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Robots as a service – A Future Trend for Businesses

Robots as a service (RaaS) is rapidly becoming popular. In this article, we’ll be looking at what Raas entails and why it is growing strongly.

What is Robots as a Service (RaaS)?



People are now already familiar with Software as a service (SaaS) and big data as a service (BDaaS). If users sign up for robots as a service, they will gain robotic process automation benefits. Instead of buying the equipment outright, users release robotic devices and access a cloud-based subscription service. RaaS is the solution for many problems such as paying a high price for a piece of equipment and handling maintenance issues.

Why RaaS has achieved such popularity?

Many businesses are becoming more interested in RaaS due to its scalability, flexibility and lower cost of entry compared to traditional robotics programmes. With these attributes, businesses with small and medium sizes can benefit from robotics without having to pay the cost-prohibitive initial investment.

Lower-paying jobs done by humans are typically replaced with robots. However, robots are not cheap at all, so it takes companies a really long period of time to actually realise a return on their investment. This is the reason why many small organisations hesitate to invest in robots. And that’s among the reasons for the increasing attractiveness of RaaS. Organisations are able to scale up and down easily and rapidly in the context of changing client needs and market conditions. With RaaS, there are more predictable costs as well as less upfront capital.

The cost of hardware has been reduced thanks to globalisation. Users can easily sign up and find cheap yet powerful cloud computing solutions in which robots can offer a variable cost service with packages of subscription. In addition, many companies are using the software as a service model, so they are already familiar with the business model.

In some industries, there are companies that are benefitting from RaaS such as fulfilment centres and warehouses, security and healthcare. RaaS is gradually removing the challenges of other sectors that prevent their entry and help them experiment with robotic solutions.

Barriers to Overcome

There are things we need to overcome when technology providers change from selling products to services like RaaS, for instance, the amount of the hardware’s customization that makes the robots helpful for the organisations with specific needs. So adaptations are required for the robots despite the consistency that a base platform performs across many entities. Whatever happens, RaaS will still be the solution for many businesses.

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