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SAP Analytics Cloud: Analytics Designer Hackathon – Project Dashboard

This blog post is a submission for the Analytics Designer Hackathon.

More information about the hackathon can be found here:

The idea behind our dashboard was to create a customisable foundation on which we could market SAP Analytics Cloud: Analytic Application to the Professional Services sector. The Professional Services sector is a sector that itelligence has identified as showing a high level of interest in SAP Analytics Cloud.

The design of our dashboard is to incorporate the features of SAP Analytics Cloud stories and further enhance them with the additional customisations and functions available in Analytic Application.

The additional features and functions that we have used in Analytic Application are ones that our clients have expressed an interest in during previous SAP Analytics Cloud engagements.

Overview Page

The initial page of our dashboard provides an overview of the financial health of our projects, both past and present. The information highlights the status of the billing such as paid, unpaid, etc. as well as by various dimensions such as fees type, project stages and sector.

Clicking on any of the numeric point charts will bring up a popup with additional information, for example clicking on Invoices Paid numeric point will bring up a time-series chart displaying the invoice paid amount over time, whereas, clicking on unpaid invoices will show a pop-up of the top 5 unpaid invoices.

Please note that all charts on this page are Explorer enabled.

A key feature of the Overview page is the linked analysis functionality. By clicking on the relevant values in the various charts to filter the data, all graphs will be filtered to represent the data you have selected. For example, you can easily find out the total unpaid invoices within the Manufacturing Sector that are T&M projects by just clicking on the relevant values and charts. This functionality is available across multiple charts right through to the popup charts.

Once completed, you can reset the charts back to the initial view by clicking on the “Reset Charts” button.

You can navigate the various pages in the dashboard by the icons shown in the left hand panel of the dashboard.

Geo Analysis Page

The next page is Geo Analysis and note the line under each icon on the left that indicates the page you are currently viewing.

The Geo Analysis page illustrates by the use of a map, the regional split of our projects throughout the UK along with the total invoiced amount by each region.

The variance charts show the variances between current and previous year by region. These can be filtered on a particular industry sector by selecting using the appropriate value in the table to the right of the map.

Detail Report

The final page provides the users with transactional level project data. The data on this page can be filtered using dynamic filtering (filter line widget) in order to get a refined view the data.

This table is also explorer and smart discovery enabled and these can be activated by clicking on the explorer or smart discovery icons on the top right hand corner.

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