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SAP Globalization Services – Local Solutions, Global Success

As products built for standard delivery must necessarily be localized before they hit the shelves in global markets, SAP has a dedicated unit that executes our localization charter – SAP Globalization Services (GS).

GS has the mission to empower businesses in running compliant locally, while also staying on top of their game globally. Yes, legal changes are a top priority, but it does not stop there – in addition to making SAP’s products locally compliant, we also build new products in local contexts to tap the limitless innovation opportunities in global markets.

The Intelligent Enterprise builds upon the promise of digital transformation by enabling our customers to focus on high-value tasks to address the ever-changing needs of the market rather than expending their resources on repetitive tasks. This brings in significant opportunities for us at Globalization Services. As an example, SAP has over 100 cloud solution offerings used by 150 million+ subscribers in over 120 countries speaking 40+ languages. This is what makes our jobs so much more interesting!



SAP Globalization Services has the objective of adapting the intelligent enterprise to evolving global regulations, locally.

An intelligent suite provides a seamless experience for customers to manage regulatory needs across countries, through meaningful integrations (for example, Payroll in SAP SuccessFactors) and reusable components that replace redundant tasks for customers, which helps them focus on high-value tasks (for example, SAP solutions for advanced compliance reporting and digital compliance).

As a localization platform, we constantly look at business processes that can be extended as APIs, services or applications (for example, SAP Localization Hub, tax service) to service a multitude of SAP and non-SAP applications. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, coupled with data and economies in infrastructure, allow us to build decision making and automation across business processes – across countries.

As governments go digital all over the world, GS is at the forefront, delivering solutions for SAF-T, SII, GST, X-Rechnung – to name a few.



Globally, 171M cloud users leverage SAP solutions in 180 countries, 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. Our global customers include 92% of the Forbes Global 2000 companies, 98% of the 100 most valued brands, 100% of the Dow Jones top scoring sustainability companies.




GS focuses on the 5 key domains in the Intelligent Suite:

Global Tax Management helps companies manage tax consistently and cost-effectively, allowing CFOs to adapt to rapidly changing regulations around the world.

Digital Compliance provides cloud solutions to support worldwide compliance with country-specific requirements, for statutory reporting and exchange of business information online, also known as Business to Government (B2G).

Languages comprises all activities that are connected to usage of language in SAP’s products, applications, services, and associated materials such as training and documentation.

HR Services supports products across SAP ERP and SAP SuccessFactors.

Payments aims to make payments instant, safe, global, cheap and convenient, addressing niche solutions that are relevant for specific countries and markets while driving new revenue opportunities for SAP Cloud Platform and Blockchain.



In the context of SAP Globalization Services, the immediate challenge is in the area of legal changes – there are around 1000 legal changes delivered across 100 countries per year. Missing a legal change can significantly impact business. The volume and the business impact underlined the need for an application based on machine learning. By using the following text services of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation, we could take our machine learning offerings further with our SAP Law to Action solution:

  • Language detection, an important service since SAP Globalization Services needs to monitor legal documents in 30+ different languages
  • Translation from SAP Translation Hub, with Neural Machine Translation, to make legal changes available in the respective native languages of the users
  • Document feature extraction and similarity scoring to find similar legal changes from the past, helping less experienced colleagues in making decisions
  • Text classification, from Business Services, to determine the relevance of each new, published legal text, and helping the prioritization of the analyses


Given the huge customer potential of the SAP Law to Action use case, it is now being shared with customers with the help of the business development teams of SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation.

  • Compliance: As legal obligations and regulations multiply worldwide, the need to stay compliant has become more critical than ever and highly qualified experts struggle with complex legal and tax regimes. With machine learning, you can proactively scan and analyze thousands of records for legal requirements using algorithms to determine relevance of new changes so that experts can be alerted instantly with automatic workflows.
  • Pharma and Chemical: The pharmaceutical industry has one of the most regulated systems in the world. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publishes new and changed regulations on a daily basis and it is quite a challenge for pharma companies to keep abreast with these updates and also change recipes within the stipulated time. In this use case, machine learning allows you to track changes such as the announcement of banned substances and notify the relevant departments in time so that they can take action immediately.
  • Food and Beverages: In the global food industry, the same product is likely to be sold across most countries, however with different packaging that complies with country-specific legal requirements. By plugging a robot to the regulators, a food producer can instantly get informed when new regulations are published, and the initiate compliance requirements in the packaging.

SAP Globalization Services helps build the Global Intelligent Enterprise – our end-to-end localization solutions, delivered on the digital platform, help customers increase their revenue and operational efficiency, and expand their global footprint.

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      gibt es bereits konkrete Informationen, wie das Thema  X-Rechnung über die Globalization Services gelöst werden soll?



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