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Author's profile photo Michel de la Barre

Introducing the New Marketing Organizer App in the 1908 Version of SAP Marketing Cloud and 1909 Version of SAP Marketing

Have you, as a Marketing Expert, ever wanted to organize and access project assets from a central tool, independent of their respective native apps? The new Marketing Organizer app does exactly that!

Identifying and organizing marketing objects associated with projects is a difficult task. The projects often contain several campaigns and finding the objects that relate to each campaign only adds to the challenge.

The Marketing Organizer app allows you to organize marketing objects in a folder hierarchy, collaborate with peers on projects, and navigate to respective object detail pages. To better understand the benefits of working with the Marketing Organizer, consider the following scenario:

You have been given the task of coordinating a Back to School project for an office supply company in major markets within Quebec. The project consists of sending emails that are tailored to customers who reside in each market. As the coordinator, you are collaborating with different colleagues in each market.

Key Features

In this scenario, the Marketing Organizer app allows you to do the following:

Access the App with Ease from Anywhere Within SAP Marketing

You can open the Marketing Organizer from anywhere within SAP Marketing by choosing the folder icon in the launchpad shell bar. If you close the app and open it again within the same session, it opens in the context it was in before it was closed.

Organize References to Marketing Objects in a Folder Hierarchy

You can create a folder hierarchy to organize references to marketing objects that are necessary for the project.

Currently, the Marketing Organizer app enables you to add the following marketing object references to folders:

  • Campaigns
  • Emails and Messages
  • Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Segmentation Models
  • Target Groups

Additional objects are planned in future releases

You can add an object reference to a folder from the current object details page, a list of existing objects, or a list of recent objects. Folders only contain references to objects; actual objects always remain untouched and available to their respective applications.

Collaborate with Peers on Projects

Collaborate with users by adding them as members of a folder and granting them a Permission.

Members of a folder only have access to objects contained in the folder if they’re assigned to the authorized marketing area.

Navigate to Respective Object Detail Pages

You can click on the object references contained in a folder to navigate to them in their native apps.

In Summary

You can use the new Marketing Organizer app to structure references to your marketing project assets in folders and connect objects, projects and peers.

To find out more, visit the SAP Help Portal and search for Marketing Organizer.

Please use the comments section below to let us know what you think of the app and propose features you’d like us to incorporate.

Thank you and best regards,

Mitch for the SAP Marketing UA Team

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      Author's profile photo Nirmal Pothuraj
      Nirmal Pothuraj

      Awesome Mitch....

      Author's profile photo Tobias Schneider
      Tobias Schneider

      Seems to be a nice feature.

      Michel de la Barre do we have to enable the functionality manually or by creating an incident? Because in our Q-tenant it is not visible though it has been upgraded to 1908 on the weekend.


      Author's profile photo Michel de la Barre
      Michel de la Barre
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tobias,

      Your post containing the issues you are experiencing in your Q-tenant is being investigated.



      Author's profile photo Guilherme Paulino
      Guilherme Paulino

      Hello Tobias Schneider ,

      You have to add the new business catalog SAP_CEC_BC_MKT_OGZ_PC to a business role.

      Go to maintain business roles -> choose a role you want to adapt -> edit -> add this business catalog


      I just did this and now I can see the mkt organizer in my system!




      Author's profile photo Tobias Schneider
      Tobias Schneider

      Hi Guilherme Paulino,

      thanks for your reply. Done and it works 🙂

      BR Tobias

      Author's profile photo Peter Pfitzner
      Peter Pfitzner

      Smart. We know such a feature from SAP Sales Cloud. Nice to see we will have this in Marketing also.

      Author's profile photo Lukas Wissing
      Lukas Wissing

      Hello Peter Pfitzner ,


      but you don´t mean the normal documents library in sales cloud?


      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Peter Pfitzner
      Peter Pfitzner

      Hi Lukas Wissing,

      I thought of having different objects such as contacts and business documents (Leads, Opportunities) marked as favorites. Now we can do so also in marketing with campaigns etc. I think this helps business teams to be quick in getting back to what they are working on.