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Disclosure Management – iXBRL for ESEF

Since Disclosure Management Stack 1400 the application can generate iXBRL that will soon be required by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)

See: ESEF Becomes European Law 


As creating iXBRL in Disclosure Management requires some specific setup, I have created this WIKI that explains the necessary steps.


I would welcome any feedback and suggestions on the content.


A useful resource is the following page – this shows how other companies use iXBRL and shows used extended taxonomies, context / unit setup etc.



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  • Hi,


    we’ve done all the steps included in the guide, but when we create the instance iXBRL, the report is generated correctly, but the content of the .zip file contains only a .txt file with the resume, but aby XBRL is generated.

    Any suggestion?



    • Hi Daniel


      First, checking if this is perhaps a archive (zip) problem

      On the iXBRL instance, go to the ‘revisions’ tab

      Do you see 2 files generated (instance and preview) and is the size reasonably large (e.g. 2 Mb +)





      • Hi,


        When we create the instance, the execution looks fine:

        But we only have one file:

        Whn we download the file (.zip) it contains a .txt file with this content:

        Período: ESMA
        Informe: iXBRL ESMA Instance
        Revisión: 24
        Creado el: 2020-02-11 09:03:58
        Creado por: Usuario de pruebas 3 (TestUser3)
        Comentario: Documento generado


        Also if we review the log, there is a strange message:

        Can be a problem with the plugins?


        Thank you for your help.




        • Seems the issue is with the download…i.e. the real content is not downloaded

          The screenshot shows that the instance was created OK


          I suggest you open an OSS ticket on SMP

  • Hi,


    Finally we can create the xbrl file. Another question, if we have different Excel reports, the mapping with the taxonomy must be only in one Excel or we can mapping in different reports to generate the xbrl file?