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Author's profile photo Marcus Conrad Behrens

Fiori Launchpad is dead, long live Fiori Launchpad

To all users of Leonardo IoT: In our maintenance window following the 31st of August we will be retiring the old launchpage (available since 2016) and the Fiori Launchpad 1 (available since early 2018). It has been replaced by the Fiori Launchpad 2 in April 2019. We plan to also retire the app router functions provided with the old URLs and GET calls to our apis from the browser via any of our app routers will not be provided anymore.

This change is simplifying the ways in which you can bring up our UI and call our apis.

For example if your tenant is called iot-sandbox then these are the URLs you might have been using in the past:

  1. (will be become unavailable on September 1st)
  2. (will be become unavailable on September 1st)

Please make sure that your users inside and outside your organisation are aware of this fact and change any bookmarks they have accordingly. Fiori Launchpad 2 is also the one that comes up, when you launch Leonardo IoT from the subscriptions in your cloud foundry sub-account. This subscription and the URL are only visible to administrators of your global account. So ideally one of them sends the new URL to all affected users.

In regards of calling our apis for the purpose of learning and debugging we ask you to from now on use the following 2 methods exclusively:

  1. Use the configured for your tenant to be able to not just call GET but also POST apis from the comfort of your browser. This blog explains how to make use of this:
  2. Use tools like the standalone postman application to make api calls using the client secret. This will also allow you to make both GET and POST calls. Our documentation provides an overview how to set this up here:

In regards of use of some of the deprecated versions of apps (e.g. REST based thing model) please refer to this answer for how to access them:

If you have questions in regards of the required role collections please check out the list suggested here:

If you have questions or comments on this change please state them below.

Regards, Marcus Behrens, Leonardo IoT Consumption Experience

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      Author's profile photo Ankit Garg
      Ankit Garg

      Is there any effect or change on traditional FIORI Launchpad having Transactional, Analytical apps?

      or this change is for only IoT solutions?





      Author's profile photo Marcus Conrad Behrens
      Marcus Conrad Behrens
      Blog Post Author

      No, this change only applies to the Fiori Launchpad provide to you by us (Leonardo IoT) to allow your users to make use of Thing Modeler and other apps.