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SAP User Experience Strategy Update, #ASUG Webcast Summary

This was an ASUG webcast earlier this week.

If you are attending SAP TechEd Las Vegas next month, be sure to add these related ASUG UX sessions to your agenda:


Source: SAP


Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies, things in the future are subject to change

SAP wants to help SAP Gui users with transformation with SAP Fiori


Source: SAP

Coherent, consistent, make it more approachable

Use SAP UI5, and support Android, iOS development

Evolved over the years, with out of the box


Source: SAP

SAP’s goal is shown above


Source: SAP

How to execute the vision; using channels online / offline to listen to customers


Source: SAP

Listen to user feedback at events and Chapter meetings

Qualtrics allows SAP to analyze data


Source: SAP

Traditional desktop and mobile, but evolving to eye, brain interaction, AR/VR, services

Working on innovation projects; see them at SAP TechEd

Looking at trends in industry, how to integrate with tools outside SAP


Source: SAP

SAP Fiori 3 is SAP’s new target design

Machine intelligence, analytics insight to action, run on multiple devices


Source: SAP

Central entry page, unified copilot, unified search, inbox, integration with SAP Analytics Cloud


Source: SAP

Developing cards, building blocks, push time critical content

Cards will replace tiles, role based

Embedded in Fiori, available on mobile devices


Source: SAP

Central page for employee

Data from multiple places

On the right, the inbox


Source: SAP

Underneath is the SAP Cloud Platform services for on premise and cloud systems


Source: SAP

Conversational user experience


Source: SAP

Looking forward, looking at Fiori AI

Integrated experience, will have business situations, recommendations, ranking, user feedback

Business situation requires judgment

Explainable AI – more interpretable

Goal is to help users to do the job easier and faster and not replace them

Preview of what is coming

Actions to take today – for Fiori Experience


Source: SAP

Not a one size fits all

Approach depends

On left, if a new app, new scenario, use one of the standard floorplans – recommend use SAP Fiori elements

When ready to move to Fiori 3, change theme once, and will show Fiori 3

For your own designs, Web IDE and theme designer

For mobile, have SDK’s

You can also buy from SAP partners

To the right, quickest way is to download an app from the Fiori App Reference Library – depends if you are on S/4HANA or ECC

If you have logic in place, can use Screen Personas


Source: SAP

“All roads lead to a UI5 based app”

Number of ways to get there

What problem trying to solve? Recommend design thinking, discuss with stakeholders, technology comes later


Source: SAP

SAP receives a lot of questions on Fiori/Screen Personas

Need to select right app to meet your needs

Additive vs Subtractive

Most customers use a combination


Source: SAP

Fiori elements is a library built on SAPUI5, html5 toolkit

Content is generated at run time, based on metadata coming from backend

Little or no code is required for standard apps

Standard apps enforce layout – 80% of SAP scenarios

Fiori elements provide standard UI5 logic out of the box, in addition to design/layout of screen

Can extend the app; part of the app is generated from Fiori Elements, and other parts use UI5 to extend it

Fiori elements accelerates development of apps, ensures consistent apps, align with latest version of Fiori


Source: SAP

SAP Personas accelerates development

If use templates, ensures consistency

Can use the launchpad

Can go from idea to finished scenario in 4 to 6 weeks, depending on complexity


Source: SAP

Fiori/Personas ends up on web applications

If using mobile, take advantage of native camera capabilities, GPS

Create a mobile optimized experience using SDK

Takes advantage of machine learning

70% of enterprise access will be to mobile devices next year (analyst firm predicts)


Source: SAP

Development kits based on strong relationships with partners in Silicon Valley

Broad collection of artifacts with look and feel of native device with Fiori look and feel


Source: SAP

Fiori 3 is rolling out now, including unified shell and integrated scenarios and later with card

Feedback guides SAP

Ways to bring Fiori user experience now using Fiori Elements, Screen Personas, SDK

Start your user transformation now, says SAP

Markets are shifting fast

Links are in the slide deck

Link to the replay is here

Timestamps for recording:

  • SAP Then and Now- 3:09
  • SAP Fiori Overview- 4:25
  • How SAP Delivers- 5:25
  • SAP Fiori 3- 8:33
  • Cards- 10:20
  • Central Fiori Launchpad- 11:30
  • Fiori AI- 13:30
  • Strategy into Action- 15:30
  • SAP Screen Personas and SAP Fiori- 20:12
  • SAP Fiori Elements- 22:17
  • Mobile Enterprise Apps- 25:52
  • Key takeaways- 28:30
  • Q&A- 30:30


Q: Can we build SAP Fiori apps and deploy them to the SAP Portal?

A: Yes, many customers do that

Q: Will SAP Screen Personas in a few years?

A: Yes it will be; it is a key part of the UX strategy, the quickest way to make transaction codes look the way you want

As long as the transaction code exists

Q: If I build Fiori apps with Fiori elements will they still run when I move to S/4HANA?

A: Yes, it depends on the OData service underneath; if Odata service remains the same

Maybe some things to change, such as annotations

Q: How big of a change from Fiori 3 to 2?

A: Fiori 2 should run in 19x, but with some caveats in Fiori environment

Fiori is an evolutionary standard

Fiori – functionality tends to be additive

Q: Not many Fiori apps in library that work with ECC, what should I do?

A: upgrade to S/4HANA – has more apps

You can build your own apps with Fiori Elements, Screen Personas

Easier to do with next service pack

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      Keith Fischer

      Hi Tammy,

      Thanks for sharing your experience!  We appreciate your support. ease let us know if there are other topics you'd like to see us cover.