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Author's profile photo Katarina Nonhebel-Schaefer

Here come the SAP Champions – It’s all about the people

There has been a long-standing tradition in the community to think about people and every once in a while that goes off course ever so slightly and recently, we had in the past some voices from the community who spoke up and told us, that the “people” aspect was missing. In my point of view, part of the problem is, we replace the word “people” when we talk about community and use terms like “members” and “users”. By using this terminology, it can be easy to forget the people factor. It is very similar how project managers talk about “a resource” or a “headcount”, when they really mean a person. (Btw: My advice is, don’t be shy to use the term “People” when you are referencing to our community participants)

After all, community is all about people. How those people interact with each other and learn to appreciate similarities and differences and how we all learn from each other and care about one another. Thus, when looking at the most active and helpful people within the community we have some people who distinguish themselves in the eyes of their peers and uphold the ideals and spirit in the SAP Community. They are real “Heroes” or “Champions.” Taking this a step more, we have evolved this concept to the SAP Champions program.

The heart of the SAP Champions principle is putting people first. In order to move our SAP Community forward, enrich diversity, and increase engagement we must recognize top performers and enable them to lead their fellow members by example. Our SAP Champions are a bunch of great people who are dedicated to the Community. They love to interact with others (online of offline), have fun, enjoy talking about SAP Community, jump from topic to topic and allow everyone to participate in the discussion. They foster community culture, and get people interested and engaged!

We have now selected the first 23 SAP Champions who are prominent figures within our SAP community, where people trust and value their opinions. Some are well-known faces, some you know from the SAP Mentors Program, some are often seen as speakers at events, organizers of SAP Community events (such as SAP Inside tracks) and others were more acting “behind the scenes.”

Moving forward, these SAP Champions will serve as advocates for and representatives of SAP Community. Whether on or at in-person events, they will help create an inclusive and receptive environment where all individuals are welcome to seek help and exchange knowledge. They’ll promote positive constructive behavior among members – on and off the SAP Community platform.

I am very happy and proud that Thomas Grassl (head of the Developer and Community Relations organization) and Craig Cmehil (head of the Community & Influencers) asked me to become the program manager of the SAP Champions program. I enjoy being in the middle of these people, helping to build bridges.

In my extended role as a Program Manager for Community & Influencers, handling the SAP Mentors, SAP Mentors Alumni and this amazing new program, I will support, encourage and grow the SAP Champions. Our focus and goal of course will be the “people factor”– the most important part of the Community!

The first official presence of SAP Champions will be at SAP TechEd. (Make sure you register for the event

I am looking forward to this journey together with the SAP Champions as we all interact in a happy community.

Stay tuned!

Yours, Katarina “Kati” Fischer

PS: I am open and available for feedback and ideas (here in the comments or at SAP TechEd)

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      Author's profile photo Sriprasad S Bhat
      Sriprasad S Bhat

      Congratulations to all the Champions!!

      Author's profile photo Bartosz Jarkowski
      Bartosz Jarkowski

      Congrats everyone! It's so good to see familiar faces!


      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      Congratulations everyone!  This is going to be so much fun.

      Author's profile photo Craig Cmehil
      Craig Cmehil

      Fantastic to have you all on board and very much looking forward to collaboration and moving things to the next level!

      Author's profile photo Fausto Motter
      Fausto Motter

      Congratulations everyone!! Lets fun!


      Author's profile photo Christian Braukmüller
      Christian Braukmüller

      Helloooo SAPChampions,

      I really like it when the light focus on people and their unique characters that make it so much fun being a part of the community.

      Makes me very happy to see so many that I had the chance to share (sometimes emotionally) thoughts about community and/or bumped into

      • physically (Jakob,Andreas, Jens, Anne, Roland, Damir, Lukasz, Tudor)
      • virtually on Twitter (Phil)
      • and the formerly SAPMentorColleagues.

      Thank you for your enthusiasm & congratulations for being honored as „SAP Champion“.

      Looking forward for a „Champions League“?-like interaction and discuss evil ? plans with all of you 😉



      Author's profile photo Łukasz Pęgiel
      Łukasz Pęgiel

      Evil plans I like the most ?

      Author's profile photo Gaurav Karkara
      Gaurav Karkara

      Congratulations Nabheet Madan and all the champions. Looking forward!

      Author's profile photo Phil Cooley
      Phil Cooley

      Congratulations everyone and really great to see the supportive comments. This is seriously awesome to be part of and super excited !!!!

      Author's profile photo Nabheet Madan
      Nabheet Madan

      Congratulations everyone. Super excited to be part of this group, lets rock it:)

      Author's profile photo Bärbel Winkler
      Bärbel Winkler

      Congratulations everyone! Looking forward to what all we'll be coming up with in our new role to help people get the most out of SAP Community!

      Author's profile photo Roland Knipp
      Roland Knipp

      Congratulations to everyone! Super exited to be part of !

      Author's profile photo Jyoti Prakash
      Jyoti Prakash

      Congratulations everyone! All the very best. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Tamas Szirtes
      Tamas Szirtes

      Congratulations for everyone! Great list of people, very recognizable faces 😉 I hope this group will grow with all the people who are very active in the community in various geographies, so this first group has a big task: to get it all started and make it known and grow. Best wishes for all!

      Author's profile photo Enric Castella Gonzalez
      Enric Castella Gonzalez

      Great news!!


      Congratulations to all the SAP Champions

      Author's profile photo Lingaiah Vanam
      Lingaiah Vanam

      Congratulations SAP Champions and nice to see you all.

      Author's profile photo Mynyna Chau
      Mynyna Chau

      Great work, Katarina Fischer and congratulations to all SAP Champions! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Svea Becker
      Svea Becker

      Congrats to all new SAP Champions and looking forward to seeing you at one of the next SAP Inside Tracks 🙂

      Author's profile photo Shareeq Hussain K M
      Shareeq Hussain K M

      Congratulations everyone.

      Author's profile photo Mario De Felipe
      Mario De Felipe

      Big congrats to all the Champions, excited to see this community growing!


      Author's profile photo Danielle Larocca
      Danielle Larocca

      Welcome to the Community & Influencers family.