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Project named #sitCHD went live successfully??

First thanks to the Almighty and brilliant SAP Community members, our first SAP Inside Track at Chandigarh was hosted successfully. Starting with a thought of why we can’t have an Inside track in Chandigarh to eventually having it was altogether an awesome journey full of experiences.

Preparation for the D day.

Since it was the first time, we were hosting an event, so we were excited as well as confused. The SAP Inside track page is what came to the rescue. It provides all the details right from how to host the event till you actually end up hosting. A big Thanks to Svea Becker for helping us out whenever we needed any guidance or clarifications. Of all the preparations the most toughest thing to be arranged ended up being the venue. This is where we spent actually 2 weeks but finally we got it.


PS: All sessions had demo’s and after each session we had 5-10 min networking/tea/setup break.

On the D day, the #sitCHD was inaugurated by a super inspiring video from none other than Craig Cmehil.

The first keynote session which was titled by me as  “Some Crazy Session” was streamed remotely  on twitch by none other than DJ Adams.  As always, DJ nailed it. It triggered all the attendees mind what is SAP Cloud Application Programming model aka CAP, we need to dig more once we go back, here is link as well as of the session

The second speaker for the day was Gaurav Karkara. He presented about a topic close to everyone’s heart Steampunk aka ABAP in Cloud. It generated a lot of interest and we had a healthy discussion. It was great session.

This was followed by a session on a very important topic which is integration by Sunil. It was a very well organized session where we had healthy discussion about different integration options such CPI, connectors etc.

After the 3 sessions it was time for lunch where everyone recharged his/her energy. Post lunch we took a team snap and restarted our learning journey.

The fourth session was by Anurag Keshri on SAP Mobile Cards. It was a very clear to the point session with good round of discussions. Important thing to mention for Anurag is he is ABAPer I have requested him to take up the challenge of presenting an unknown topic. I must appreciate he has done this job brilliantly, well done.

The fifth session was by Vijay Sharma which was on Extensibility. It was very detailed and interesting session. The demo was well presented and ofcourse our participants had lot of questions and healthy discussions.

The last but not the least session was by Sachin Nagal on SAP cloud platform workflow. Important thing to mention for Sachin also is he is an ABAPer I have requested him to take up the challenge of presenting another unknown topic. I must appreciate he has done this job brilliantly, well done.


Finally it was time for me to provide a closing remarks highlighting the importance of the community, thanking the Sponsors, Organizer, speakers and participants.  At the last we had a lucky draw for SAP Press books and Espresso tutorial books. Thanks to Ronnie for recommending it was fun.After the event each participants were given the Goodies as well as SAP stickers courtesy DJ Adams.

SAP Press Book Winners

Espresso Book Winners

One more thing which we did was to have a kind of quiz question after every session. The one who answers correctly wins some goodies. This was very well taken and generated lot of interest. Thanks to Simon Kemp for providing the questions?





With blessing of everyone everything went as per the plan. We asked the participants to provide the feedback of the experience and here is the summary.

What could have been better?

  • We thought we will livestream via Youtube mobile but at the last moment we learnt we need 1000 subscribers☹. So we moved to Facebook. I still think this is something which should be worked on in next event!
  • Time allotted for sessions could have been more. It was a common feedback which we got. I think it has reason to be. Somewhere during my initial planning I thought no one will spare the whole day for the sessions, so that is why we had kept the event from 11:00 AM to 4:45 PM type. I must accept this I was proven wrong people were super interested not even one percent bored?.
  • Network connectivity could have been better. This is something which we were always worried about right from the start. We tried to iron it out as much as we can for example every presenter had a backup video recording of the demo in case something does not work. I still feel it was not very good but neither that bad. We had an uninterrupted live session by DJ.


So overall it was super interesting event, I never knew we will have participants from 8 different companies that too in Chandigarh. Thanks and Kudos to each and every participant who turned up, this shows somewhere you want to Learn, Share, Repeat and Inspire.  With this we will make sure what worked will keep working, what could have better will be improved in upcoming events! Thanks to our sponsors and great SAP community.

The end result is we now have close local community at Chandigarh which will follow the motto of “Learn, Share, Inspire and Repeat”.

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