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Touch or no touch, that’s the question.

An emergency transport of changed and potentially loaded objects into a running SAP system is always thrilling for the one pressing the button in STMS.

For SAP it is quite easy, they just tell not to do so.

So I thought to start a blog and log import problems. Maybe it will help others a little to reduce the thrill.

As this is always kernel dependent, I add the kernel. And if you contribute your fails or successes, please also add the kernel version of your system.


Kernel 745 / 753

Import of public components DDIC (e.g. Tables/Structures) , public class components (CPUB) / Interfaces are risky and can result in a dumps of like 


Import of DDIC translations lead to a generation of dependent DDIC objects and therefore to new timestamps

Import of pure code LIMU REPS, LIMU METH, LIMU FUNC seem to work.

Major import failures:

A (new) implicit enhancement in the source code of a SAP class lead to many short dumps.

Customizing transport FI validations (GGB0) led to failure in “Method Execution” ( generation of depending programs ). Since then we check the methods of the customizing object in transaction SOBJ.







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  • Hello Jürgen,


    Thanks for sharing. I believe it is also valid to share solution to mentioned errors, once available.

    For mismatch related ones, we can find the summary on how to solve them in KBA 2169739.