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Identify SOAP services responsible for interaction between Ariba and S4 HANA systems (1ZM ,2NV,42K scenarios)


1) Integration Scenario, Communication Scenario and Communication user should be known, which can be checked from Fiori login -> Communication Management-> Communication Arrangement

2) Connectivity should be established with proper communication user ID setup at both Ariba and S4 system

Steps :

1 ) Run T-code SRT_UTIL in SAP backend , Click on Traces -> Provide user name as communication user ID:

Set Performance, Functional and Payload trace as per screen shot and Save configuration.

2) Run the application to trigger the connectivity from Ariba end (PR,PO or any other )
3) in SRT_UTIL T-code, select the communication user ID from the list. View various traces captured for the connectivity
4) Goto Performance trace -> Select respective line item from the log -> Click on display -> Check the Web service name

5 ) Check the service using either of the T-codes below :


Select Web Service Configuration :

Search the Web service name in Object name field and click on the line item to view the details :

T-code : SE80->Enterprise Service Bowser->Click on Open
Web Service Definition tab ->Provide Web service name

Note : To view Enterprise service browser option in SE80 goto Utilities->Settings->select Enterprise Service browser from the list and click ok

6 ) Connection trace can also be viewed from SRT_UTIL -> Message monitor

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