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Diligent badges – – – Ocean of love bees or shall I say the hearts & love from SAP Community — Evolution


Hello SAP Masters & New Members…..

I would like to take this opportunity to record my hearty thanks to SAP Community Network & People here for the perfect pro-active support and guidance it has extended to all of us in SAP arena.

Earlier which was fully known as Sap-Community-Network (SCN), now at some point has come to be known to everyone as “SAP People”, or maybe I can remember as “SAP Community People”. It’s a platform no matter you are a employee of SAP or just a student who just heard about SAP can register & be part of this very precious Community to enrich self & help others by sharing their SAP knowledge as everyone goes forward


Ok, coming to my actual point, of why I thought of writing down this topic which came across my mind,

We all Love getting rewards & badges for our Work, I have to admit, Me Too. I check others as well as my own badges too.

The new Badge Diligent Solver badge for each month,


If we go by “Missions & Badges” section we see the new Diligent Badge now-a-days in the list, following Audrey Stevenson’s Blog, which is a great encouragement to strive for & achieve

I see we have August-2019 Diligent Solver Badge as the 1st in this series, Now I am in process of getting the September-2019 Diligent Solver Badge. Congrats to those pros in advance who would have achieve the September-2019 Diligent Solver Badge too. So if I continue to achieve every month this Badge & it would fill my “Reputation-Snapshot” page with a lot of badges of the same Green Background Color. Maybe I can write a separate post in SAP Community Influence Place or better in “Coffee Corner” for having this sort of suggestions & the features that people might like more. I think instead of having each month separate badges with month names in it, probably when we achieve the Badge again, it could be like below,

, , & So on.. & then it can have in like a Extend Button, which can give the entire Diligent Solver Badges of that User. This would mean that a User receives the Badge once 1st time & each next time the User gets the next badge, the no increases & changes from “x2” to “x3” & then “x4” & then so on. When a anonymous User moves the mouse-cursor over that User Diligent Badge button, then it could show the latest month Diligent Solver entry on the Button, like below,


I know the above feature is available for individual Diligent Solver month missions, but this is I am talking about what could be displayed on the Achieved Diligent Solver Badge as in Button, if such feature is introduced. I know that for different categories like Solver or openSAP for each task completion we get awarded, but it can come in single single Button also, I mean 1 badge button for openSAP achievements & under that can be the rest openSAP achievements badges

Having Background Color changed or having the month short name is also good, as after all everybody like colors & variations & also who would not like to have a good badge for their hard work & knowledge share for free of cost. No Offence, but I also like getting badges as it also reflects the User achievements


Based on all of these thoughts roaming in my Mind, the header of this Topic knocked my mind to express my thoughts. A lot of thoughts & a lot of Ideas from so many different people is only possible here in SAP Community. Although in actual, we can only think of some particular scenarios, some particular topics. I am sure some people might like the idea & some may not. Anyways everyone has their own different thoughts of going into different ways

To conclude, let me once again reiterate that without you all I could never have the courage to dream and go forward.

Would love all your suggestions & thoughts……

So thank you all…..




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      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      MMMMmmmmm....  I wonder how hard those changes are to make?   I know just keeping up with the badges they have now would drive me crazy.  I'm sure some of it is automated, but there is a personal touch to those.

      I rarely look at my badges, but I have to admit they are cool.

      Author's profile photo Kaushik Debnath
      Kaushik Debnath
      Blog Post Author


      Yes, Badges are pretty cool like awards!!!

      We like changes, so why not at least have in different Colors.

      With various automation, I know not only in inside SAP, various organisations also uses various automated processes which is where I get more interested. This gives me more ideas on how to bring up another new better idea & in doing so we build another new better process. Eventually we all become better

      Its like winning the same medal every time & adding up with other various kind of medals which makes it, kinda regular stuff, but it can be pretty good if we can put those medals in a Medal-Group or in a Medal-Drawer which can signify the No of achievements. It would signify the Excitement even more

      Thanks for going through the content



      Author's profile photo Audrey Stevenson
      Audrey Stevenson

      Hi Kaushik,

      I'm glad you are feeling motivated by the Diligent Solver badges. I see that your additional efforts of providing answers have been paying off. Congratulations on earning Diligent Solver for September already!

      Thank you, also, for sharing your ideas. Some of your ideas are ones we are already considering for cumulative achievements of this badge, while others are new and will also be considered. Stay tuned as we move forward over the next months with this.

      In the future, if you have ideas to share, I suggest using our SAP Community - Customer Influence site to submit them. That way they can be more easily tracked, and you can even have your ideas voted on there.

      Thanks again, and we look forward to seeing you and others like you continue to help those folks who come to our community seeking answers.

      Author's profile photo Kaushik Debnath
      Kaushik Debnath
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Audrey Stevenson !!!

      Author's profile photo Audrey Stevenson
      Audrey Stevenson

      Hello again, Kaushik, I'm not sure whether you noticed, but we have now introduced different badges for each month that Diligent Solver is earned.

      Author's profile photo Kaushik Debnath
      Kaushik Debnath
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Audrey Stevenson, I see the colors & variations on the Diligent badges from this month. Thanks again for updating me