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SAP Discovery Center – Now & Beyond.

SAP Discovery Center, this is Ground Control. Thrust is go, all engines rolling. You’re looking good.
Roger. You’re loud and clear, Ground Control.


In this blog post we will bring out the value proposition of SAP Discovery Center, for large/ small & mid-size businesses and how it can help them to quickly adapt to digital innovation. Below, we bring out some questions that you want answers, before you start a journey with us.

Question: What is SAP Discovery Center?

Answer: SAP Discovery Center, is positioned as a low touch enablement, self service tool that help businesses to adopt and drive outcomes for the intelligent enterprise. It means if you are running a business with SAP Cloud Platform or planning to run, with SAP Discovery Center you can run simple!

PS: screenshots are subjected to change.

Q: What does it do?

A: SAP Discovery Center, comprises of what we call missions having a clear objective of learning via on-boarding your business colleagues to co-learn and implement a business specific scenario/ application.

We cater to missions which are backed by specific business use-cases, where your company & co. can jump-start the learning under Onboarding Misisons, use pre-packaged content under Platform Missions, to do a quick pilot all the way to a go-live! If your business requires dedicated attention on how best to plan, prepare and go through the implementation processes our SAP Enterprise Support and DBS team are at your disposal under Serviced Missions.

“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – Mother Teresa

SAP believes in the power of teamwork, hence SAP Discovery Center, enables partner community to publish missions under Partner App Misisons, spanning across five lines of businesses in HR, ERP & Finance, Sales, Procurement and IT. What else could a customer want other than deploying trusted partner applications that extend their existing SAP technology and solutions at scale.


Q: What challenges does SAP Discovery Center solve?

A: SAP Discovery Center, bootstraps adoption journey to the cloud for a business. It simplifies the complex process by giving interactive guidance with best practices for most of the business personas (Decision Makers, Administrators, Solution Architects or Developers) to become fully competent on SAP Cloud Platform.  

Q: Who should use SAP Discovery Center?

A: Thought leaders and decision makers, who want to know more about SAP Cloud Platform and how best it can help them to become enterprise ready and deliver business solutions. Administrators, who want to on-board their colleagues to start a project, Solution Architects, who want to see the potential of a specific business service and how they can leverage the offering and deliver solutions. Developers, who want to develop business applications, Consultants, who want to leverage pre-packaged solutions.

SAP Discovery Center, is best aligned to these business personas and their interest but not limited to.

Q: What does a mission looks like?

A: A mission on SAP Discovery Center, would typically include description mapped to Overview which also has your paint points referred as ‘Current Position’, benefits as your ‘Mission Destination’ and journey as ‘How you Get There’, Use Cases, represents the business scenario a mission is targeted to and it’s objective. Resources, contains best practices guide and related documents, Related Missions, tries to lay out a path after you complete the current mission. View Demo, allows you to quickly refer what will you achieve with this mission, Ask Expert, can be used if you have a pressing questions that needs to be clarified before you Start a Mission. 

We are continuously enhancing the features and making your experience seamless, hence you will see few changes on the website in coming days/ months/ years.

Q: What is the right way to start a mission with SAP Discovery Center?

Answer: Once you have selected the right mission backed by an use case for your company, and identified the right resources who will work on the topic. You can start a mission. We would request you to refer and nominate your business colleagues who can/ want to deliver solutions and has great interest in learning and implementing business solutions. A win-win situation for your company and SAP.

Q: How is it different form other services, guides, tutorials & videos?

A: SAP Discovery Center, compliments the existing resources in the SAP ecosystem. On-boarding, mission leverages the learning journeys, OpenSAP courses. Platform Missions, refers to official SAP help guides, SAP HANA Academy tutorials on Youtube. Partner Missions, can refer to SCN & community posts which may include their product related content. Serviced Mission, may refer to golden guides and specific project metrics.

Additionally, SAP Discovery Center allows businesses not only to on-board their set of customers but also nurture them periodically. This includes campaigns, surveys, rolling updates to name a few.

Q: Do I or my company need to buy something before I start?

A: SAP Discovery Center, as a tool and service comes free of cost. But, it would be the best fit if you have an existing SAP solution or a service, this will help us to tailor the content to your business scenario, if not already covered via existing missions and use cases.

Q: I am a partner, can I put my content on SAP Discovery Center, what is the market size I will address?

A: Being a partner, you and the company are the right match for SAP Discovery Center, for multiplying the knowledge and expertise that you have gained. Currently, SAP Discovery Center, is home for 145+ missions with 1500+ mission started by active users from various companies spanning geographies. So, the market size that you can target with just a small mission is massive, this includes existing and potential user base for your company.

Q: Does publishing my mission on SAP Discovery Center, engage me with the right audience?

A: SAP Discovery Center, makes it mandatory to specify the reason for starting a mission. This allows mission owners and contributors to track the audience, capture their experiences and deliver to their business needs.

As the experts say “Customer is the king/ queen” so a happy customer is a happy business.

Q: Who else is using SAP Discovery Center?

A: SAP partner community, the most active stakeholder are extensively using SAP Discovery Center to generate pipeline for their customer base. This enables them to create an additional revenue channel, get early insights for their solution.

Due to data privacy we can’t name the customers who are on-boarded and reaping the benefits of SAP Discovery Center.

Q: Can I generate direct revenue for my published mission?

A: SAP Discovery Center, enables partners to generate indirect revenue and a pipeline for recurring sales. Assume, your company has your business solution listed on SAP App Center, there you can link the mission via ‘Start A Free Trial’ on subsequent topic to SAP Discovery Center.



Q: How will my/ company journey look, if I/ we start a mission with/ on SAP Discovery Center?

A: It will start with Discovery ie. finding the right mission for you/ company, followed by starting a mission then working along it and finally reaching your destination with a business outcome.

Q: Once my companies mission is published what commitments and expectations are expected out of us?

A:  As the sole objective to start SAP Discovery Center, was to enable businesses quickly adapt to SAP Cloud Platform, we ask you to be supportive to your customers in helping them in their transformation journey. This requires a mission owner to be approachable and guide them in the best possible manner.

From the content perspective we request you constantly have a check and update it, keep yourself in the shoes of first users and how best can it help them to realize an action.

Q: My company couldn’t find missions to our real time project scenario, what shall I do?

A: We are also trying to put new missions on SAP Discovery Center, on a regular basis. But we would be more than happy to know what you were expecting and couldn’t find. Use our ‘Contribute Mission’ under ‘Create Freestyle Mission’ tile to cover that scenario.



Q: Are there enough exciting features that will help my business scale?

A: SAP Discovery Center, allows your company to directly engage with the customer and gain insights on their experiences. On top of it, we have missions where subject matter experts are available as a backup to resolve your key challenges and make the journey noteworthy.

We try to deliver monthly, features/ upgrades/ patches to make the service and tooling as easy as possible.


Because, asking the right question is the answer and while we are working to cover other questions that you are seeking answers for, please try your hands on with missions on SAP Discovery Center

To know more, feel free to drop in comments/ feedback/ suggestions, we are all ears. Try it to believe it!


Passionate women and men have delivered beyond our existing adoption techniques for SAP Cloud Platform to make enterprises intelligent and resilient. Those brave people are our former colleagues, we continue their legacy.

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