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Save Variant in “Manage Prices – Sales” App

To create a variant in “Manage prices – Sales” app, there are some tips need to be noticed. we prepare some example to let you more familiar of this app.

please check all the guide information following

1. Create new variant


You can store the filter value in variant, so that it is easy for you to do search and compare. To create new variant, proceed as follows:

Note: For supporting of dynamic filter columns, our app will determine specific fields for selected condition type and key combination, so we recommend users do not put creating variant which just support you to choose filter columns by yourselves as a first choice.

Note: The term “Material” has been changed to “Product” in this app as of SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2005. In this blog, you may still find the obsolete term “Material” in the screenshots, which is now replaced with the term “Product” on the app’s UIs.


1. Set filter field with preferred value (E.g. Condition Type PCP0, Condition Table 304).

2. Click on the view, My View will unroll.

3. Click Save As button, you can go to the screen to save this variant.

4. Set View name (E.g. Temp_1) and click Save button, then the view change to new one.

Note: Any changes made, the * will be showed nearby variant title.

5. Click Go button, you will get the result by this specified filter fields. Next time you want to use this variant, just chose in My View, this new variant will be available for you.

Note:  All columns will be shown, if you do not un-check fields in Setting before save variant. If you want to show the fields relevant to the filter fields, you need to re-select fields in Setting, then need to update the variant.

Note: After saved variant, only the columns which belongs to condition type and key combination will be marked.

Note: On View Setting, select other fields, such as Condition Currency, if change the condition type, the new determined column will also showed after Editing Status.


In this blog, we introduce variant of  “Manage Prices – Sales” app to you, you can try to create a variant in app.

Reference link of user guide of app

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