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EU VAT quick fix-3-blog 2

Following the initial blog for the VAT hot fix-3 ( we will explore the solution in more detail and also provide the required configuration for solution.

In the previous blog we explore the problem and a possible solution for VAT quick fix 3. Now there could be multiple ways to create sales order based on business requirement:-

  • Sales order created manually
  • Sales order created using IDOC / RFC – Sales order create with reference

Also with the status profile setup we can look at using standard reporting-VA05 ( with status shown in the output) or Track sales order Fiori app. ( or build a small custom SQL query for  VBUK & VBUP tables.

We will explore in this blog the build needed included the configuration and an end to end flow which can stand up to the above cases which most businesses will have.


Build includes:

  1. Status Profile-Setup of status profile with an additional status of VAT ID check
  2. Custom field on additional tab to capture VAT No. –
  3. Once the status is changed to VAT maintained – Enhancement to ensure custom field is filled appropriately
  4. Enhancement to flip or maintain Status Profile during Sales Order-Optional as this will be relevant for IDOC / Create with reference scenario.


Configuration: Create user status profile (For EU VAT control) and assign to relevant sales order type


From EU VAT stand point of sales order creation process and data processing would be same. There could be possibility that some organizations might be using status profile in existing steps. In that case one option could be modify existing profile and add relevant status for VAT control

Scenario 1 : Sales order created manually. Ship to party from EU member

Sales order created with initial status of sales order created. This status controls subsequent document generation of delivery. However other logistic processes like MRP Run will not be impacted

User Status:

Delivery creation error


MRP Run:



VAT ID for ship to party maintained. After maintaining of VAT ID of Ship to Party user status of sales order will be changed automatically

VAT ID maintained

Status profile changes:


Check create delivery transaction: After Status profile changed to EU VAT maintained system allow for out bound delivery creation VL01N


Scenario 2: Sales order created with reference. Ship to party from EU member

Creation of sales order from Inquiry

Create sales order with reference to Inquiry

Document flow:

Status Profile

Post change in Status Profile, SAP allows the user to create the outbound delivery



For reporting the order status we can use VA05 which has status in the output of the report.

Also you can build a small SQL query using the SAP table-VBUK & VBUP tables.


Other details and documentation

You can find the details of the configuration in the below link:-

The website shows as “not secure”, please bear with me and I am trying to figure out web design.

🙂 🙂

You can also email me

Hope you found the two blogs useful, would love you feedback and comments.




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