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Signatures ~ Default it in SAP Service Cloud

Business Use Case:

Signatures are widely used in an organisation on every response sent out of the organisation, especially when it is as a response to a ticket or a case of that organization. Using this feature of the SAP Service Cloud an organization can achieve harmonized responses being sent out from different divisions.

Consider the following example. ABC corporation is a leading manufacturing organisation which provides spare parts to the reputed manufacturers of the automobile industries. ABC corp has various divisions pertaining to the different spare parts being used in the automobiles.

  • Division 1: Related to Nuts & Bolts
  • Division 2: Manufactures shafts
  • Division 3: EMP Processors

Now in such a huge organisation, division 1 have a different signature than division 2, and agents have to be very specific about these when they are sending an email interaction.

With this new feature this can be achieved easily. An admin user can define the signatures for each line of business in the system and then an agent can log in to the system and apply the signature using the default signature functionality.

Procedure to use this feature:

Admin User

The end user with administrative priviledges needs to specify the signatures in the system.

Steps to create signature in the system:

  • Go to Templates Work Centre View under Service Work Centre Floor-plan.
  • Select the New Template option to open the Quick Create.

Create as many signatures required by the organisation. While doing so the user should remember to set the signature as corporate or else other users won’t be able to see the signature.

Service Agent:

The service agent needs to select the signature dedicated for his/her division.

Steps to set default signature:

  • Go to Settings option available for every user.
  • Then select My Email Settings from the available options.
  • Next click on the edit option (the pencil icon) to pull up the available signatures in the system.
  • The user needs to Select the appropriate signature from the list (above step) pertaining to his/her division in the organisation and click on Save/Save and Close.

Now when the user replies to or creates an interaction in a ticket, the signature (set via My Email Settings) is applied by default.

Note: This can also be used by an end user to default their own signature.
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