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Model used in parallelization examples

This model is referenced in my other post about parallelization. Please have a look at the other post to get a better understanding of the context for this model.


Model used in the parallelization examples

The Calculation View is created in Web IDE >= HANA 2.0, SPS 04 and consists of a Projection node (named “startParallelization”), feeding into an Aggregation node (“runInParallel”), which in turn feeds into a Union node (“stopParallelization”):

model that is used throughout examples


To trigger the aggregation in the Aggregation node not all columns are mapped to the output:

output columns are a subset of input columns to enforce aggregation


In addition, a calculated column is defined in the aggregation node which will also be parallelized, later:

calculated column in aggregation node



Click here to navigate back to the context in which this model is used. You will also find examples there.

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