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Unique End-to-End Reference (UETR) Reporting

UETR is a tracker that enables you to monitor SWIFT gpi (Global Payment Innovation) payments in real-time for credit transfers. Basically, it has the same logic as the post package tracking system. The official introduction video explains it in more detail (link). The goal of this blog post is to show you how you can easily search and generate UETR. Additionally, how to add UETR Reference to payment medium format.

How to search for UETR?

Option 1: You run an Enterprise Search for Payment Batches

Option 2: You use a smart filter in Monitor Payments app where the adaptation of filters is a prerequisite.

Monitor Payments app

Where is the UETR generated?

How to add UETR to the xx_CGI_XML_CT Payment Formats?

The step-by-step process is described in the product assistance of SAP S/4HANA Cloud on this link.

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If you would like to know more details about this topic, follow these SAP Notes:
2754577 BNK_MONI – Select option for UETR

Find out more details in App Documentation
Read more about Payment Medium Formats and tools associated with them here.

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