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Latest News on SAP for Me

Hello all,

I would like to use this blog to keep you updated on

  • new features
  • latest fixes
  • further improvements
  • or other relevant things like new documents or videos

Additionally, here is an overview of all currently published blogs in the context of SAP for Me.

I’m going to use this quick & easy channel until we have established a specific area that automatically pushes this kind of info to you, inside of SAP for Me.

I hope you will like the things to come through SAP for Me in the upcoming time.

All the best,


Chief Product Owner of SAP for Me.

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December 04, 2019

New Features

  • Learning Certificates on ‘Knowledge’ tab on user profile
  • Multiple extensions to backend


Customer-driven Improvements

  • “On-Premise / Cloud” switch removed to simplify product cards in Intelligent Home


Latest Fixes

  • [Fixed] Systems data not loading on systems tab in Product Detail Page
  • [Fixed] System sort on Products Card not working
  • [Fixed] Default sorting of Cloud Consumption card not working
  • [Fixed] Duplicate entries for systems in Product Detail Page
  • [Fixed] Data in Product Card not matching with orders card


October 22, 2019

New Features

  • Multiple extensions to backend


Latest Fixes

  • [Fixed] Newly linked universal accounts are not immediately visible
  • [Fixed] Incorrect number of entries at the top of the table in license tab of Product Detail Page
  • [Fixed] The “See All” functionality in the license tab on the Product Detail Page opens an unfiltered view of all licenses across all products
  • [Fixed] No data displayed for orders and consumption for some users in Intelligent Home
  • [Fixed] Incorrect column title ‘Type’ in the systems card on the Product Detail Page


September 24, 2019

New Features

  • Product-Related Contacts in Your Company can now be edited (Self-Service)
  • SAP Universal ID is now also connected to SAP ONE Support Launchpad
    (Conditional Login mode)


September 15, 2019

New Features


September 12, 2019

New Features

  • Filter option in Support Incident chart
  • Drag & Drop for Cards and Groups


Latest Fixes

  • [Fixed] Same contractual contacts shown multiple times in Product Detail Page.
  • [Fixed] Total Products KPI shows 0 products in the top header of Intelligent Home, even though there are products
  • [Fixed] My Incidents KPI in the top header of Intelligent Home is sometimes placed not correct
  • [Fixed] Breadcrumb on the Product Detail Page does not work as expected
  • [Fixed] Systems Overview Card in Product Detail Page shows status ‘Running’ even though there’s no system available at all
  • [Fixed] License Overview Card in Product Detail Page shows status ‘Compliant’ even though there’s no license available at all
  • [Fixed] The field ‘Leading Product’ in the system list of the Product Detail Page sometimes shows a URL
  • [Fixed] The ‘Active Users per License’ learning card in Intelligent Home shows up even though it has been deselected during the onboarding


Further Improvements

  • Shortened Incident ID in Support Incident Card


August 30, 2019

New Features

  • No new features with this deployment


Latest Fixes

  • [Fixed] Learning Overview in Intelligent Home is missing an information if no data is available
  • [Fixed] Learning Overview in Intelligent Home shows “NaN” instead of the percentage value
  • [Fixed] Total Products KPI in Intelligent Home shows 0 while products are available
  • [Fixed] The product list shows more license overconsumptions in Intelligent Home than exist
  • [Fixed] Try-Me is extremely slow or doesn’t come up at all


Further Improvements

  • Significant performance improvements deliver up to 57% increased performance.
  • Our framework is now ready to perform blue/green deployements. This will reduce downtimes of SAP for Me to a minimum and marks first step towards a real 24/7 availability of SAP for Me.


August 14, 2019

New Features

  • The Support Incident Card now shows a chart which provides an overall view of your incidents. Card is located in Intelligent Home.
  • The feedback dialog at the top right of the page also includes a direct link to our satisfaction survey, now.
  • The breadcrumbs on the Product Detail page now also include the Portfolio Category
  • Each Product Detail pages indicates the portfolio category as subtitle
  • The user profile contains a new section “Knowledge” displaying the active and scheduled learnings


Latest Fixes

  • [Fixed] Dropdown in Products Card shows no data, wrong data or behaves weird
  • [Fixed] Dropdown in Orders Card shows no data, wrong data or behaves weird
  • [Fixed] Support Incident Card doesn’t show the full incident ID
  • [Fixed] Support Incident Card shows inconsitent status information
  • [Fixed] Learning journeys in Product Detail Page show wrong data
  • [Fixed] Header menu doesn’t collapse after navigation


Further Improvements

  • Several improvements on the overal performance of SAP for Me
  • Several compliance fixes in regards to Fiori 3.0 theme
  • Several small fixes to landing page on including that we now mention to people who have no S-User, yet, to use in the meantime to learn more about SAP for Me.


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