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Overview Implementation Assets and Principles for SAP SuccessFactors: Deliverables and Distribution Channels

To help customers and partners understand how and when to leverage the different implementation assets available, we created this blog post.  We are going to talk about the following assets:

  • Architectural Leading Practices (ALPs)Management level overview on critical architecture topics conforming to guardrails and referencing IDPs for further details where applicable.  ALPs work as a perfect front end to detailed Implementation Design Principles.
  • Process LibraryHR processes and related Leading Practices supported by SAP SuccessFactors. Designed end-to-end across modules of SAP SuccessFactors.  Solution relevant steps including manual steps are depicted in process flows.
  • SAP Best PracticesProven set of HR business process configuration: Conforming to Implementation Design Principles and Process Library.  Provides what most customers require, based on the experience and learnings from customer implementation projects. allowing automated and modular deployment.
  • Implementation Design Principles (IDPs)Expert level guidance beyond Implementation Guides on implementation design and strategy addressing how to leverage SAP SuccessFactors to fulfill customer requirements end-to-end while conforming to guardrails and product roadmap.
  • Implementation Guides Explain in detail all available configuration options usually specific to a module. Typical audience include Designers and Configurators (Functional, Integration), as well as Solution Architects, and Customers.

Please see the figure below for the definition as well as details regarding use-case, audience, deliverables, and delivery channels of various assets and artifacts produced by SAP SuccessFactors Professional Services and Product Teams.

As indicated above, always linking to the same content, all the assets are available via different channels to make them easier to find.  For example, the Empowerment Center on the Customer Community provides links to most of them.  We recommend consuming them along the phases of the SAP Activate Methodology as follows:

  • Discover – Architectural Leading Practices, Process Library
  • Prepare – Architectural Leading Practices, Process Library
  • Explorer – Process Library, SAP Best Practices, Implementation Design Principles
  • Realize – SAP Best Practices, Implementation Design Principles

Jointly the assets listed above provide a holistic framework on how to leverage SAP SuccessFactors in the best possible way to achieve the desired customer business goals as well as reduce implementation challenges overall.

The assets rank from an architecture level down to detailed design and configuration level addressing the different needs depending on the audience and/or the project phase.  SAP’s intent is to have the assets as redundant free as far as possible and complementing each other.

Furthermore, additional implementation assets including the ones listed above have been released through the roadmap viewer available through support linked here.

This blog post was jointly written by the SAP SuccessFactors Professional Services and Product teams.

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      Author's profile photo Gurpreet Walia
      Gurpreet Walia

      Hi Wolfgang,


      Thanks to you and team for consolidating everything in one place.  This was the need of the hour. This really helps and I am sure will help several others in implementations around the world.


      Thanks again,


      Author's profile photo Rinky Karthik
      Rinky Karthik

      Thanks for summarizing this info!

      Author's profile photo Filippos STAMATIADIS
      Filippos STAMATIADIS

      Hi Wolfgang,

      Many thanks for this consolidated version

      It seems that there is an error in the link for the   Implementation Design Principles (IDPs)

      Thanks again


      Author's profile photo Smitha Kondajji
      Smitha Kondajji

      Hi Filippos,

      The link on IDPs is working for us. Can you let me know what error are you getting?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Barin DESAI
      Barin DESAI here you go. these are design principles.

      Author's profile photo Chiara Bersano
      Chiara Bersano

      Thanks for the index, Wolfgang. It is always confusing chasing information, with all the website re-organizing and consolidation. We definitely need a SPOE (Single Point of Entry, I just made that up) for all SFSF implementation searches.

      Author's profile photo Brandon Toombs
      Brandon Toombs



      This is an EXCELLENT blog!  It's a shame it's just a blog (which tend to get buried over time).  This really belongs as a summary first page in the Empowerment Center, especially the diagram!

      Author's profile photo Smitha Kondajji
      Smitha Kondajji

      Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for your feedback and we are glad you find these details helpful. I am from Wolfgang’s team and can say that we have plans to update these details on SAP SuccessFactors Customer community shortly.

      Thanks again,


      Author's profile photo Rinky Karthik
      Rinky Karthik

      Brandon Toombs  Thanks for the feedback. While all these documents are available in the Empowerment center, it's a great idea to share the diagram as well! I see that Smitha is already working towards that!

      Author's profile photo Arpit Nigam
      Arpit Nigam

      Excellent !!

      Author's profile photo Antonio Ferreira Vicente
      Antonio Ferreira Vicente

      Great Job and thank for blog!!

      Author's profile photo Robin QUICK
      Robin QUICK

      Great blog and should be more visible

      Author's profile photo Bashir A. Hussain
      Bashir A. Hussain

      Thank you so much for sharing this summarized information.