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Author's profile photo Ingo Woesner

SAP Customer Order Sourcing – New Cloud Service

Dear omnichannel community,

SAP’s Omnichannel Article Availability and Sourcng (aka OAA) solution for omnichannel retailers is a great success and used by many retailers across the globe for high-volume stock availability determination across distribution centers (DC’s), stores, vendors and 3rd party warehouses, omnichannel order sourcing and reservation of ordered stock.

While the OAA capabilities are an elemental part of many retailer’s omnichannel strategy, other industries are seeking for omnichannel stock visibility and order sourcing optimization across multiple sources, even across multiple back end solutions, as well.

OAA is based on SAP Customer Activity Repository (aka CAR). While SAP CAR is a great solution for store retailers, other non-retail companies are hesitant to implement a dedicated retail SAP solution “just” for omnichannel stock visibility and order sourcing optimization (as well as retail-like promotion pricing, see my other blog).

Industries like high-tech, wholesale, consumer industries, air travel, sports & entertainment, postal, banking, insurance, public sector, etc. … nowadays sell “products” to end consumers. So across these industries “Retail” has become a function to address their digitalized customers.

Long words short: A solution was needed to offer an OAA-like set of capabilities for both Retail and non-Retail companies, independent from SAP CAR, SAP Retail solutiions and best even from any SAP solution set. Best in an even bigger context.

This solution is the SAP Customer Order Sourcing service.

SAP Customer Order Sourcing is a public cloud service based on the SAP Cloud  Platform and offers

  • Calculation of (omnichannel) product availability
    • across DC’s, vendors, 3rd party warehouses and even stores
    • You can use APIs to upload availability raw data. Based on this data and on temporary reservations, the system calculates which products are available to sell and in what quantity across all source types such as stores or distribution centers.
  • Management of sources and source lists
    • You can use APIs to upload, retrieve, and delete sources and their master data, and group sources in source lists. Sources and source lists are used for modeling sourcing strategies. You can also create source lists in the Strategy Builder app.
  • Creation and maintenance of sourcing strategies
  • Calculation of optimal sourcing results
    • You can use APIs to calculate a sourcing result for one or multiple products with specific identifiers. When it calculates the sourcing result, the system runs through the assigned sourcing strategy.
  • Management of temporary reservations
    • You can use APIs to create, retrieve, update, and delete temporary reservations used to reserve products for a customer who is in the checkout process to buy the products. These reservations prevent the same product from being promised to different customers.

SAP Customer Order Sourcing is independent from any back end or SAP industry solution, but of course pre-integrated with SAP S/4HANA (SAP ERP in progress) to retrieve the available-to-sell stock inventory of DC’s.

P.S. SAP Customer Order Sourcing uses the identical data model for stock availability to sell as the successful on-prem solution “Omnichannel Article Availability and Sourcing” (OAA). This makes it simple for OAA customers to switch to the cloud.

SAP Customer Order Sourcing comes with a subscription pricing model based on the number of API calls. See here for details.

More information: 





Dr. Ingo Woesner
Director, Outbound Product Management, SAP C/4HANA Suite

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      Author's profile photo Sakirkha Pathan
      Sakirkha Pathan

      Hi Ingo,

      Thanks for nice summary.

      For use-case where one just want article availability functionality (not sourcing / fulfillment) in that case:

      Does this Customer Order Sourcing service requires SAP S4HANA or ECC as prerequisite to function?


      Can this service be used with any 3rd party ERP / legacy applications for customer who doesnt have SAP ECC / S4hana and no CAR?

      Thanks, Sk


      Author's profile photo Ingo Woesner
      Ingo Woesner
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sk,

      that is a very good question, and I am tempted to say YES, as the import API of COS is independent tfrom (any) back end.

      However, devil is in the detail, so allow me to invite the product owners of COS to answer your question with their first hand expertise.

      in the meantime you may want to check their blogs (see below), especially the technical blog.

      Best regards,



      SAP Customer Order Sourcing (COS) - new cloud service (independent from SAP CAR)

      Author's profile photo Kay Loehmann
      Kay Loehmann

      Hi SK,

      thanks for your question.

      Ingo is correct. Our service endpoints are implemented in an open way and do not depend on any type of system.

      And of course, you can only make use of the availability endpoint if you like.

      Just keep in mind that when uploading availability data from any system, 3rd party ERP etc. they must conform to our endpoint data model.

      This model can be found in the API Hub, which is publicly available.

      Hope that helps. Please let us know, how we can help you further.

      Thanks. Kay.

      Author's profile photo Sakirkha Pathan
      Sakirkha Pathan

      Hi Ingo, Kay,

      Thank you so much for taking time to check on this. Appreciate your input on this.

      Its very good news because few customers are not on SAP ERP or have multiple systems But want functionality around real time inventory availability.

      I am not technical so let me pass API info to our team for checking further.

      Thanks once again for your input.

      Regards, Sk


      Author's profile photo diego fojo oliveira
      diego fojo oliveira

      Hi Ingo Woesner - First of all, thanks for the summary.

      I have a potential client who might be interested on exploring SAP Customer Order Sourcing, however they have a DC setup where by goods are located in multiple storage locations. In simple terms: a storage location for B2B stock and another storage location for B2C. Therefore, the eCommerce / CRM applications should only check ATP against the B2C storage location.

      Is it possible to setup Sources per storage location and integrate the Available Raw Data position at this level? Based on the documentation available, did I understand correctly that an Available Raw Data call to ERP is only made in groups of 20 items max? This means, if 100 items are available at this Source (based on Master Data setup in ERP), we would need to setup 5 different calls (5x20) specifying the SKU's/products in each call?

      Look forward to hearing from you.

      Thanks, Diego


      Author's profile photo Kay Loehmann
      Kay Loehmann

      Hi Diego,

      i’m the product owner of the SAP Customer Order Sourcing solution.

      Could you please get in touch with me, so we can discuss your customer requirements?

      We would also like to provide you with a demo.

      Based on your comment, it seems that SAP Customer Order Sourcing would be a good fit.

      My contact email is:

      Thanks. Kay.