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Chatbot Technologies for Email Marketing: Perks and Pitfalls

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular these days. Many companies are incorporating the use of chatbots in their business structure in order to facilitate the customers better. Chatbots are usually powered by artificial intelligence and are primarily used for providing support to the customers. Organizations like Facebook, Google and Apple have already implemented the use of chatbots and are now moving towards technology that is completely on another level.

Chatbots are exceptional for companies that use email marketing on a regular basis because with chatbots, you can effectively communicate with the customers and make more conversions than before. The sole objective of using a chatbot is to facilitate businesses in providing the best customer support to the clients. Since the emergence of artificial intelligence, chatbots have been used by multiple companies all over the globe.

What is the concept in chatbots?

Chatbots are designed in such a way that they can stimulate real conversations with customers which means that people cannot even tell if they have had a conversation with a machine or not. The technology used in chatbots is fully capable of understanding and comprehending human emotions and interactions. A lot of developments have been made in the technological world and chatbots can perfectly get the meaning of sentiment which is quite an interesting feature.

What is next for chatbots?

The invention of chatbots has taken over the art of email marketing and professional marketers believe and communicating with customers via chatbots is a better option rather than sending out emails. This is because chatbots can do this task much more efficiently and human power can be utilized in areas where more creativity is required. For example; coming up with marketing strategies and ideas as to how potential customers can be converted into loyal clients. However, there are some marketers who are of the view that email marketing is an effective marketing technique and therefore, the combination of both elements should be taken into consideration when designing a marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of using chatbots?

  • There are numerous benefits of using chatbots in your organization. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:
  • The benefit of dynamic communication with a company without delays.
  • The ability to solve issues while still messaging with the machine. Usually, humans take longer periods of time in order to come up with a solution but machines can do this task within minutes.
  • The ability to acquire in-depth information without conducting a lot of research.
  • Available to talk to customers 24/7

Is it possible for chatbots to replace emails?

The utilization of chatbots in emails can help brands improve their image in the market because with chatbots, they can send out personalized emails and reinforce their reputation by adopting a unique marketing style. It is true that when these chatbots are used with email marketing, the results are significantly better, however, one cannot make a bold claim regarding the extinction of email marketing because a lot of companies use this technique and are satisfied with the results.

The use of technology in writing emails enhances the quality of the conversation and therefore professionals use chatbots to communicate with their clients. When a bot is communicating with a client, it can generate valuable insights regarding preferences, interests and buying frequency. In addition to this, with the latest technological equipment, you can keep and maintain a full record of your customers so that you can serve them better when they return to your company for further purchases. This will help you maintain a healthy customer relationship with your clients.

Technology Gives You the Edge  

Most of the times, sales do not just happen instantly. It takes time and effort to make conversions. You need to incorporate the latest technological equipment in your firm so that you can perform better than your competitors and stand out of the intense competition in the market. In addition to this, with the latest technology, you will be able to gather insights regarding the market trends and customer interests which would allow you to craft and design products that are in high demand. It is extremely important to keep an eye on your competitors in order to know what they are up to so that you don’t lag behind in development.

Chatbots and Social Media

Chatbots are very useful for social media platforms because they can instantly predict the ongoing trends and respond quickly to the customers. Customer engagement is an important element of social media marketing and chatbots can help you engage with your customers and respond to their queries so that you can collect valuable information and serve your customers better.

Moreover, for online customers, chatbots can provide the perfect solution. Chatbots can help your customers make an online account on your website and they can make this process much easier for them. In addition to this, based on their past purchases, customers can see the products in which they are interested and this will improve their experience of conducting business with you. Furthermore, chatbots can provide customers with details regarding their purchases, shipping details and notifications as to when their products will be dispatched for delivery.


Chatbots have become an integral part of most of the organizations because they bring good value to the company and they help enhance the experience of the customers. Another very important aspect pertaining to chatbots is that they can increase the level of security of the organization. With machines working as customer representatives, you can easily reveal your financial information without the fear of that information being used somewhere else. You can further enhance the security of your company by installing an encrypted internet connection. According to statistics, Facebook has incorporated more than 100,000 chatbots in order to serve their customer better. Chatbots are the new generation advancement and this is the perfect time to invest in this technology because in the upcoming years more than 80% of the companies will have their own chatbots.

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