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How to redefine a CDS based Odata Service with Annotations ?

This blog will give you details on how to link the annotations of the Odata Service created  based on CDS  with the redefined service.


Whenever you redefine a Odata service which  was created based on CDS reference, the annotations of the redefined service will not be linked with the new Odata service .

We will now see how to eliminate this problem with one configuration technique.


  1. First of  all lets have a look at how the SEGW project  which was created based on CDS .

This Odata service has annotation model linked to this service.

The highlighted one is the Annotation model created and associated with the service in         transaction /IWBEP/REG_VOCAN.

The above mapping in /IWBEP/REG_VOCAN is an automated process.

2. What will happen if there is an service assignment in transaction /IWBEP.REG_VOCAN ?

When you register the Odata  service, it will check for the entry in transaction  /IWBEP/REG_VOCAN if the service is mapped with any Vocabulary model.

If entry exists, an entry will be created in DB table Vocabulary Annotation File -/IWFND/I_MED_VAA

3. The annotation will be retrieved in WebIDE only if the entry exists in /IWFND/I_MED_VAA.


Now Let’s have a look , how the  new SEGW project  in which the above service is redefined.

4.Create a SEGW project -> Redefine->Odata Service(GW).

5. Select the required entities and generate the project.

Do not register the service.

Configuration – Important step – In Back end system  where the SEGW project exists.

6.  Before registering the service,

  • Go to transaction /IWBEP/REG_VOCAN .
  • Select the annotation model of the Original Service (which you have redefined in point 1)

7. Click Add assignment – Give the service name generated (in point 1) and click “Enter”.

8. An entry will be created as below.

9. Now register the service

10. Now in WebIDE – Lets select redefined service

11. You will get the annotations of the original service – This is because of Configuration in  point 6 and point 7.


Now what could be done if you are already facing the problem for a registered Odata service ?


1. De-register the service in transaction  /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE.

2. Perform the configuration in /IWBEP/REG_VOCAN (Point 6 & 9).

In Back end system  where the SEGW project exists.

3. Register the service again in transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE.


Road Map:

We are planning to automate this configuration steps for CDS based Odata service when redefined.

Stay tuned for updates.


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  • Hi Manikandan,

    Thanks for sharing this blog!!!

    It was really helpful.

    I have one query on same scenario where we are redefining  ODATA service having CDS as data source reference. When I add CDS to new service I don’t see that CDS entity in metadata. Don’t know why it’s like this. Do you have any idea about it.


    Dhiraj M