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SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing – New Cloud Service

Dear retail community,

The SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing (OPP) based on SAP CAR is available since mid of 2016.

So far the following deployment options have been supported to ensure the performance and reliability in high- and low-volume sales channels within and outside an SAP ecosystem. 

  • Local deployment in the corresponding sales channels
    • SAP (ex Hybris) Commerce on-prem
    • SAP Omnichannel POS by GK Software
    • Black Box deployment for non-GK/non-SAP environments
  • Central deployment within SAP CAR

Since April 2019 a 3rd deployment option is available


Why an OPP Cloud service?

Introducing SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing as a cloud-based solution is what customers are asking for to expedite the implementation of omnichannel promotion pricing capabilities in diverse digital sales channels such as e-commerce incl. 3rd party webshops, mobile apps, social media shopping platforms etc. SAP provides a standard integration with SAP Commerce Cloud (from 1905.08) with the OPP cloud service.

Promotion Pricing, regardless of its deployment, allows to overcome the situation where each system (e.g. POS, Web, ERP…) has its own price and promotion repository and its own price calculation logic, which makes it impossible to have consistent pricing across all sales channels. Read this blog to learn more.

Solution Overview

The Calculation service calculates effective sales prices in the respective customer context for one product or for a set of products by applying promotional rules. It can be used in the sales channel applications like Web, POS, SD Sales Order, etc.

The calculation of the effective promotion prices in the OPP on-premise version is the same as for the OPP cloud-based version, as the code line is identical.

The Data Upload service is used to upload regular base sales prices and promotional rules to the cloud environment. This data is the basis for the calculation of effective sales prices and is used by all services delivered with SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing.

The Data Access service (OData service) is used to read sales prices and promotional rules. It allows customers to read the sales prices and promotional rules stored in the repository and to check the uploaded data, as there is no UI available at the moment.

Finally the Administration service is used to delete obsolete sales prices and promotional rules in the cloud environment, based on various filters, e.g. the expiry date.

Fig.1: SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing based on SAP Cloud Platform.


The OPPS cloud service is available in the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment.

Please note: The OPPS cloud service comes with a subscription license pricing based on the number of mio. API calls. For license pricing please find details here.


Number of API calls – what does that mean?

  • The cloud-based solution SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing is used to determine the sales price (including promotional discounts) for products in a given context; this takes place via so called API calls
  • An API call takes place any time the sales channel application calls the calculation service to determine the sales price for the products
    • Examples: For one product in the product details page of a Web shop; for a current shopping cart every time it is changed
  • The usage of the calculation service is measured by the number of API calls
  • Definition of metric: An API Call means a single call made to a Cloud Service API in a contract year. A contract year is a 12-month period beginning on the first day of the Subscription Term or its annual anniversary.

Some sales channel specific examples:

    • Store: Any time the cashier scans an article (“beep”) at POS
    • Ecommerce, mobile app:
      • display product details page, enter shopping cart, perform check out
      • Note: no API calls are made for web shop search results and product lists when navigating through shop categories > here the (base) sale prices are retrieved from the SOLR search engine).
    • SD Sales Order: Any time the sales person creates / changes a sales order


Example for webshop volume on OPP-S API:

      • Conversion Rate: 3%
      • Average Page Views: 7,5
      • Number of transactions/orders per year: 150.000
      • Average number of products/items per transaction: 4

>> Conversion Factor: 1/0,03*7,5 = 250

>> Number of API Calls per year:

Conversion factor * Average number of positions per transaction * Number of transactions per year

250* 4* 150.000

Number of API Calls per year = 150.000.000


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