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For a seamless and effortless support experience searching for answers!!

Did you know that SAP is now offering new support services to get answers and quickly? Read my blog post below to learn about SAP’s New Generation Support tools and new exciting capabilities.

KBA Indexing for External Search Engines

What is KBA Indexing for External Search Engines?

  • Use the key word, “KBA” along with a short description of the issue in your preferred search engine and a list of SAP Knowledge Base Articles (KBAs) will be displayed for self-help in resolving your issue without the need for formal interaction with SAP Support. Popular search engines have been indexed with SAP KBA details for fast, efficient and relevant responses
  • The KBA leads the reader from the symptoms e.g. an error to the resolution of the issue
  • To see the resolution of the issue logon to SAP One Support Launchpad
  • Simple structure and formatting for better user experience
  • Enriched content (such as embedded screenshots and videos)

What do I need to know about this tool?

  • Search via the most popular external search engines
  • Solve problems faster
  • Find knowledge more easily without having to involve SAP Support
  • Enjoy positive support experience

Guided Answers

What are Guided Answers?

  • An additional tool that helps you follow a step by step guide to resolve technical issues
  • SAP experts have documented precise steps for trouble shooting and resolving issues through an intuitive FIORI user experience
  • The tool continues to grow with new solutions and troubleshooting scenarios
  • Access guided answers through the SAP Support Portal

What do I need to know about this tool?

  • Receive step by step guidance through a particular problem
  • Learn how to use the product as well as troubleshoot it
  • Access to guided answers covering over 240 products and about 700 components and the number is still growing

To access this tool

  1. Access SAP Support Portal Home
  2. Enter the key words on the search bar

3. Click on the Guided Answers icon

4. Scroll the content and select the topic of your interest

5. The Guided Answers System will lead you through the resolution process by answering questions and/or selecting options.

**For more details please see SAP Note 2492603

Expert Chat

  • What is Expert Chat?
  • Live support from SAP experts for technical question related to a product
  • Improves support experience with real-time interaction
  • Available for all support levels and almost all solutions

What do I need to know about this tool?

  • Clarification of customers’ questions within a chat, before filing an incident, for high or medium priority issues.
  • Technical problems are often solved faster compared to the incident workflow.
  • A read-only screen-sharing option for a clear understanding of workflow.
  • In case of technical issues, an SAP support expert creates an incident to document the real-time interaction.
  • Bi-directional attachment exchange

One way to access this tool is

  1. Go to SAP One Support Launch
  2. Select Expert Chat option

3. The system will guide you through a series of menus – Experts Area – Categorize it – Description – to provide details about the incident and allow the system to categorize it

4. If a Support Engineer is available for the selected component a green start Expert Chat will appear.

5. Open the live chat session to connect to an SAP trained expert and start working to resolve your incident

The engineer can see the details of the incident. You can type questions and even share your screen with them.

If the issue cannot be resolved immediately the engineer will continue with the incident submission for you and the chat transfer will be saved

 **For more details please see KBA’s 2392095 and 2213344

 Schedule an Expert

What is Schedule an Expert?

  • Schedule an Expert is best suited for Low or Medium priority issues
  • Live, one-on-one 30-minute calls
  • Quicker resolution compared to an average low/medium incident created in the SAP One Support Launchpad
  • Opportunity to screen share for a better understanding of the issue.

What do I need to know about this tool?

  • Get help and direct support for any technical question
  • Ability to schedule colleagues on a call with SAP support
  • Have access to the same support expert that customers would create an incident with
  • Reduce the waiting time for response and resolution
  • Schedule an Expert is available for all support levels, for new and open incidents and almost all solutions.
  • All the interactions are documented in an SAP Support incident.

 One way to access this tool is:

  1. Go to SAP One Support Launch
  2. Select Schedule an Expert option

3. Select the option “Book now

4. The system will guide you through a series of menus – Your Question – Categorize it – Expert Area – Our availability – Description – to provide details about the incident and allow the experts to categorize it

On the Expert Area section – include as much details as needed and include attachments if required.

On Our Availably section – choose the time from the available sessions that works better for you. The session must be book 3 days in advance.

5. You can add the appointment to your calendar and in the View Upcoming option you can change, cancel or launch Skype to start your booked session.


** For more details please see SAP Note 2476729

 Ask an Expert Peer

 What is Ask an Expert Peer?

  • Ask an Expert Peer is a new support channel that lets customers have private conversations with qualified and approved experts about the topic.
  • It connects customers with an expert outside of SAP. Experts are hand-selected and certified by the vendor, and include SAP mentors, expert community users and business partners
  • It is best used for basic inquiries and how-to questions

What do I need to know about this tool?

  • Real time support with highly experienced and certified experts outside of SAP.
  • Reduced waiting times for response and resolution
  • Get industry insights, along with an experienced perspective about their questions


In summary, you can see there are multiple channels in which you can find answers to your questions. Whether it is a self help process like Guided Answers or a more personalize service like Expert Chat there are multiple ways to get your questions answered.

Hopefully this is helpful, please share your experience with the tools in the comment are below.

** Check back for my next blog post to find more details about the tools and how to use them*


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