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Interested in news about database support for the service layer?

Dear all,

Since its introduction in SAP Business One there has been discussions about the missing official support of the service layer for Microsoft SQL Server.

Now there are important news, read Andreas Wolfinger’s comment on this improvement request on customer influence platform (anyone with an s-user can be active there).

<update on Dec 18 2019> Even though it is not yet available with version 10 PL00, it is planned as described in our updated product road map. Please pay attention to further communication on upcoming patches.

Best regards, Peter

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  • Hi Peter,

    Service Layer availability for MS SQL is important to support organizations that rely on MS SQL data eco-systems, to support both SAP B1 and other LB solutions that integrate with B1.

    Do you have any date when first SL version will be released for MS SQL?



    • Dear Manuel, this is planned very soon, unfortunately we are not allowed to make a clear or binding statement here.
      I personally assume the GA (general availability) version of Business One 10 should be very interesting.
      Best, Peter

      • Hi,
        I took it for granted SL support for SQL Server on B1 10.

        I've just installed B1 10 PL01 and tryed a login using Postman, here is the response:

           "odata.metadata": "https://server-doc:50000/b1s/v1/$metadata#B1Sessions/@Element",
           "SessionId": "212d4e66-48cd-11ea-8071-005056875584",
           "Version": "1000110",
           "SessionTimeout": 30

        So... seems to work, tried also an oData Get on a BP and it's working.

        Please, let me understand state of art and if support is official or not.

        Thank you



    • Hi Darren,

      You can find here the documentation with features and scope of the Service Layer for both MS SQL Server and SAP HANA.

      Please refer to page 51 where we state Semantic Layer through SL is obviously only available for SAP HANA, or to page 120 explaining the same for the parameter isCaseInsensitive.

      Hope it helps,
      Thiago Mendes.