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U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2019

Hello community,

This is our U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2019 blog. If you have questions about 2019 Year-End reporting, you can post it here. This blog will be updated with tips, best practices and, SAP Notes related to this subject.

SAP notes:
2817168 – U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2019 Announcement
2835543 – TR: Q3/2019 Functional changes for U.S. Tax Reporter
2826499 – Year End 2019 Phase I for U.S. Tax Repórter
2837192 – W-2 / 1099-R Forms, Envelopes and PR Approval letter for year 2019
2835958 – TR: Wrong PDF form displayed in Online W-2 via ESS
2854591 – TR: Increased Decimals for Form 940 in Tax Reporter
2861877 – Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 2842519
2842519 – Year End 2019 Phase II for U.S. Tax Reporter.
Manual steps – to run the report NOTE_2842519
2866964 – TR: Massachusetts PFML and Oregon Statewide Transit Tax not being shown in Third-Party W-2 and W-2C
2867063 – TR: PSD code XXXXXX-XX format for PA localities is not being reported for the Third-Party W-2 and W-2c electronic file formats
2875358 – Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 2869546
2869546 – TR: Q4/2019 Functional changes for U.S. Tax Reporter
Manual steps – to run the report NOTE_2869546
2875381 – Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 2869548
2869548 – Year End 2019 Phase III for U.S. Tax Reporter
Manual steps – to run the report NOTE_2869548
2877329 – TR: Incorrect record and positions being reported in SUI electronic file for Maryland
2856009 – TR: Missing 1W record when generating a SUI electronic file for New York

Important corrections:
2852878 – BSI: Technical Correction changes
2853869 – TAX: Additional withholding not considered and Regular wages classified as Supplemental
2864644 – BSI: Tax data synchronization error during transition from TaxFactory 10.0 to TaxFactory 11.0
2870221 – Post-implementation objects for SAP Note 2845529
2855926 – BSI: internat error US_UPDATE_TXIT_FROM_TAXES in BSI Tax Calculation
2876817 – V_BTXRATE & V_BTXOVFR: not saving Experience Rate and incorrect number of digits for Tax Type
2877989 – PY-US: Technical changes for future development and corrections
2878074 – BSI: Update to BTXRATE read
2878011 – [US] Form 941 data missing for column 2 in steps 5a to 5d.
2888732 – TR: Oregon Statewide Transit Tax incorrectly being reported as negative value in Form W-2C

Publication 1494
2871698 – GARN: IRS Publication 1494 for tax year 2020

To be able to access the Year-end 2019 in the Globalization finder page you need to be logged on (similar to SAP Service Marketplace) because it is a gated area and would need authorization.

To review the planned Legal changes for US, start the Announcement of Legal Change application. In ‘Adapt Filters’ you can define an SAP ERP U.S. Tax Reporter Year End view with a default filter, for example for component PY-US-TR and Planned Delivery Date between 01/Oct/2019 and 31/Jan/2020.

ASUG Webcast: HCM U.S. Payroll and Tax Reporting 2019 Year End Update

When: October 03, 2019 (1 hr with 30 min ext max on need basis)
•09:30 AM (PT)
•10:30 AM (MT)
•11:30 AM (CT)
•12:30 PM (ET)

This presentation will provide an Annual Year End update for SAP customers on HCM U.S Payroll. Learn whats new and what is coming next for:
•SAP ERP HCM U.S. OP Payroll and SAP EC Payroll
•SAP Payroll Tax Calculation
•SAP HCM U.S. Tax Reporter
•SAP HCM U.S. Year End Support

Register via the ASUG event page.


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  • Hello community,

    Following notes released:
    2875358 – Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 2869546
    2869546 – TR: Q4/2019 Functional changes for U.S. Tax Reporter
    Manual steps – to run the report NOTE_2869546
    2875381 – Prerequisite objects for SAP Note 2869548
    2869548 – Year End 2019 Phase III for U.S. Tax Reporter
    Manual steps – to run the report NOTE_2869548


  • /
  • Hi Graziela -

    My apologies for posting on this site, but my company's cybersecurity will not allow me to post to the two W4 blogs.  We applied the new enhancement notes that came out on Friday, but still cannot view the new W4 fields in ESS.

    The component controller context node IT0210  has the new fields, but the context node IT0210 in the view V_W4 does not.  What step am I missing?  Thank you.

  • We are getting the below error  in the Tax Reporter Log when running the Tax Reporter simulation for W2's in the background.  Our Basis team confirmed our ADS connection is working fine has anyone else seen this issue?  We also run the configuration checker and no errors are detected.  We are opening a ticket with SAP.

  • Update this error message occurred when we ran it yesterday when we do the run today there are no errors now.  We did runs prior to 01/01/2020 and there were no errors then so not sure if this is a sporadic issue with Tax Reporter or if there was a sporadic issue with the ADS connection?

  • Does anyone has issue with delete tax form results using PU19->Utilities->delete prod pcl4? when we tried to delete form results, we get message after some time saying 'maximum runtime exceeded' where log manager is empty with no form number however online W2 results still exist and not deleted in IT3228. we implemented note: 2865992 and tested again still has same problem. Does anyone has similar problem?




  • /

    Note 2866964 – TR: Massachusetts PFML and Oregon Statewide Transit Tax not being shown in Third-Party W-2 and W-2C


    Is anyone else still having issues with the PFML presenting on temse after this note has been applied?  Disregard the issue is with a customized output file we have.

  • Has anyone had issues applying the 4th Quarter OSS note (2869546) or Phase III OSS note (2869548)?  Have you noticed that it doesn’t update all the changes in your system?

    We have applied both notes, but the mag media changes are not showing up in our system. For note 2869546 there should be changes for State of Maryland (HR_F_MMREF_UI_MD) and State of Arizona (HR_F_CSV_UI_AZ).  The form changes are added because these are in the zip files.  For note 2869548 there should be changes for State of Idaho, the MMREF-1 and State of Maine, the MMREF-1.  Again the form changes are added with the zip files, but the mag media updates are not happening.

    Are you applying these notes to your client 000 or all clients?


  • Graziela/Community,


    PA EE Unemployment Tax and Local Service Tax - Box 14

    Our payroll group is stating that PA is requiring that EE UI and LST taxes be reported in box 14 of W2.  Is this a change that has or will be provided by SAP?  Or, is everyone expected to make the change in configuration via Tax Form groups?

    • Cherylnita, we are a PA based employer and do not report either of these on the W2 and we haven't found any regulation on mandatory reporting requirements or any changes to reporting requirements.  (PA Dept of Revenue – only cares about income tax, PA UC – wants the tax and wages reported by the employer and for eligibility for an employee to claim UC benefits, PA DCED – didn’t have any thing on W-2 reporting for LST.)

  • Graziela/Community - Does SAP provide MMREF formatted files for reporting year end W-2 information to PA Tax Collection Districts (TCD)?  Per my research, TCD's such as York/Adams and Berkheimer accept electronic filing in MMREF Federal format.  I'm not finding these local formats under "Define Original Tax Forms" (T51T8).

    Thank you

    • Cindy, a good reference is OSS note#: 1797029 - PA Act 32 - Frequently Asked Questions for
      Tax Reporter and below is the section for monthly reporting and there is also guidance for the W2 in the note:

      4. Generating reports on a monthly basis

      SAP introduced an option for supporting the generation of forms on a monthly basis in the beginning of 2012 with Note 1672059. Therefore, if your company needs to file monthly, it is possible to create a new tax form class in the Customizing activity "Payroll USA -> Tax Reporter -> Tax Form Definition -> Custom Forms -> Create user-defined tax form classes" setting attribute "Tax form class generation type" with value "R". This tax form class then needs to be mapped to a form. SAP Note 1672059 describes in detail how to execute this procedure.

  • Hi,

    We have applied the Year End Phase III note and created the From HR_F_940_SCHA_19 copying from HR_F_940_SCHA_16. When we run the Tax reporter for From 940, the both the form created.

    We can able to see HR_F_940_SCHA_19 and HR_F_940_SCHA_16 created. Seems HR_F_940_SCHA_16 is duplicate as we have the new form HR_F_940_SCHA_19.

    Do we need to deactivate the form HR_F_940_SCHA_16? If yes, please let me know the procedure.




  • Yes we have applied 2875381 and Year End Phase III. The Note has not been delimited the form  and HR_F_940_SCHA_16. Not the table T5UX7 is showing Form HR_F_940_SCHA_16 and HR_F_940_SCHA_19 valid until 12/31/9999. I need to manually delimit the form HR_F_940_SCHA_16. Previous OSS notes delimits these forms when we use the Cust transport attached in the OSS note. This note not having any Cust or Sys transports. As i have seen the previous update, SAP always releasing the HR_F_940_SCHA_** along with HR_F_940_**. This time i can see the new form HR_F_940_SCHA_19 and i am not seeing any form HR_F_940_19. Are you planning to release new form HR_F_940_19 or still we need to use HR_F_940_16.

    Please let me know.



  • Hi,

    When we run PU19 it is not creating a W-2 self-sealer ​pdf.  It creates the employee copy, W-3, W-2 audit report, W-2 authority copy, W-2 state/local summary and W-2 emp copy ESS.  We created self-sealer pdf's last year.  Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    While reviewing our 2019 W2's, we found out that box 18 is doubled for cases where employee lives in one PA local and works in other PA local. where as taxes withheld for both locals, /701 is same for both locals. SAP adds /701 of both locals and duplicate box 18. These cases should have /701 not duplicated.

    We have an employee  who lives in PCD0 and works in PAK6 which has PAK6 as remittance Authority.

    When we run US W2 for this employee, we could see her box 18 is doubled with /701 wages of both locals.

    PAK6 YTD for /701 is 100000.00

    PCD0 YTD for /701 is 100000.00

    Total of both 200000.00 (box 18)

    This is incorrect as BOX 18 in this case should report only one /701 which is 100000.00

    Anyone encounters the same?



      • I just double checked our 2019 W2's and 95% have the same scenario as Gayathri explains in his post (PA locals for both Work and Residence Tax) and we do not have this issue so I am not sure. We use the standard W-2 form for Online (HR_F_W2_MULT_11) and a custom SAP Script form for printed copies.

        The difference may be that we withhold and report /701 for the Residence and the Local Services Tax /784 for the Work site if the worksite locality requires it (and zero for Worksite if not). Per PA tax law you are not to deduct and report local taxes (/701) for both Residence and Worksite.

  • In the middle of December, Ohio released the updated school districts tax rate changes along with new districts. As of the latest TUBS update, the school district changes have not been released.

    We have several teammates who will be affected by both the tax changes and the new authorities. Is it possible to get an estimate time frame of when these will be released by BSI?



  • Hi Graziela/Community,

    We are seeing a new issue this year after generating Online W2's for 2019.  IT 3228 (for employees with over 7 years of online W2's, i.e. 2012 through 2018) is not displaying the 2019 detail record.  It appears that the vertical scrollbar for the window is not enabled.  Is anyone else experiencing this or is this a known issue?



  • Hi,


    This is little urgent. When we generate the W2, the HR_F_MMREF_1 file got created with incorrect Header. The first and second line is flipped up. We are getting the error "No header line defined for the file" when we download the form.


    Anybody is facing this issue? Please let me know.



    Muguntha Ramanujam.

  • Hi Graziela,

    After generating 2019 W2's, some of the employees who has IT3228 valid from 01/01/2012 are not able to view their 2019 W2's online on IT3228. Is there a fix already for this issue?





  • Hello Graziella/ Community,

    For an employee working in NE and residing in KS, the Reportable wages got generated for residence tax authority even though he Nexus indicator was maintained as 0 in T5UTRC.  Have anyone come across this issue ? Please share if anyone has come across similar issues

  • HRSP 74 introduced a bug that is causing issues with our W2C processing through ESS.


    There was a sort of all forms added in the code that was added, and a subsequent selection did not take it into consideration.


    In ESS, people are getting the W2C when Clicking on the W2, and the W2 when clicking on the W2C.  If the person has multiple locations, it will not bring up the proper forms at all.


    We are opening a HIGH OSS message, but wanted to know if this has been reported.  It seems like others would have the problem.

    OSS note 2835958 fixed a sort issue, but when the form is selected, it does not take the new sorted table into consideration.


    *$ Correction Inst.         0020751259 0000606087                     $*
    *$ Req. Corr. Instructions  0020751259 0000526180 Note 0002757111     $*
    *$ Valid for       :                                                  $*
    *$ Software Component   EA-HRCUS                                      $*
    *$  Release 608          SAPK-60859INEAHRCUS - SAPK-60873INEAHRCUS    $*
    *& Object          METH CL_HRESS_REP_LIST_FEED_W2
    *&                      IF_FPM_GUIBB_LIST~GET_DATA
    *& Object Header   CLAS CL_HRESS_REP_LIST_FEED_W2

        "Gives default sorting
    *>>>> START OF DELETION <<<<<
        SORT lt_q3228_us_lin BY seqnr      ASCENDING
                                foryear    DESCENDING
    *>>>> END OF DELETION <<<<<<<
    *>>>> START OF INSERTION <<<<
        SORT lt_q3228_us_lin BY foryear    DESCENDING
                                seqnr      DESCENDING
    *>>>> END OF INSERTION <<<<<<



  • hi Graziela,

    Should there be a HR_F_MMREF_1_DC file for the DC W2?  I don't see it in Tax Reporter and it's using the HR_F_MMREF_1 version when I run employees with DC taxes.

    Also, can the NAICS code field (RV location 333) on the Maryland W2 be taken from a field?  We have multiple companies with different NAICS codes using the same file layout and I don't know how to populate different NAICS codes.



  • Hello -

    Does anyone have an issue with W-2's not being created if an employee has more than 4 entries for box 12?

    We have several employees that have 5 entries for box 12 and when we run Tax Reporter it only creates one of two W-2's the person should have.  I can see the structure P10_SHR_F_W2 only has 4 entries listed for box 12, but not sure that is what is preventing both W-2's from processing.

    Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions!

  • Hi Graziela,

    Is there any timeline for using FIORI to access W2's?

    We are prototyping Fiori and one requirement is for all current ESS functionality to be available.






  • Hello,

    Has anyone tested State Unemployment quarterly reports for 2020?  We are having issues with the tax rate not being picked up correctly from BTXRATE.


    • Hi Anna,

      Please, confirm if you have notes:

      2876817 – V_BTXRATE & V_BTXOVFR: not saving Experience Rate and incorrect number of digits for Tax Type
      2877989 – PY-US: Technical changes for future development and corrections
      2878074 – BSI: Update to BTXRATE read
      2878011 – [US] Form 941 data missing for column 2 in steps 5a to 5d.


      • Hello Graziela,

        We applied note 2876817 before end of 2019.  Note 2878074 does not apply since it is for v.608.  I will apply the other two notes and see if the problem is fixed.

        Thank you, Anna

      • Hello

        All these notes are applicable for BSI 10 version?


        2876817 – V_BTXRATE & V_BTXOVFR: not saving Experience Rate and incorrect number of digits for Tax Type
        2877989 – PY-US: Technical changes for future development and corrections
        2878074 – BSI: Update to BTXRATE read
        2878011 – [US] Form 941 data missing for column 2 in steps 5a to 5d.



  • Hi all,

    We are testing the latest round of W-2 Notes, most specifically the Phase III Note which delivers the Washington PFML functionality, but we've hit a snag. The Note works, in that in our test system, employee contributions to WA PFML are being reported on the W-2 in Box 14.

    The problem is that when we issued the original W-2s in January, we didn't have that functionality, so we didn't report anything in Box 14 for any employees, and now that we're in the season for reprints and corrections, our Payroll Office insists that they'd like to keep it this way for 2019 reporting (we'll start reporting PFML contributions for tax year 2020 on next year's W-2s).

    I know that we can configure the behavior of this reporting by configuring V_T5F99K2, option TR004, but the only valid options are 0, 1, or 2. 0 means report only PFL taxes, 1 means report only PML taxes, and 2 (the default) means report combined PFML taxes.

    There is no option to suppress all PFML reporting and print nothing for this in Box 14, but that's what our Payroll Office wants us to do.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that do not involve modifying SAP standard code? Since Washington State says that reporting PFML employee contributions on the W-2 is optional, it seems there should be an option for employers to not report it.


    • If you look at the manual instructions

      "Manual Instructions for SAP Note 2866964"

      it shows where this information is added to the tax form.  You should be able to blank this out for 2019 and get it to stop printing.

      The manual instructions are not in the NOTE itself, but in a PDF attached to the note.


      • Thanks, David.

        As it turns out, with continued testing. the reprints show the Box 14 data in Test mode, but if they are done in Production mode for an employee whose original W-2 did not have Box 14 data, then the reprint also will not have Box 14 data. In other words, it truly is a reprint of the previously-generated W-2.

        So, we don't have a problem after all. Only newly-generated W-2s have the Box 14 data. This is good to know!


  • Hi, We would like to set FSA limit for the year 2750, Changed constant value HFSA1, activated switch HCFSA but still limit is not applied could you share some inputs.

    Thanks & Regards


    • Hi Former Member ,

      Can you ellaborate more on your question? If you can describe your scenario in more details so that I can help with a solution.

      Kind regards,


  • Hi,

    Is there an SAP report for the Employer Report of Special Wage Payments, Form SSA-131?  I couldn't find anything and have been manually creating it.



  • Hi,

    Has a Blog been setup yet for 2020 Tax Reporter Year End?  I see for the 2019 this occurred around mid-August so I wanted to make sure I hadn't missed seeing the link.