be no powerpoint slides 🙂



Week 1: Test Automation of SAP integration

a) Unit 1 Introduction to testing of integration scenarios with Int4 IFTT

Main objectives:
– understand the course structure
– understand the problem with testing of integration scenarios
– understand the value proposition of Int4 IFTT and how it can help to solve those problems

b) Unit 2 Testing in waterfall methodologies
Main objectives:
– understand testing approach in waterfall models
– understand tht shift left principle
– understand the issues with end to end testing

c) Unit 3 Testing in agile methodologies

Main objectives:

– understand testing in SAP Activate
– understand test driven development
– understand continuous testing and deployment”

d) Unit 4 Testing in DevOps

Main objectives:

– understand the combined approach
– understand the need for automation
– understand release and deployment management

e) Unit 5 Int4 IFTT basics

Main objectives:

– understand the Int4 IFTT architecture
– get familiar with Int4 IFTT user experience
– understand the basic functions of Int4 IFTT

Week 2: Testing of Integration scenarios

a) Unit 1 Business as Usual (BAU) SAP PI/PO and SAP CPI testing

Main objectives:

– understand a typical change in the integration flow
– how to use IFTT to test a change in the message mapping for SAP PO
– how to use IFTT to test a change in the message mapping for SAP CPI”

b) Unit 2 SAP PI/PO migration and patching

Main objectives:

– understand a typical migration and SAP PI/PO patching scenarios
– how to use IFTT to test the message mappings, adapter modules for migration scenarios
– how to schedule IFTT to run automatically ”

c) Unit 3 SAP PI/PO to SAP CPI migrations

Main objectives:

– understand a typical migration and SAP PI/PO to SAP CPI scenarios
– understand what are the prerequisites for an SAP CPI flow to be tested in IFTT
– how to use IFTT to test use SAP PI/PO message and run them via CPI
– understand IFTT open architecture for 3rd party migrations ”

d) Unit 4 S/4HANA conversion testing

Main objectives:

– understand a typical S/4HANA conversion project challenges
– how to use IFTT to test inbound IDOC scenarios for S/4HANA conversion project
– how to use IFTT with ecatts for outbound IDOC scenarios
– how to use IFTT for SAP AIF migration projects”

e) Unit 5 SAP Rollout testing

Main objectives:

– understand a typical SAP Rollout project and integration testing challenges in it
– how to use IFTT to test business processes
– how to use IFTT parallel run mode

Week 3: int4 IFTT components

a) Unit 1 Installation and initial customization

Main objectives:

– understand the deployment model and installation process, roles and authorizations
– understanding the concept of landscape configuration and exchanging test cases between dev and QA environments. How to create test cases bases on production documents
– initial customizing and connectivity to SAP middleware platforms and SAP backend systems

b) Unit 2 Configuration at glance

Main objectives:

– understand a concept of int4 IFTT configuration objects for tested interfaces
– review available test case types”

c) Unit 3 SAP Process Orchestration Testing

– get the overview of tested component
– how to use ICO configuration wizard to create object definition
– how to use SAP PO message selector to create multiple test cases in a row
– understand the concept of Payload exclusion list
– how to configure test cases for interfaces that are processing flat files or performing additional business logic in adapter modules
– how to disable sending test messages to external systems

d) Unit 4 SAP Cloud Platform Integration Testing

Main objectives:

– Get a knowledge what are the design requirements for SAP CPI interfaces that we would like to test
– how to create configuration objects for CPI interfaces
– how to use Message Selector for creating test cases without logging to SAP CPI”

e) Unit 5 SAP S/4HANA Backend testing

Main objectives:

– Get an overview of validating business documents by its database entries
– how to enrich test data by use of int4 IFTT variables
– get an overview of E2E testing of SAP environment, IDOC, AIF and Proxy testing based on examples
– how to use eCATT scripts to replicate user actions to trigger interface messages
– how to organize test cases in a chain and test the business process”

f) Unit 6 API, and Defect Management integration, Administration,

Main objectives:

– Get an overview how to run test cases in background
– Get an overview on int4 IFTT API and how to integrate it with external testing software like Microfocus UFT
– Get an overview on Defect Managment integration based on Solution Manager. Implementing continuous testing scenario
– Get an overview of int4 IFTT administration tasks”


What do you think about this curriculum ?

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Michal,

      Looking forward to find out more about waterfall vs agile approaches as they have been discussed rather vigorously in the SAP ecosystem recently.

      thx, greg

      Author's profile photo Michal Krawczyk
      Michal Krawczyk
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Gregory,


      Thank you - there's a are a 3 lessons about the theory and real life issues so hope it will be enough 🙂


      Best Regards,

      Michal Krawczyk