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Date difference calculation BW/4

Dear All,


Just a simple approach for a requirement to calculate date difference in BEx query without using Formula Variable with Replacement Path.

Eg : We need to find the difference of posting dates( Stock Age ) of material in inventory with posting date of movement type 531/101  as Stock_Out date and posting date of movement type 601/631 as Stock_In.

  1. Create 2 KFs with type date as below.



2. Add to ADSO and map both KFs to posting date with datasource in TRFN.

3. To restrict on Query level, add the KFs in query and create a selection, restrict on Movement type BWART as 531/101 for Stock_Out and 601/631 for Stock_In.

4. Create a new formula and put below ( If not 0 check is not performed, it will show garbage values in report for Stock Age).

IF(“[ZSTOCK_OU] Stock-Out Posting Date” <> 0 AND
“[ZSTOCK_IN] Stock-In Posting Date” <> 0; “[ZSTOCK_OU] Stock-Out Posting Date”
– “[ZSTOCK_IN] Stock-In Posting Date”; 0)

5. Report Output :




Ruma Ghosh

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